Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Manchester United strongly interested in Eto'o

French sports paper L'Equipe claims that Manchester United is strongly interested in Barcelona forward and Cameroonian international Samuel Eto'o (28) (read more here).

The entourage of Eto'o, who is said to be willing to leave Barcelona, wouldn't have denied the information when asked by the paper.

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skanjos said...

sad to see him leave but its vital that he does.dont want to see papers spreading eto vs guardiola and board all year.

Anonymous said...

won't happen they've just bought owen. Similar style to eto'o

i think it will be eventually milan (transfer free or not)
I hate that team, they underpayed for ronnie and will do it again for samuel
But if you want to buy a player from them they start crying.
we'd better get cisshoko from under there noses

Anonymous said...

I want to see Barcelona-Real Madrid CL final!
Who doesn't?
No other club in the world can compete with the talent that both teams have. Inter? nope. Atletico can easily beat them?

Man united? With Tevez and CR gone nope.

Liverpool? Probably but in debt and could lose Mascherano and Xabi.

Chelsea? Cant win the big game.
Arsenal? Not a Men club like Evra said.

I have to give my props to Florentino to trying to get Madrid out of the laughing stock category.

It will be a hell of a game though.

Anonymous said...

Srna is fantastic player for us. I hope that Villa will come and we need one player on left beck

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Anonymous said...

What does it really matter now anyway? the deal is done. it's not like an extra 3-5mil would have meant life or death for Barcelona. As long as Barcelona don't take the same approach with Eto'o I'm fine with it. If Adebayor and Villa can have price tags of ~40mil then Eto'o's should be no less considering he is better than both of them. The numbers don't lie and Eto'o's been one of the most dominantly consistent forces year in and year out in La Liga.

pep said...

Don't have a banner. I'm not that skilled in these things... ;)

If you can put a simple link, that would already be nice, by the way. But thanks for the offer for sure!

Anonymous said...

nobody knows what's really going on behind the scenes, between etoo and the barcaboard, so it's not the right way to point fingers.
fact is, that etoo loves barca and everyone also knows about his stubbornness.
my opinion is, that etoo needs this pay-rise to feel more world-class and it's understandable that barca won't pay more, as they don't see him like he sees himself.
also it's a fact, that etoo has even one year left on his contract and maybe thinks after they wanted to offload him last year too, that he stays and get next year the money in his own pocket.
if barca want him to stay because they plan with him or just because of the money they'll lose, no one here knows.
etoo is a stubborn and like everybody knows him, he has a very big package of pride.
what not should be forgotten is, that both sides have to respect a contract, so it's surely not that easy to find out who's right or where the truth is, and don't think, that there would be a problem with him staying, as xavi also said, he would appreciate it, except the money, the root of all evil...
whatever happens, think, that all of us have to respect etoo for what he did for this club and stop to find the guilty ones, as it's not on us to judge about.
had often doubts too on him, and there are surely many, who were not always satisfied by him, but the titles and his statistic speaks for himself.
ONE LOVE!!!!!...and BARCA FOREVER, with or without etoo, til' i get a possibility to make decisions for barcas transfer-politics too

Ondra said...

Pep, you would organize a competition - the best banner wins:)

pep said...

Yeah, might be, Ondra. I actually thought before about some competition for a logo for the blog, but then I think about the people who would put effort in and who wouldn't win... Which would be kind of a shame for their time, I think.

Ondra said...

Maybe top 5 banners would get a small prize + the winner would get a two-week Bahama trip:)

pep said...

In twenty years this blog will maybe be big enough to pay that... ;)

sashi said...

i dont want a Bahama trip. a 3rd or 4th hand Iniesta shirt would do!!! :D

umessi10 said...


Good one Pep :)

Flippy said...

Definitely not going to happen, because of Utd's new policy of not overspending on players 26+.

Kxevin said...

Won't happen. United picked up Owen for cheap for those kinds of goals, as has been previously noted.

Eto'o is "willing to leave Barcelona" as long as someone pays him absurd money, should be the additional caveat.

fcbee said...

They've lost two: Ronaldo and Tevez. Guess they have some cash because of the 94 million and with Ronaldo and Tevez they've also lost two serious salaries.

Ondra said...

Ok, what if I just asked my friend to create a banner? Without any false Bahama dreams:)

B. Beltrocco said...

Ok i know this is off topic but everyone you have to watch this Now tellme do u prefer Fabregas, or *~>(Mascherano)<~*

Macherano is a beast watch this video....


pep said...

It doesn't solve the problem of the banner maybe not being very good and then the work also had been for nothing, which would make me feel bad again... :( Or maybe your friend is just The King of Banners, then it's ok.

Actually, I don't know anything about banners so I couldn't judge it anyway and will most probably say: "how did you do that, that's totally amazing!!!"...

In fact, I don't even know what you can do with banners? Can I put it up here and ask everybody with a site to put it up? Or could people put it in their profiles on community sites and stuff? And would people really be so nice to do that?

Conclusion: if your friend can live with all my doubts and a possible rejection (meaning: he's NOT a depressed guy who is on the verge of doing stupid things if he gets one more non-enthusiastic comment on something he does), he can feel free to put something together.

Make sure he puts his name somewhere "created by..." or something (not TOO big though), I don't want to take the credits away from him! Nor do I want to be held responsible for it if it proves to be bad... ;)

You can contact me at:

helpfcb [ay] gmail [dot] com

And thanks for the proposal, Ondra!

Areign said...

pep i think you should have a contest for the banner. i personally think that it wouldnt be as big of a disapointment to those who lost as you think. most people who would enter, would do so not because they are expecting victory but because they enjoy doing that kind of art. Its a reward in itself to have one's work online, just putting all the banners in a "submitted banners for contest" page would probably make most of the entrants happy. anyway whether you do or dont have a contest, i definitely feel like this site needs a banner/logo.

pep said...

We might have a new name later this month, Areign, so we could have the banner/logo contest then.

Maybe first a logo contest and then a banner canner? Then at least TWO people will not be disappointed... ;)

Ondra said...

Maybe it would be better to form a group of designers to change ideas and then make unified design + logo + banner. Easy to say...

andresrivera said...

Wow, how many strikers does Sir. Alex want at his disposal? It's obvious he's planning world domination with the 0-0-11 formation? Be afraid, be very afraid.

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