Wednesday 8 July 2009

Ribery or Cesc

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Bayern Munich attacker and French international Franck Ribéry (26) is still the main transfer target of Barcelona.

The paper suggests that Barcelona might possibly consider a record offer of 60 million euro° for the Frenchman.

Bayern Munich president Karl-Heinz Rummenigge nevertheless repeated yesterday in an interview with German sports weekly paper
Sport Bild that his club is not willing to sell Ribéry: "We're not playing poker, we're not driving up the price. We want to keep the player. Until now, Bayern received one formal offer - from a club that wasn't Real Madrid - and we have kindly rejected it."

El Mundo Deportivo claims that Arsenal midfielder and Spanish international Cesc Fàbregas (22) is the alternative if the transfer of Ribéry fails. In that case, Iniesta would move to the left wing next season. Barcelona would be willing to pay 40 million euro° for Cesc and to include a player in the deal.

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pep said...

60 million euro =

83 million us dollar
51 million british pound

40 million euro =

56 million us dollar
35 million british pound

skanjos said...

bad news,dont want us to spend such a sum for ribery,and offcourse not for fabregas who abandonded the team(but thats not it,cause pique did it too in order to get playing time),the thing i dont like about cesc is that he said he finds it difficult to choose barca and madrid(or sth along those lines.most will remember)and also its a shame to give 40mil for a player that you made through your youth academy.

Anonymous said...

I think buyin Cesc would be good. That way we could swao him with Xavi or Iniesta all the time since he is a similar player.
And with all the games coming up this seasson we need someone who can replace Xavi and/or Iniesta and Cesc would be perfect for that.
I agree that is is kinda stupid spending so much money on someone from our youth acedemy, but still, Cesc is already a world class player and has many years ahead of him. 40 mil is good considering that. And give Arsenal Pedro on a 1 year loan.

NouBarca said...

Cesc? 40M + players?

Its a crazy world we live in.

NouBarca said...

And some Arsenal friends want straight swap. Inies = Fab.
I am still laughing at them...

Anonymous said...

Pedro is a very average player, why would Arsenal want him?

woo sah said...

thats a tough one...i really like scarface but 60 mil for him alone. thats 75% of our total funds right there. i'm not too sure about that....

as for cesc...i've always never thought too highly of him. granted he is a worldclass player but i'd rather activate the buy back clause for crosas next season. but seeing as we need someone NOW for this season i wouldn't be too disappointed. he is a tad bit expensive, too.........

Anonymous said...

iniesta as left winger is great but iniesta in midfield with xavi is unique. we shouldn't give up that opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Fab (age 22) for 40 million and Felipe for 10-12 million, total 52 million.... or Ribery for 60 million...hmmmmm very difficult choice.. Its not ever worth discussing about it, the choice is very very simple

skanjos said...

on the other hand anony mata + villa for 60-65mil.... is the choice simple?cause if we sign ribery we wont have money for a striker and a midfielder ,if we sign fabregas we wont have money for striker and lf,the best deal is to get mata + villa + filipe then we can rest.

Anonymous said...

Villa and Mata for 65 mil???????????? You must be dreaming man please wake up... In addition when was the striker position a priority?? We are signing Villa if and only if Sami goes, elsewere no striker funds are required...

barcaaaa said...

Villa and Mata are not worth 65m euros. Cesc for 40m and Filipe for 10m and Llorente for 20m is enough. Henry and Llorente for the striker and Bojan and Iniesta on the left wing. Keirrison on loan to Deportivo.

jordy said...

mata is a good player. but i doubt valencia will let him go.
For the left wing the only options are:
ribery, robinho, robben, v persie or mata. Arshivin is'nt a winger nor a striker who plays wide. and he's pretty selfish
my preferred option is ribery but barça shouldn't go over 40m. Same price for villa.
Fabregas is a good player but I like iniesta more in the middle. Also iniesta favours a midfield spot. Like someone said, iniesta - xavi is unique, let's keep that

barcaaaa said...

How many times did we play Yaya-Iniesta-Xavi in midfield? Not that many times. Most of the time, we played someone else in the midfield. Iniesta is fantastic on the left wing, he has proven this so many times, his offensive play is his strengths and this is why he is so good at the left wing.

skanjos said...

what do you think money is pancakes?just because madrid spent alot it doesnt raise all players value(especially now that their spree has ended ,i dont think they have much more money).

valencia would have sold villa last year if a bid of 35mil-40mil had occured,and silva was then valued 20-25mil.

you all see the madrid money transfers now and think its natural for a club to give 50-60 mil like this,well its not thats allot of money and a bid of 65mil for villa and mata should be enough right now.
alot of people have been caught up by the madrid money spending spree,barcelona doesnt have to spend like isnt a good thing for the club too,the only clubs that can give such amounts are real/city/chelsea and even city and chelsea have now been reasonable.

also real took benzema for 40mil who is younger than villa.i think the board is wise enough to not splash cash like this for ribery and cesc.we are not madrid.i prefer to keep the same team buy only filipe and promote 5 youngsters .

andresrivera said...

We shouldn't really be pushing for Cesc this season, there isn't much need for him yet.

Anonymous said...

skanjos, pep wants a bigger squad. This does not include simply promoting kids from the youth academy. Replacing Sylvinho with Filipe as the only move is too arrogant. Just because we won the treble, we should not act arrogant and complacent.

Anonymous said...

Buying Fabregas and moving Iniesta up to the left wing really sounds like a stupid idea. Xavi and Iniesta are like twins in the midfield and they are (Xavi 65% and Iniesta 35%) the reason why we have so much possesion each and every game and the reason why we can play our passing football. When Iniesta moved up to the flank we still got heaps of possesion, but i think that the lack of creativity on the midfield will proove fatal against some teams.
Fabregas is creative aswell, but Iniesta and Xavi are the absolute masters of keep ball, they just cant be dispossesed. We need Iniesta in the midfield and to have a €40M sub is insane.

Buying Ribery for €60M? That really sounds like a Gazetta dello Sport kind of rumour and therefore i dont believe it. Its bullocks. Cant see us pay such an enormous amount of money for one player after a season we won everything.

I cant see us buy Mata aswell, only if he accepts a relatively small wage bill, as he will be a starter we will see Henry on the bench and Henry costs a lot of money.
What i hope to see this summer is that we get Henrique back buy Filipe together with a decent backup for the defensive midfield spot (not Mascherano, although i like him, he is too expensive and i think he will unbalance the equilibrium in the team). I would like to see an experienced defensive midfielder coming (like Appiah some two years ago but not from Africa) who doesnt mock a lot when placed on the bench and can take over the spot when Keita and Toure leave for the ANC, together with Busquets.
As for the attacking positions i think after all what happened last weeks with Eto'o, we should sell him for €25M-€35M (€35M is a little optimistic i guess) and that we should really go for Villa (he will adapt soon as Spain play a similar game as Barça and Villa has already played with lots of the team and built a good understanding).
Loan Keirisson to Valencia or some other club as we should have no problems with coping with the attacking positions as im convinced Hleb will have a better season next year and i think the same goes for Bojan.
I hope Gai is good enough for promotion and i hope the same for Thiago. Then we will have no problem in beating Madrid next season.

Ive shined my light :P

Barca Brn said...

For me its a no brainer that we should sign Ribery for maximum of 60 Million Euros, because he will prove to be worth every penny (or in this case every euro ). Ribery will add a lot of versaltility to our squad since he can play on both wings and behind a striker. Having him will have our front line complete since Henry and Eto'o can compete for the central striker role. If Eto'o chose to leave (which I think he should because of the way he has been treated), I think we should keep Keirsson and sign Mascherano. Now our midfield is all of a sudden complete too. That leaves us wiith our defense line and Felipe as cover for Abidal is all we need. I also think we should only sell or loan Gudjohnson, since we will need a big squad for next season.

skanjos said...

thats not what i say ,i say that i prefer that instead of giving such an amount of money for a superstar player. people think of money light these days,remember how much we got ronaldinho?eto?deco? the team didnt splash alot of millions for them.last year we got dani alves for 30+millions and its the 3rd biggest transfer of the club.

so many now are saying 40million "with the crisis" is small fee for villa ,the fact is that it isnt and it will be our n1 hightest transfer ever surpassing the overmars 39mil transfer.
many here want to give 60 mil just to bring villa or ribery here thats ridiculus,we shouldnt spend more than 35-40mil for one player and the bid we have done for villa and mata acording to rumors is 55mil,i am sugesting a 65mil bid and people think i am crazy hm.......good thing the board is thinking good here and dont put the clubs future at stake.

Anonymous said...

yeah the problem with buying cesc and playing iniesta on the wing is that iniesta isnt a prolific goalscorer. we all know hes one of the best players in the world but those three forward spots are where the vast majority of our goals come from. iniesta is not known for his finishing and the xavi-iniesta partnership in midfield is too good to change. That said, i still think we should buy cesc for the rotation because we need another quality cm but definitely not for 40m.

Anonymous said...

Skanjos, yes I agree we should not pay these crazy amounts, but that also includes not paying 65m for Mata and Villa. This is crazy. We need to look elsewhere.

Perhaps, Bastos from Lille, a good winger with a crazy shot. We can probably get him for 10-12m.

Xavi-Iniesta partnership hasn't played that many games this season. Alot of times, Iniesta has played on the wings or not played. When Xavi and Iniesta plays togheter, they have to do more defensive tasks, while Iniesta on LW and Xavi as AM give them more energy to focus on offensive tasks, with Keita and Yaya giving us shooting and muscles from the midfield.

The only problem is Iniesta's goal scoring, but whenever he played on the wings, we always played great and scored plenty of goals anyway, simply because Iniesta in an offensive role creates huge opportunities for everyone else on the team, including Xavi and Keita.

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