Thursday, 9 July 2009

Andre Santos alternative for left back position

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona is interested in Corinthians left back defender and Brazilian international André Santos (26).

Because of the difficulties to sign Deportivo left back Filipe (read more here) and the fact that signing a full back is one of the priorities, Barcelona would have started looking at other options and André Santos would be the first name on the list.

The contract of the Brazilian left back defender with Corinthians expires in 2011. Italian club AS Roma is also said to be interested and would already have made an offer of 6 million euro°.

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Watch a video of André Santos:


pep said...

6 million euro =

8,5 million us dollar
5 million british pound

Anonymous said...

Go for him! He's great, forget Felipe. And 6 milion euro? Even if we'll give 12 it would be a great deal.

Dude said...

F it!!! Let's do it!!! :)

krankuba said...

yayyy...this guy looks very powerful and technique...and whatta finishing! go go go!

Manolo said...

He's very solid in the attack got superb technique and finishing but u couldn't see the defesive side of him in the vid..
Somebody knows about he's defence?

Anonymous said...

Go Get Him...Nail it this time for Real...

skanjos said...

dont mind the haters in the filipe thread,this player is amazing infront and thats what we are looking,we already have a super defender lb in abidal ,if we need divercity in order to put alves to rest and puyol as a right back this guy is the best and i wonder why didnt we think about him earlier(dont barcelona have scouts in brazil?if dunka chose him then he must be the best there and must have had an amazing season)

also cheaper than filipe,if we can sign him for less than 10mil it will be a bargain and who knows we might have the next dani alves hehehe

hawk_barca_4_life said...

he is good in the attacking department but dont know much abt his defensive qualities

if he comes then he would take up a non european spot in team
already there r henrique , caceras, hleb, keirrison, toure( dont know if he comes under it)

for 6m its a bargain decent buy if he comes for that its a good purchase

i still believe that cissoko is good and he will become a longtime investment even if we have to pay 15m for him now it will be good deal

peter said...

Ha ha, yesterday i asked why Santos wasn't linked woth us and lo and behold, now he is.

His games in confederations cub were great. He was by far the best player in brazil.

I was going to say something else, but i forgot what.

Anonymous said...

He is the best laft back of Brazil right now!!

I m sure he s better than Filipe. And he can be the 1st choice of Pep too

But we must consider non-Eu player of the team

hawk_barca_4_life said...

@ skanjos
the best thg abt dani alves is he can attack and control the right wing but its not limited to that he tracks back quiet efficiently , his tackles r good , has pace and troubles the best dribblers

santos has height , skill ... but saw him in confederation cup his defensive skills r not that good and he does'nt track back effectively, against egypt in confe in particular all attacks were cmg 4m his side and brazil even though won confed cup they were not that good defencively

regarding ur thaught abt him playing as replacement for alves when he plays on LB and pyuol on RB it would be possible only with zhirkov but he is gone now
.. but cissoko(will develop) is also good in attacking dept have u seen his clip dribbling past 5 def on line to give a assist ..!!!

its just my opinion ..!!!

Anonymous said...

I believe Andres Santos is just used as a bait to get Felipe... The talk about Santos would definitely irk Felipe and he would try to push more the La Coruna board to accept the deal LOL

skanjos said...

you have to understand that if we gave an ultinatum the filipe deal is off now ,for real ,we cant break that or it shows we are weak and it will not help our other transfers.our board thought that depor would accept the bid thats why they gave the ultinatum ,they were wrong(like then with beckham and we got ronaldinho)lets see it ends up like this again hahahaha

Anonymous said...


you're making things way too black & white. the final bid could be an ultimatum or it might be a tactic for something else. if deportivo came back with a counter of 10 million after finding out we move onto other targets i'm sure we could revisit filipe.

there are never absolutes on the transfer market. it depends on how much we value filipe, if we believe he's way better than other targets then we'll be on his case until the last possible moment. if we think they're all very similar level players then we'll sign a different target, like santos.

Loos said...

I've seen Santos in the Conf Cup, and i have to say he was quite good. He had great offensive contribution, with great shots on goal.
I think he'd be a decent signing, and a good one to start with.
About the non-European slots, it might be an issue! Btw, how many non-European players are we allowed to have in the squad?

barca nike said...

3 spots

Loos said...

Thanks Barca nike.
Which players are currently occupying those spots: Hleb, Caceres, and Toure?

barca nike said...

ur welcome, ya those are the players

Anonymous said...

next year, caceres can go on loan, and i think he gets a passport anyways because its his second year in spain (right??). that leaves a spot to be filled by santos. toure is the only player really utilising that slot well, hleb and caceres have done nothing of note

Anonymous said...

hey, i just like to throw into contention the name of lucas neil the australian captain. He is damn good defender and if barca want another CB for cheap his the man!!!

barcaISbest said...

about the EU spots...if im not mistaken CAF (African) players get a pass due to some ruling. so keita and toure do not hold any of out non-EU spots...i guess that would make hleb caceres and ???

Loos said...

I Was wondering if Pep could clarify the non-European slots issue! if possible :)

Jason said...

is he fo real?left back?

this kid is too skillful to be a left back.

not so sure bout his work rate and defense.

okay,if we sign this guy,he might end up becoming a combative defender like not surprise if we get both our combative fullbacks sent off in a match!!hahahaha..j/k

anyway,one thing FOR SURE,his style suits barca's.that's what matters most.we want a player that can adapt naturally to our Joga Bonito style.

spot on. VISCA VISCA Barca!!

*do your job Txiki!!

per said...

Great news! Loved him in confed. cup.

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