Thursday, 9 July 2009

Case closed: Asenjo

Real Valladolid goalkeeper and Spanish youth international Sergio Asenjo (19) will not play for Barcelona as of the coming season, like had been rumoured over the last months (read more here).

Atlético Madrid has yesterday officially announced the transfer of Asenjo, which has also been confirmed by Real Valladolid.

Asenjo will sign a four-year deal with the Spanish first division club on Monday. Atlético Madrid is believed to have paid the buyout clause of around 5 million euro while Atlético Madrid players Diego Costa and possibly Ignacio Camacho could also be included in the deal.

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trez said...

A shame, cause this seems to be a steal. If only Valdes would have been five years older...

hawk_barca_4_life said...

cant blame ne one for that its the player who wanted first team football !!!he will eventually dethrone casillas as no1 for spain

Unknown said...

Big mistake Txiki, this signing could have improved our team more than all the Villas and Zlatans of the world

skanjos said...

yes we all agree that asenjo is the future of gk position in the spain squad,but we dont know yet another great potential may come till casillas retires.

also it seems asenjo waited for barcelona to decide about valdes,it was announced 2 days after the renewal so i guess thats it.valdes is great and i dont mind.i would prefer to have asenjo to pinto or jorquera but it would block his development.

kjs said...

Five million? Wow. Mixed feelings about this one. From what I've heard he's very highly rated. But he was (rightfully) unwilling to be a backup. Although I don't think Valdes is the greatest keeper, we still needed to show some loyalty. Tough one all around.

peter said...

We should have signed him now. In another 2-3 years when we look to replace valdes asenjo is gonna cost ten times as much.

Manolo said...

Just another good act buy Txiki and Laporta. Good job,Realy!

5 m € for a future worldclass(maybe the best in the future) keeper

AJ said...

what's the big deal? why would we want to replace VV in 2-3 years time when its that time where he will fully mature as a keeper.

Y'all are saying Asenjo is future world class, but VV is ALREADY world class. VV's downfall is that he's a confidence player and that most Barca fans dont help with that by hating on him. I for one, believe on his day, not many keepers in the world could perform better than VV.

Laporta has proven what a bitch he is with the handling of VV. He whores around media saying "IMO, VV is the best in the world" and stutters to give him a pay raise and using Asenjo as threat to VV. Even Unzue admitted we wanted Sergio.

Anonymous said...

AJ... Will you please stop it now. It is you who's bitching now. There's nothing wrong considering alternatives in case the deal might fall off. Moreover Asenjo is a very good prospect. Just stop it now and show some respect to Mr. Laporta. After all he's one of the most successful presidents of the barca board. Don't forget it's his decision to get back Pep Guardiola. What a gamble he took. And also considering the way he improved our financial position the dude deserves some respect. IMO whoever bitches about the president is more or less a glory hunter. No hard feelings and please don't take it personal. Sorry for being harsh. Some other lad called him a SNAKE in the other topic.
Pep could you please delete all the comments using hard words against Mr. Laporta. Thanks

Flippy said...

Why should the club have gotten Asenjo when they already have a "future world class (possibly world's best)" keeper in Mino? and even Oier is pretty decent. I really don't see anything wrong in the GK department.

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