Sunday, 5 July 2009

Video of the day: Rivaldo


Carrer de Corsega said...

My favorite Brazilian! His hat trick against Valencia was and still is one of the greatest moments in sports!

maxmax said...

omg this sick epic winning valencia goal! i remember crying tears of joy :)

Vj said...

Genius.. one of the reasons why I started watching Barca..

skanjos said...

the best brazilian midfielder and a classic n10.amazing times(i count r10 as a forward :) ).although rivaldo was an amazing creative player i prefer current playmaker xavi.i list xavi 2nd after the great zinedine zidane,i am a barca fan but zidane is the best n10 i have seen after the legend

so for me :
legend cruyff
2nd best zidane
3rd best xavi
4th rivaldo
5th rui costa

2PAC said...

dont you guys miss a brazillian in our team,like ronaldinho,rivaldo,ronaldo
Hope K9 will be a great player

el fuego said...

at 1999 my dad buy me a rivaldo kit whit number 11. it was start of 1999/00 season. from that day i am crazy barcelona fan. rivaldo is my favourite player of all time. i remember i was crying when he goes to milan. for me he is the best player in history.

1. rivaldo
2. messi
3. xavi

they are the best barcelona players in last 10 years with big respect to ronaldinho, eto, puyol and the ohers...

Marc4barca said...

skanjos you dont need to mention you are a barca fan, being a barca fan doesn't mean u have to rate barca players as the best in everything i rate casillas better than valdes then again, who doesn't. zidane is better than xavi but xavi career isn't done things can change. only thing i would change in that list is rui costa with ryan giggs.

if i had to choose a team from barca present and past players it would be a 4-3-1-2


i'm really sorry for the defense as my knowledge on barca defenders is quite poor i'm sure they are defenders that deserve to be there.
after seeing the board work this transfer season it reminded me of barca losing ronaldo so it seems poor transfer movement is something that is stuck with the club and not just laporta and txiki.

the blog is telling me my password is wrong all the time, anyone help

koko=barca said...

My first favorite player. The reason I started worshiping Barca. A class of his own. Killing lefty.

Anonymous said...

@Marc - WHATTT no messi??!!!

Marc4barca said...

hmm messi messi messi definitely destined to be there in the greatest of all time but not now. many players i mentioned there have played a huge role in the dream team and the back to back league titles in 97 and 98 season. i could replace romario with messi as he didn't stay at barcelona long cause he fell out with the board but if i was to replace romario it would probably b with ronaldo or put rivaldo up front and ronaldinho in AM.

Don Luis said...


it's impossible to have 1 team.
I feel bad leaving Laudrup, Cruyf, Romario, Schuster, Sergi off...

BTW i wouldnt put Maradona in the all time XI. When Maradona came, that was the start of his downfall.

As for Messi, no way lol.... I would take Ronnie or RIvaldo any day over Messi.

Anonymous said...

my favorite player, i am fan rivaldo,hi is great player,I havent seen player like rivaldo style,how i can download this fail,and like this videos about rivaldo?

Ramzi said...

Don Luis, your selection is very well picked. As you said, imposible to pick only 10 players and it is not the best selection at Barcelona history, but its more Modern history.

Two points though:

Regardless of the "modern history" criteria, Cruyf must be mentioned in anything historical for Barcelona. He is the one with the greatest impact on the club and no one even come close. As a player, coach, idol, and advisor. He is the only one that we can say with clear concious that without him Barcelona wouldnt have been the same. So as a compromise, we will make him the Coach of your selection.

- As for Maradona, comming to barcelona was not his downfall. It was his unlucky step. He gave his best after leaving Barcelona. He is the legend we know because of what he did at Napoli and world cup (After Barcelona). As a Maradona Follower, I guess The downfall for started after scoring the penalty against Italy at the world Cup.

As for Rivaldo, I followed him at Deportivo, before he played for Barcelona. And always wondered why we didnt get him earlier. What a great! Too bad, the right player, in the wrong timing though. Regardless of his achievements back then. Imagine him in this team.

R10FCB said...

the partnership of rivaldo and kluivert was amazing. will never forget the way they use to play in the barca coulours.

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