Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Atletico Madrid willing to lower asking price Forlan

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Atlético Madrid would be willing to lower the asking price of Atlético Madrid forward and Uruguay international Diego Forlán (30).

Although the player's buyout clause is 36 million euro°, Atlético could be willing to close a deal for a transfer fee of around 25 million euro°.

Madrid sports tabloid As on the other hand claims that Atlético officials met last week with the player's agents Daniel Bolotnicoff and Pablo Forlán, his brother, to inform them that the Uruguayan striker is not for sale and will only leave if a club pays the buyout fee.

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pep said...

36 million euro =

50 million us dollar
31 million british pound

25 million euro =

35 million us dollar
21 million british pound

Furymaker said...

Still to much for him :S 20mil max.
But i prefer Villa and Ribery

andresrivera said...

We shouldn't be paying fees like these for players of Forlan's age, no matter how talented the player is. Forlan really should be a last resort.

barca nike said...

Barcelona Vice president for finance and treasurer Joan Boix said to a radio station that they have raised the transfer funds from 30-35 million euros to 80 million euros maximum.

barca4life said...

80 million is still not that much when your targets are cesc and villa. Anybody see the president of athletic i think say that barca and real and killing the transfer market? LOL. We havent even signed anybody yet.

Leo10 said...

i reallllly dont want forlan! hes terrible, and isnt the kind of player that strikes fear into an opposition defence, hes terrible really, a big game flop! certainly not barca quality!

barca4life said...

Milan have signed american central defender onyewu

barca nike said...

we should have signed Onyewu because physically he is like pique and he is for free

Ondra said...

80 million + 25 on Eto'o
Felipe: 10
Keirisson: 10-14
Villa: 45-50 + loans

still about 33-40 mil. left for winger and/or CB.
But i think we will buy only Keirisson, CF, LB and LW.

OR: Eto'o stays, Villa or Sammy will be LW.
Then there is still about 8-15 mil for another transfer, maybe CB.

Harsha said...

Somebody please clear my doubt ... why are we even interested in forlan? this dude is already 30, not terribly better than etoo (maybe etoo is better) ...and we are paying 25 m for him

groga said...

Because there are few options, Harsh. Ibra not available, Torres not available, Benzema to Madrid. So it's now basically Villa or Forlan apparently.

libidoairbag said...

i'd rather güiza from fenerbahçe. he's desperate to come back to spain & willing to take a paycut. i think he cost the turks approx 18 mil last year. maybe not as a starter, but definitely to complement villa or eto'o(long shot).

B. Beltrocco said...

Who need this guy or Fabregas we need Villa and Mascherano. Look at the video of Mascherano and Villa they are both beasts



Anonymous said...

if eto'o leaves maybe there is a chance we are gonna buy both villa and forlan. just maybe.

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