Thursday, 9 July 2009

Barça B: Botia and Sporting talking about loan

Asked about the rumours linking him with a move to Spanish first division club Sporting Gijón (read more here), Barcelona Atlétic central defender and Spanish youth international Alberto Botía (20) has confirmed in an interview with Asturias regional newspaper La Nueva España that he's holding talks with Sporting to join the club on loan:

"I know that Sporting is interested in me and that since a few weeks they talk regularly with my agent to hear about my situation. I'm also interested, it's good to know first division clubs are keeping an eye on you, that means I'm doing well.

My agent is taking care of everything and I sincerely do not know how things stand. I just know that both Sporting and myself want to reach an agreement. But I cannot tell you anything about the terms. I have one more year left at Barcelona, so that's why I would join Sporting on loan. If a club wants to buy me, they would have to pay the buyout fee.

At the start, there only were some rumours but a little more than a week ago, the contacts started and we're making progress little by little. I think it's a very good option for me. Sporting played attractive football last season and their fans are among the best in Spain. Everybody knows that and that's important in taking a decision.

We've talked about it with Barcelona. I'm not really sure yet if they want to let me go or under which conditions, but I don't think they would object me going on loan for one season because this would help me to grow as a player. I want to leave on loan for a first division club and at this moment the most likely option is Sporting.

I think now there's a chance of 50 per cent I'll end up at Sporting. It's the club we're talking with and my first choice. We're also listening to other offers, but Sporting is most interested. I think my two options for next season are staying at Barcelona or joining Sporting. If it wouldn't be possible to leave, I'll stay with Barcelona and make progress here."

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Anonymous said...

extend his contract couple of years and loan him out.

AJ said...

i love the option of him going to gijon

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