Thursday, 9 July 2009

Pique reveals dressing-room secrets

In the run-up to the Champions league final, Barcelona player Gerard Piqué discussed his team-mates in an interview with British tabloid The Daily Mail.

Víctor Valdés
He's unbelievable when one-on-one with a player. The fact he's not in Spain's team is strange because he is one of the best five goalkeepers in the world. I like him because he doesn't moan when I am DJ in the dressing room. He also plays the piano.

Carles Puyol
Despite playing centre-back, I think he is best at right-back. He is like a barnacle or limpet that you find on rocks on the beach. You have to keep scratching away but still get little out of it! He is the captain, a good friend but an animal who is relentless on the pitch. If I was playing chess, he would be my rook. A tower of strength.

Gerard Piqué
What can I say? Scandalously good-looking (see my picture, above right). Talented on and off the pitch. There's nothing better than me, but maybe I could do with a little more confidence!

The daddy of the team. A real good guy. He is always concerned for the welfare of the side and asks questions all the time when we are travelling, making sure we are ok. Not played enough in key games but very reliable.

Best example of how good Barcelona's academy can be. He loves the ball more than anything else in the world. It is almost impossible to take the ball off him in training and if anyone does you normally get an ovation from the rest of the team.

Sergi Busquets
He is the rookie of the season. He was a striker and Pep changed him into a defensive midfielder. We call him Superman. You can kick him as much as you like but he won't feel it. He will be a reference point in world football in a few years' time.

Andrés Iniesta
Best midfielder in the world. You can study his hips as he is moving towards you but he will bluff you with his body. If Andres scored more goals he would be the biggest act in the world. Bigger than any singer! As a person, soft as a loaf of bread.

Lionel Messi
No 1 in the world. You can't fight against him, you will lose because he is quicker and more athletic than you. Not superstitious, but always wears his Argentina flag shinpads. I grew up with him here at Barcelona and he hasn't disappointed me.

Samuel Eto'o
We asked the coach and the chairman at the start of the season to make sure that we kept him. He had to stay, there's no other striker like him. He was having a bad time but proved to everyone that he is a top professional. He is fanatical about cars and watches.

Thierry Henry
He looks very cocky, but on a daily basis he has shown strong humility — despite being the best footballer in Arsenal's history. He kisses a tattoo on his wrist every time he scores and I have told him he is in danger of wearing out his skin, he has scored so many.

Yaya Touré
He always leaves everyone open-mouthed with his show of strength. Quiet in the dressing room but very friendly and never complains. He doesn't care whether he plays defensive midfield or centre-back, and we all feel comfortable whichever position he plays. Has some unusual dance moves, though.

Seydou Keita
The lungs of the team. He can run from deep and score, he is good in the air and cares a lot defensively. He doesn't know the meaning of the word 'no'. He says 'yes' to requests from the gaffer and ends up paying five times for it.

Eidur Gudjohnsen
The Viking or The Gargoyle. He has a special humour for the dressing room. He is always funny and cheery. Unbelievable first touch and is probably the best in the team with his back to goal. Speaks very good English and likes a party.

It doesn't matter how many minutes he plays, because he always gets a chance. Don't give him half a metre because he will take you to the cleaners. His body is like a snake, he can change direction quickly and can slip past easily. He is a kid in the dressing room but I am trying to make him become a man!

read the full article including Piqué's comments on his former Manchester United team-mates here

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Unknown said...

I like this guy, seems like he has a great sense of humor. In a couple of years, he's more than ready to take the captains armband from Puyol.

Alvin Lee said...

Funny how Pique described his former team mate C.Ronaldo.."He finds it difficult to resist mirrors.."

Mirrors! That's hilarous !!!

FCBarca said...

Funny stuff, Pique is class...I think I read this someplace a month or so ago


Anonymous said...

I love Pique! Im surprised that he says Guddy is probably the best in the team with his back to the goal. Didnt expect that.
I agree that in a few years time he is the man to succeed Puyol.

Anonymous said...

hahhah pique
your own comments left me laughing and and i liked what yu said about bojan

Carrer de Corsega said...

It's crazy that a goalkeeper can stop cannon shots in a game but then go home and play piano! His fingers must be confused! Peter Schmeichel was another pianist!

And the part about Ronaldo "liking to joke with the boys" is starting to make more sense now after I saw him kiss a couple of little boys in his Madrid presentation!

Don Luis said...

He is a kid in the dressing room but I am trying to make him become a man!


barca4life said...

Pique is gonna be a barca legend. People will talk about him long after he is gone. He seems to be what our squad has been missing for sometime. The guy that keeps everybody laughing and happy, even in the bad times. Definitely a leader weather he is the captain or not. I'm so happy he came back to us.

Anonymous said...

About Xavi i like the "in training if anyone takes the ball off him he gets an ovation from the rest of the team".

barca nike said...

sport claims that barca are ready to pay the buy-out clause of 30 m euros for bruno alves

barca nike said...

skanjos said...

damn pique,had a good laugh here,ty pep for the article.
this guy for me was the best transfer last season,not only we bought him back cheap ,he is awesome in and out the field,he is like the crazy guy of the village,its important that players have fun and become friends or family take it as you like and this guy is an amazing person and helps the dressing room alot.

Anonymous said...

a guy who whas left off is our own right back dani alves

koko=barca said...

Pique is so modest...NOT. You gotta love this guy

Xaviniesta said...

hehe good stuff :D pique rules!

pep said...


V-force said...

Woohoo Pique is now my favourite player now after Xavi!!!!! Cool guy..

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