Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Barcelona will open youth school in Japan

On Tuesday at midday in Tokyo, FC Barcelona presented its first football school in Japan, which will open in September in the city of Fukuoka to 200 boys and girls aged 6 to 12 years.

Miquel Puig, manager of the FCB Escola, made it clear that FC Barcelona's objectives overseas are to "expand the Barça brand worldwide, help the football in each country to get better and spot any talents that could emerge anywhere in the world".

Fukuoka will be the club's twelfth international school and the second in Asia, following the one opened in Hong Kong last September. Summer camps have been held with Japanese children in the past, such as one last August that was attended by about 400 youngsters in three different cities. Puig explained how these activities are all part of the process of setting up a permanent school as part of Barça's "expansion into Japan".

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Marc4barca said...

MJ's Memorial was great very well done, i was in tears R.I.P MJ.

Anonymous said...

what kits are that little japanese are wearing. from what season are that kits.

Anonymous said...

i guess thats the new one for next season.

Marc4barca said...

next season kits are darker and have more stripes. these are the 2007 kits without the unicef sign.

el fuego said...

this isnt 20007 kit. new 2010 kits are in stripes and theyre darker. i guess its some kind of kit for kids or something like that.

rObReV7 said...

yeah, its basically this seasons kit for kids, minus unicef :)

sashi said...

wat about India??? hope they start something in our country too. would be really great for the developing players who dont have enough coaching and so could not reach the top level.

andresrivera said...

Does anyone have knowledge of which countries Barça's various football schools are situated in?

Anonymous said...

@andresrivera, we also have one in argentina, i forgot the exact location, someone near saviola's birth place. good query btw, maybe someone could researc it and submit an article here.


Anonymous said...



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