Tuesday, 7 July 2009

The presentation of Cristiano Ronaldo (1)

* The players tunnel of the Bernabéu, everything is ready for the presentation of CR94 *

Presi, what do you think of me getting out there without a shirt so I can show off my abdominals?

Better to keep on your shirt. You need to sell those.

And what if I show my belly so the girls can go wild?

You just say "Hala Madrid" and you keep quiet.

I warn you that if there are less people than in the presentation of Kaká, I will make a fuss.

Calm down.

Can I wave to Paris Hilton?

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SimonP said...

This was the best ever! Hilarious!

Have anyone heard about the assault charges against Cristiano?

Unknown said...

I heard that he asulted a 17 year old gil by kicking a door of her car in she was brought to hospital i hope he gets a large fine are has to be behide bars lol i wish it would be so funny as madrid bought him for 80m and he doesnt play cause he was in jail what a dream lol :)
when is pepe able to play again

sashi said...

he tried to defend himself by saying tat his mother got upset and tat drew him mad and he did such things. although he regrets it, he would do a similar thing if it affects his mother!!! wat a nuthead!!! using his mother to get the headlines!

AJ said...

This dude's got aeff-in poor character. I thought after the CL final he had grown a lil humility and all but damn, "La Liga is better than EPL because of Perez's signings" as if he was even the best in the EPL. Geez.

Anyway, as much as I hate him, I think its unfair you guys are attacking him about the "assault". He "assaulted" a well known stalker and his accomplice, a 17 year old girl, who even tried to extort him. As much as he deserves hell, there's one thing even sicker than Ronaldo : paparazzi. So guys, stop acting like Madridistas.

Humankind said...

I completely agree with AJ. Although I don't know the details and much less the truth of what happened with that 17 year old, if she was a stalker then we must sympathize with CR9 as much as we hate him. Unless he did an act that deserves jail time, CR9 should not get locked up. We have to be fair with that even if it's regarding someone as detested as CR9.

Don Luis said...

I can't blame ronaldo about the incident. People need to stop buying and reading those nasty magazines!

I would had probably done the same or worse. Ronaldo is a great player.

andresrivera said...

He looked like a little boy at the Chocolate Factory, with Florentino Pérez playing the role of Willy Wonka, ha!

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