Sunday 5 July 2009

Xavi: "Players aren't part of the world of showbizz"

Barcelona player Xavi gave an interview to Catalan sports paper Sport.

The world cup for clubs will be something special?
We're looking forward to it, especially after having already played a final and having lost it. I'm very motivated to take part and to try winning it.

The loss in Japan in 2006 meant the start of the decline of the team. You think this could happen again?
It won't happen again. Most of us were there and have more experience now. We need to work, not lose our modesty, keep the same sacrifice and work-rate. If you don't work in the world of sports, others will get better than you.

Transfers are needed to keep the group motivated?
It would be good because they stimulate the competition within the group. Although things are going well, we're used to make two or three changes and I can imagine that it will be the same this year.

Would it be an uncomfortable situation that another pre-season would start with the future of Samuel Eto'o being uncertain?
We're lucky to have intelligent people at this club. Last year, we've solved this issue in a good way. If you talk to Samu face-to-face, there's no problem. We know what he's capable of. This year we've also won for him. He's a key player. I don't know what Txiki or Pep want to do. We don't know anything, although when it was only up to us, we all consider him to be the number one striker.

The best players in the world are playing for Barça?
Leo Messi is the best player in the world and that's not up for discussion. If you have the best player in the world, you can do anything. If you also have Iniesta, Henry, Eto'o... That's a luxury situation.

The worst thing for them for Madrid will be that Cristiano Ronaldo will bring the showbizz press and the paparazzi with him?
I wouldn't like that this would happen here. Players aren't part of the world of showbizz, we need to work, we're sportsmen. But it's something you cannot control.

You feel that this Barca can mark an era by, for example, winning two or three consecutive Champions League titles?
We have to go step by step. We had a great season, it was spectacular, maybe the best season in Barca's history. We would love to mark an era like that. We would sign for that right away, there's no lack of motivation. This group is very engaged and we will work hard to reach that goal. I believe in the philosophy of focusing on what comes first. We have two supercups, in December we travel to Abu Dhabi. It could be a very interesting season.

With the climax of the Champions League final at Santiago Bernabeu. That's a motivation...
We would be very excited to play that final, also because it is at the Bernabéu stadium. Winning the Champions League is the best thing, like we saw in Paris or Rome. But it's obvious that for all Barcelona fans it would of course be extra special to win it in the Bernabéu.

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Leo10 said...

Imagine a Real Madrid - Barca champions league final at the Bernabeu.

Iniesta Goooooaaaaal !!!!! said...

and win 2-6 ...

Iniesta Goooooaaaaal !!!!! said...

and win 2-6 ... ;-))))

Don Luis said...

I want to see Barcelona-Real Madrid CL final!
Who doesn't?
No other club in the world can compete with the talent that both teams have. Inter? nope. Atletico can easily beat them?

Man united? With Tevez and CR gone nope.

Liverpool? Probably but in debt and could lose Mascherano and Xabi.

Chelsea? Cant win the big game.
Arsenal? Not a Men club like Evra said.

I have to give my props to Florentino to trying to get Madrid out of the laughing stock category.

It will be a hell of a game though.

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