Friday, 20 March 2009

Plans to create a statue of Kubala

On Thursday, FC Barcelona and the Barça Veterans Association unveiled a project to commission a statue in memory of Ladislao Kubala (1927-2002).

The monument to Kubala is in recognition of what he represented to the Club and to Catalonia, especially internationally. It was partly thanks to him that a new stadium was built to replace the old Les Corts, as it had become too small for the large crowds. In addition, Kubala combined his leadership skills with extreme generosity to his most needy former team-mates.

read more and see the statue here


Anonymous said...

yeeee Hungary

LéonDrágon said...

...the player who holds the record by scoring seven goals in one match...a slovakian,born in hungary...played for the czech republic,hungary and later for spain...

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