Friday, 10 July 2009

Osasuna player Monreal left back option

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona is monitoring Osasuna left back defender Ignacio Monreal (23).

Monreal, whose contract expires next year and who has a buyout clause of 12 million euro°, could be an option in case the transfer of Deportivo left back Filipe wouldn't go through.

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pep said...

12 million euro =

17 million us dollar
10 million british pound

Unknown said...

hey pep any more news on villa

pep said...

I'll have a post later today, but basically: no.

Unknown said...

ok thanks

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

After making sure my logon still works I would just like to comment linking with players such as this one. I won't comment player himself since this is my first time hearing for this guy.

I cannot fully understand Barca's fixation on this Felipe guy and their inability to purchase him. Reality check - Sylvinho's gone and we need a second option for a left fullback position. Having Abidal as a defensive minded fullback (opposite of Dani Alves on right wing) we need an attacking left back.

The point is not to rely on Alves on the right since his injury would entirely jeopardise our attacking formation in case we don't posses an attacking LEFT back. So, my vision is to have both of fullback options on either side - on right we have Alves as an attacking minded fullback and Puyol / Henrique(?) as a defensive minded fullback. On the left hand side there is Abidal as, whatever you say, dominantly defensive type fullback and offensive fullback (hopefully) in pending. Desired characteristic would be crossing and long range shot which we miss in our current squad.

I agree that there is a certain potential in Felipe but i cannot comprehend fixating him so much, regardless of his price. Overpaid and underpaid claims can be said only after at least one season. Was Hleb-Caceres duo overpaid for 30M €? Of course. Was Alves a bargain at 40? Same here.

My point is to start wasting time with so many quality options available - Mamadou Sakho, Taye Taiwo, star signing as Lahm who could also substitute Alves on the right (possibly the best option). Just check Nadir Belhadj on YouTube - one of the most complete players on given position (speed, control, shot, tackling, cross, strength) - most of them available for less than Felipe's 13M €.

So far, there is nothing to complain on our transfer session because we brought noone. But now it's time to react and improve the squad on vulnerable points.

Martin Engelin said...

Eye. I think it's better to buy a defensive left back. Abidal is 29 and is starting too get old. We need another Defensive LB who can be the new Abidal in a couple of years.

Another thing is that I don't think we need a attacking LB. We had Sylvinho last year, he is offensive minded. He wasn't needed in offence. On the right flank Dani Alves helps Messi and it works great. On the left flank Iniesta helps Henry. Iniesta often take Henrys place whenever he is going into the centre of the pitch, just like Alves does with Messi.

Unknown said...

You're missing my point Marws - it's not about buying a offensive or defensive type fullback - it's about having the freedom of choice and flexibility in our system. Abidal can easily stay 2 more seasons in top flight and, as I said, even with Puyol's attacking instinct and wildness (when used as a RB) having in mind, our wings are cut-off with Alves injured. Having an attacking left back would prevent that and also balance the squad. Don't forget that we even used Puyol few times as a left back so he can easily replace Abidal's role in case of injury.

Anonymous said...

stlill feel cissoko is far better in both attacking and defencively... long term option and better investement coz we dont have that talented youth defender for lb in our barca b team ...muniesa plays CB, botia is good but like pedro wont make it to top 11

Flippy said...

anonymous above, Muniesa is a CB AND a LB. On the long term we have:
Henrique (22)(can play all defense positions)
Caceres (22)(should be converted to a LB)
Piqué (23)
Muniesa (17)
Botia (I forgot how old)
Victor Sanchez (has potential to be next Alves)

Exarch said...

I am in HK, so I don't always get to c most spanish sides play. Could Ivan Marcano from Racing be a good option? I have only used him in Fm, but sometimes it can be relevant.

Anonymous said...

i told for cissoko since ne way we will be buying a LB why cant we go for better option coz ne way we will be paying close to 9m so wny not invest on sme one who will def grow both economically and playing skill wise

muniesa is CB like pyuol can act as sub for lb but for him it will still take 2 yrs to mature

botia is the only option but they r loaning him means he is not ready he is already 20 same age as cissoko

sanchez is not that much consider as option he is 22 or else we wouldnt have gone in market searching for sub

cissoko is 20 has champions league experience, physically good , 6 feet height , played against top team , france passport ...thts why am saying if u r gooing to buy sme one why not him for 15m

porto would be willing to include keirrison in the deal coz gonzalez and lopez are gone 4m there team and the price can be brought down to 10m

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