Wednesday, 8 July 2009

60 to 80 million transfer budget confirmed

Asked about the summer transfer window, Barcelona marketing vice-president Jaume Ferrer has confirmed in an interview with Catalan radio station RAC 1 that the club could spend between 60 and 80 million euro° without getting into economic problems and commented on some rumoured names:

"If Ribéry is the main target of the technical staff, than we will fight to sign him. I don't know much about it, but if that's what the coaches ask, we'll listen to them.

Villa is a great player too. As far as I know, we don't really know who's in charge at Valencia at the moment. I would refer to Txiki Begiristain, who is dealing with the negotiations, and I have total belief in the events turning out in a good way for the club. In the next few days, or at least in the coming two weeks, the club plans to close some transfer deals."

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pep said...

60-80 million euro =

85-110 million us dollar
50-70 million british pound

woo sah said...

and i shall be looking forward to those events with much anticipation.
i hope their not lying this time...

Martin Engelin said...

If we got Villa, Ribery and Filipe Luis this summer I would be thrilled. But thats just a dream.

Sachincule said...

i guess the money obtained by player sales would be added to this transfer budget of 60-80 million. so we would probably sell eto, guddy and hopefully hleb for 40-45 million which would inturn make the budget 120-125 million.

i reckon we should get ribery(60mil), villa(40 mill + keirrison and caceres on loan), keirrision(12 mill), felipe luis(12 mill + victor sanchez + pedro on loan), crosas(2mill). plus gai and thiago should be promoted, muniesa should play with barca B for one season and then be promoted to the first team.

so the squad for next season should be:
Victor Valdes
Jose Manuel Pinto
Ruben Mino.

Daniel Alves
Henrique Adriano Buss
Gerard Pique
Carles Puyol
Rafael Marquez
Gabriel Milito
Eric Abidal
Felipe Luis
Botia and Muniesa should be called up in case of emergency.

Xavi Hernandez
Andres Iniesta
Yaya Toure
Thiago Alcantara
Sergio Busquets
Seydou Keita
Marc Crosas.

Lionel Messi
Thiery Henry
David Villa
Frank Ribery
Bojan Krkic
Gai Assulin

KluivertsBoots said...

That is exactly enough for Filipe (9m), Villa (40-45m) and Mascherano (25-30m).

Of course, extra funds could be raised through the potential sale of Eto'o- which could then be used to buy a central defender. I would not rule out selling Toure if we do get Mascherano, despite the recent renewal.

Henrique is sure to stay with Caceres going out on loan, but fitness doubts over Marquez and Milito surely mean center back is also a priority. I can't see Guardiola taking only Puyol, Pique and Henrique into the season especially since Puyol will also be requred to cover Alves at RB. Bruno Alves is overpriced at 30m, so I don't know who else Barca may be looking at.

skanjos said...

In the next few days, or at least in the coming two weeks, the club plans to close some transfer deals.

ok waiting...........

Anonymous said...

Off topic... But can't we use our buy-back option for Crossas this season instead of waiting for another year by say paying 2-3 mill more? I seriously think 45 (or more!) for Francesc is extreme waste of money considering the fact that he is our La Masia product and we still have an almost equal if not more potential player in Crossas waiting in line for a VERY cheap price to be bought back. Back-up for Xavi is a must this season after we get a CF and an LB, period.

Anonymous said...

for 60 mio we could bought kaka. for 35 mio we could bought benzema. for 55 mio we can buy aguero (a 21 year old super talent), for 35 mio we can buy robinho, for 20 mio we can buy arshavin, for 30 mio we could bought diego.

ribery is not worth more than diego, so he isn't worth 30 mio. i still can't believe they're asking for 80 mio. and i can't believe some barca fans would accept a 60 mio transfer.

skanjos said...

crosas isnt that good m8,i remember in this years preseason where we had crosas and busquets playing in some games,i thought damn that busquets guy is awesome ,he is taller than crosas and better at everything ,and next thing crosas was loaned cant compare crosas with fabregas .i would say promote thiago as a xavi replacement.

Anonymous said...

But read Crossas had en extremely good season for a debutant at Celtic. He's even been voted as the most promising young prospect. Considering his gain of some vital experience at Celtic, he might be a better option compared to thiago don't you think. And we only need him as back-up for Xavi and not an immediate replacement.
But yeah, you might be right. Didn't watch much of our pre-season. And also read a lot that Busquee boy is not considered by Pep as our future DM but our future Xavi. That's why he's been so interested in buying a new DM as back-up for Yaya during ACN IMO.

Manolo said...

Sachin ur Squad is pretty much exactly whant I want to!

That would be awsome but more of a dream than reality..but dreams can go through as u know

Etsp said...

Sachin, Manolo: I agree completely. That would be awesome.

Anonymous said...

agree with it but
to get ribery and villa both will be difficult

ribery transfer will only happen if they accept cash + loan deal of 2 players + hleb + 40-45m

on villa deal direct cash will be needed coz valencia wont accept loan deal =45m 4villa

instead of felipe < cissoko he is far better in doth attacking and defensive department and there will be guarantee he wont end like caceras... cissoko 15m and that money would not go just for back he will take abidals place next season this season he can compete

Anonymous said...

Ribery is worth the same type of money as Villa. Based on ability alone a player shouldn't cost more than about 40-45 million at the very most.

Kaka and Ronaldo cost more than that for other reasons. Even if Florentino Perez is full of lies Ronaldo and Kaka do bring a lot of financial benefits. And that's the only reason why they cost more than 40 million. But even then they are overpriced.

Ribery has none of those financial benefits and isn't even as good as Kaka or Ronaldo. Paying 60 million for Ribery is insanely poor business for us. Luckily I don't think our board would make that mistake.

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