Monday, 6 July 2009

Youth: Young Cameroonians will stay

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that the possible exit of Barcelona forward Samuel Eto'o won't have any influence on the young Cameroonian players at Barcelona's youth academy.

Since Eto'o arrived at Barcelona in the summer of 2004 and the striker started the Samuel Eto'o Foundation, that among other things has set up four centres of excellences for youth players in Cameroon, fourteen Cameroonian youth players have joined the Barcelona youth teams.

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skanjos said...

and this is why eto is a great person .respect the guy cares about football and helps his country produce talents

wanted47 said...

what the hell??!!!
is that a youth player?!
i feel sry for the little kid beside him thou^^

rObReV7 said...

haha, that kid is a beast! I wonder if they are the same age? :)

woo sah said...

well that's a relief that eto'o doesn't want to completely screw over the club.

barca4life said...

hhahahhahah. He is gonna be big like yaya

skanjos said...

lol yes i think he is a striker and a very tall one,lets see if we have the next kanu.

umessi10 said...

@ ^

trez said...

The Barcelona guy seems like 16 and the other one 6 or something... :))

jazzy said...

whooa.. is that Alexis Meva?? well i dont really know anything bout him, just got a link from Kxevin's place.
Alevin A Barcelona won a tournament, and this kid is the MVP. what group age is Alevin A? isnt it about 12?
well this guy maybe is given the growth hormon messi took.. lol
here's a clip:
and look at this pic:
look at the kid chasing him.. i feel sorry for him.. ;)
well, at least now our CF canteras look bright with Rochina, Gael etock, icardi, and this kid here.

Gruff said...

Has nobody thought the other guy might just be really small...?

fcbee said...

Probably, which makes the contrast even bigger. But I've seen a team picture with him too and he really sticks out head and shoulders (literally).

R10FCB said...

whos that guy that is like 12 years old but looks like a 60 year old? i remember seeing a video of him and he was incredible.

Xaviniesta said...

niice. he moves like eto'o. thanks for the vid jazzy.

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