Thursday, 9 July 2009

Deportivo rejects new Filipe bid

Madrid sports tabloid As claims that Deportivo La Coruña has rejected Barcelona's 9 million euro° bid for Deportivo La Coruña left back defender Filipe Luis (23).

Deportivo would want a fee of at least 12 million euro and has reportedly officially informed the player's agent José Carlos Lages about the rejection of the offer.

Deportivo sports director Richard Moar explained in an interview with Spanish radio station Cadena Ser that the bid is not enough: "They have risen their bid, but so little... Barcelona knows the qualities of Filipe and the progress he still can make. We hope that they make a better offer. We want a price that is right and therefore Barcelona has to make a higher bid. It's difficult to find a left back defender on the market and Filipe is very good."

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pep said...

9 million euro =

12,5 million us dollar
8 million british pound

woo sah said...

not to be racist or ne thing...
but if you guys have seen russel peters you will understand.
but this is just like an indian guy and a chinese guy trying to do business. impossible.
"HEY! Be a the riight thing!." lol.
well i guess we have to turn our eyes on andre santos. hopefully that turns out a little better. and from wat i've seen..he looks good. cross fingers!

Don Luis said...

Nice job Tixi&Laporta :D

skanjos said...

damn the deal is off now,if we make a new deal we are going to seem arrogant about our ultinatum and other transfers we make will do the same.sorry but this transfer should be the example that we speak the truth about last offers/

andre santos thats the lb of the brazil squad in confederations cub right?he was awesome,i liked him alot but couldnt find him even on manager.i would love if we got him instead,where does he play?now that he played so many games with brazilian squad i doupt they will let him go cheap though .

fcbee said...

I really think nothing is really "off" in those kind of cases. Maybe they're now going to look elsewhere and come back to Filipe later.

jordy said...

but after some comments I went looking for that andre santos guy from corinthians.
He looks pretty strong,fast, is 1m80 tall,powerfull shot and has incredible moves.

Looks very promising, but I haven't seen him play. Youtube can be very misleading.

Anonymous said...

Deportivo's comments show that they want to sell, they're just holding out for as much as they can. They're trying to squeeze every last euro out of us.

If the board believes Filipe is not worth more than 9 million then they should just move onto their next target.

Santos apparently has a 6 million valuation. Milan was interested but Milan's bid didn't meet the 6 million valuation. If he's who we want then I'm sure we can get him for less than 8 million. However I'm not that convinced of Santos, I didn't think he was all that impressive during Confederations cup. If we sign him, I envision him to be very much like Sylvinho, a good backup, a very good age, but I'm not sure he has the potential to be a star @ LB.

Unknown said...

thats it, it seems barca won't success in signing a single player this summer with their stupid strategy... they were in talks with filipe over a month now and they are going to give up on him!!! they are wasting time so easily and trust me with this transfer policy barca won't be successful in signing villa and other players too... I think 12m euro for filipe is completely fair and if barca lose him they were going to pay 30m for him next year... deportivo are not greedy and they are asking forthe right price and barca should accept that...

Jnice said...

I'm sorry, but Andre Santos was not impressive at all. He was weak defensively, and didn't offer anything offensively. The famed South American and Brazilian specialist Tim Vickery even said that Andre Santos didn't play well and that left back was a weak spot for Brazil. Please do not sign him.

skanjos, he has played like 3 games for the Brazilian squad and only completed 90 minutes in one of them. Hardly impressive.

Filipe was seen by several sources as the best left back in La Liga last year, he is only 23, hungry for titles, and hungry to do well in order to make the Brazilian national team. He is what we need.

Anonymous said...

9 million should be good enough. Abidal was 15mil who was/is a starter for the french national team. cissokho's price was 15mil and he has tons of potential. felipe as of right now is niether of those...

Dude said...

No signings yet... uuugghh!!!

I think Barca should hire Donald Trump to tell Txiki "You're FIRED!!!" ;)

Carrer de Corsega said...

I watched some Depor games this year. Filipe is solid. He is not as flashy as other Brazilians and he won't provide that many explosive plays from the left, but he is reliability personified. I am personally not a big fan of Filipe but I think he is a much better option than Santos, who got some flashes of brilliance on odd days. I think we just have to admit defeat sometimes, especially when it comes to this transfer season. He is very young and his stock will only rise over the time. I think 12 million is fine for him considering how we need a LB and he is the most "proven" talent in his position in La Liga. If we can't lower the price anymore, we should get him for the extra couple of millions.

I hate to throw numbers around so casually especially when I am completely unaware of the financial details surrounding our club, but from the looks of it, we are unable to do anymore.

Anonymous said...

Instead of DONATING all the Barca athletic players to other clubs I wonder why not just include one or 2 of them in the Filipe's deal like Wenger tried to include Eboue (a free-agent) in Filipe Melo's deal!!! Seriously this is frustrating, waited soooo hopefully to see filipe in our jersey :(
And who do you consider the alternative for him? Andres Santos?!? Are you f.cking out of your mind Txiki? Ramieres and Robinho had to track-back and help him against USA attackers for God's sake... SHIT he is really. Filipe himself PUBLICLY claimed Brazil LB position is not competetive at all and that he's very optimistic to beat that Santos guy for the spot!! LOL And who do we want instead of Filipe? BANG it's Andres Santos, a fucking snail, who doesn't want to run forward while he is in the defence and who isn't able to track-back while he's in an advanced position. May be even Cristiano Ronaldo would give him a run for his money for full-back position
Considering his age and experience in the Liga Filipe should not be so snubbed Txiki... Please show some respect to the guy. And ONLY Cissokho could be an ideal alternative for Filipe Luis not Maxwell and definitely not Andres Santos

kjs said...

Does anyone know if Deportivo has any other players that people are interested in?

Wikipedia says that he was the only Deportivo player that played every match. Clearly he's a prized asset and nobody let's a prized asset go for under 10 mil.

I think the problem is that we view him as a backup LB so we don't want to spend more than 10 mil but maybe we should view him as an investment.

Abidal has been with us for 2 years. The first year he played very poorly. This year he played very well at the beginning but was a liability towards the end of the season. Are we really willing to bet on Abidal?

Filipe, on the other hand, is a young player on the way up. At worst we'd have desperately needed cover at left back. But if he keeps on improving, there's a good chance he could turn out like Pique. And I personally think either of those possibilities is worth 10-12 mil.

If this was in fact our final offer, I think the Board has made a mess of it.

Anonymous said...

9m is enough,10m is Max.
we brought abidal or zambrotta who called best LB in the world at that time at 14-15m euro.
filipe doesn't deserve that price.
if depor doesn't sell at 10m, its ok,we should go another or can play puyol or caceres or muniesa LB.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Deportivo first ask for more than 12 mil, such as 20? IF so, then the club has gotten a good reduced price when they submitted their low bid.

The source however says it all when it comes to credibility, AS.

Caribbean Hotspot said...

come on barca just pay the god damn 12 mil and get the player.

Je me'apelle Samuel said...

ehhh this argument is fruitless. We wasted 30 million on hleb and caceres. Everybody wants at least 15 million from us. It looks like the only signings we get are brazilians. Lets pick up ronaldo and adriano for cheap, however we have to hide the alchohol

Jason said...

to wooHoo:yes i watched Russell Peters..BE A MAN!...dont be a woman

to DUDE:Donald Trump should lend txiki his wig,teach him some trick to buy the players...then FIRE him.


c'mon Txiki do your job!!get Felipe ASAP..

Anonymous said...


Who cares how much Deportivo reduced the price? The 20 million was unrealistic. The point is Filipe is worth about 8-10 million. Barcelona started at 5, Deportivo should have started at 12-14, the fact that they started at 20 is meaningless. We could set Gudjohnsen's price at 30 million too, then we'll reduce it to 10 million and that's a even bigger reduction, but nobody would buy Guddy for that price because he's only worth 5 million at the most.

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