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[2008] Negotiations with Coloccini to start soon

this post was published exactly one year ago:

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that, after the deal with Racing Santander central defender Ezequiel Garay (21) could not be concluded (read more here), Barcelona is now interested in Deportivo La Coruña central defender Fabricio Coloccini (26).

Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristain would already have talked with the Argentinian international and the negotiations with his agent Marcelo Lombilla are expected to start soon. Although he has three more years of contract with the club, Coloccini considers his stay with Deportivo as finished and has given his agent the permission to arrange a transfer to Barcelona, where he could play alongside fellow compatriot Gabriel Milito, or to any other interested club.

Since last summer, when Deportivo turned down a six million euro (°) bid for Coloccini from Zaragoza, who wanted to replace Milito who had left for Barcelona, a buyout clause of 10 million euro (°°) was agreed upon between the player and Deportivo president Lendoiro.

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one year ago, readers said...

pep said...

(°) 6 million eruo =

9,3 million us dollar
4,7 million british pound

(°°) 10 million euro =

15,5 million us dollar
7,8 million british pound

groga said...

Don't know he is good enough to be a regular. And spending another 10 million on someone who's gonna sit on the bench, hm...

Anonymous said...

What the hell has happened with Txiki? Droping interest in Garay and because report said they didn't wanted anotger Argentinian as CB, then go for a player like Coloccini? Get your acts straight dammit.

wo100sest said...

Jarque's buyout clause is quite same and he is better. Coloccini is not bad but there are better options...I am still sad that we gave up on Garay.

pep said...

Maybe this 'giving up on Garay' is just a trick to make him (and his entourage) lower their price. We'll see...

Don't know about Coloccini, the big clubs seemed to have lost interest in him, guess that can't be a coincidence? I'm not convinced he can bring an added value to our defence.

Anonymous said...

Our defence played like headless chickens at Mestalla tonight. To sign a player like Coloccini is to get another chicken.

Rijkaard and Txiki, Fuera!

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