Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Txiki has everything under control

What's up, Txiki? How about the transfers I asked for?

We're waiting for the transfer market to open. Just relax, you can leave everything to me.

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Kevin O said...

Lol!!!!!!!!!!....I know its hard to make fun of fellow Barcelona guys but this one seems to be right.. Pep wants more.. and txiki doesnt kno whats going on....

skanjos said...

i have faith,we dont need to overpay,and madrid can sign all the great players in one year hehe,there are plenty of good players out there to fill our squad.
i want villa/mata/filipe and i think we are gonna be fine.

on another note arsenal is supposed to have finansial problems ,i bet if we make a formal bid of 35mil we can sign fabregas.dont think we need him but its a chance to get him if the coach says that he wants him.

Anonymous said...

i have bin log on 4 about 48hours now waitin 4 barca 2 sign 1 player and nothing have bin done yet, i am not the only 1 who is get kinder f..k up now of waiting.

trez said...

You all heard Txiki. We're just waiting for the transfer market to open, so keep calm until that happens!!!

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that Txiki has lost it. He is incapable to negotiate any deal nowadays. How the hell can he fuck up the Filipe deal?

Txiki, vete ya!

ZenI said...

We don't know the details around Filipe. But if we are only € 1-2 mills of to make a deal and we can't close it - maybe he doesn't know what he's doing. Cause' any other decent backup LB will cost at least € 10-15 mills. Not mentioning Maxvell etc, they will cost maybe € 15-20 and I not sure they could to a better job than Filipe.

Xaviniesta said...

pep must be shaking/scratching his head a lot these days lol

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