Sunday, 5 July 2009

Joint offer for Villa and Mata upcoming

Spanish television channel La Sexta claims that Barcelona is preparing a joint bid for Valencia forward and Spanish international David Villa (27) and Valencia left wing attacker and Spanish international Juan Mata (21).

The bid would be made in the coming hours and consist of 55 million euro° cash plus the loan of two players: Palmeiras forward Keirrison (20) and Barcelona central defender and Uruguay international Martín Cáceres (22).

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pep said...

55 million euro =

77 million us dollar
47 million british pound

woo sah said...

why is the barca board such scrooges???
i mean come on...if valencia didn't want to sell ONLY villa wat makes them think they'd sell villa AND mata by slapping on a couple more million.
watever..i hope i get proved wrong but i'm 90% sure the deal will not go through.
we don't even need mata ne way for crying out loud...we hav henry and bojan who shuld convert to LW. i've been preaching this for weeks now.
we shuld just make that offer for villa...not both cuz at this time we're desperate for a CF...AT LEAST.

groga said...

First it was 40 million plus those two players, now they only add 15 million and want Mata, who is more than 15 millions. Unless Valencia needs the cash, you can't see it happen.

barca4life said...

I dont think this will be enough. Caceres stock has fallen and keirrison is unproven in europe. And to give up their world class forward villa still in his prime and one of their brightest young prospects mata for 55 million and two unproven players

umessi10 said...

I too dont think this will be enough. I mean..they value Villa itself for a 50m. Its like a 45+10 deal now. They ll surely not agree to sell Mata for 10m.

umessi10 said...

Hey Pep !
Can you please tell me the market value of Bojan . If not the exact value then somewhere around ?

pep said...

I don't know about his market value but his buyout clause is 80 million euro.

Engineer said...

You can check for estimated market values for players from all over the world.

But I wouldn't take it word for word, of course, but it gives you a rough estimate, I suppose.

Bojan is thought to be valued around €12,000,000.

Engineer said...

Forgot to add, you can also check every players representative, agent or whatever you want to call it. :)

barca4life said...

I would guess if barca were to let bojan leave it would cost slighly more than keirrison because he has played in europe already and is still highly thought of around europe despite what barca fans think. I'd say maybe 16-18 million euros would be the price.

B. Beltrocco said...

I doubt this will deal would even work. Why do we need Mata? We only need Villa but at this stage Barcelona isn't even negotiating right. In my prospective I prefer Tevez than Villa. First of all he does not have a club right now. Second of all you just have to talk to him and the agent for Contract, and Third of all you can offer this guy from 35-45m E. for a 4 or 5 year contract. Tevez is also 2 yrs. younger than Villa, Don't you think this player can last longer in Barcelona, I sure do. I know most of you might say he is fat. Imagine this is how fast he runs when he is over weight imagine they make him lose 10 pounds not even anyone would be able to get him. What Ronaldo, Ronaldo can't do anything in Spain he is just going to get cracked he is a little ballerina he dances like one so dont get suprised if in "La Liga" he gets broken.

skanjos said...

i can see this deal go throught at 60mil . valencia has to sell this summer mainly for their big depts,villa bid for 40mil and keirrison loan would have been accepted or else we shouldnt bothered,and 20mil for mata are enough since they already have a great youth player(the guy that took joaquin position dont remember his name).also we give careses as loan for their albiol miss.

i just hope we finish with this quickly.

umessi10 said...

Thanks Pep for the quick reply.
And thank you Engineer for the link.

Anonymous said...

Villa is soon 28 and we won't have him for many years and won't get any money for him if we sell him when he is past 30, unlike Real Madrid who bought Benzema who will play for 10 more years. We buy too many people like Keita, Hleb, Milito and Henry. We pay alot of money for these players and don't get any money for them when we sell. We should buy players who are closer to 24 than 30.

lazytologinTengkuAmir10 said...

Bojan is better than Benzema.Just you wait.And if this offer doesn't work out then i don't know what will.SHISH.I AM FED UP OF LAPORTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

umessi10 said...

Soriano will make his official return to public management of the club and give away his intentions at a press conference scheduled for Monday morning at 18:00.
So i guess we gotta wait till Tuesday for the result of this bid.

barca4life said...

The reason we buy older players is because we want them to complete our squad. We have the best young talent in the world with players like messi iniesta pique busquets bojan gai muniesa and thiago coming through our yth system.

We just need more experienced players to add to them. Madrid shuns their youth system so they have to buy all of their talent under the age of 24 because they dont have a messi or an iniesta from their yth system

Dolce said...

If Eto'o leaves then Barca absolutely must buy Villa no matter how much it will cost. We cant put price on our success and if Villa helps Barca to get three league titles in next four years then its surely worth it to buy him. I think that Valencia may sell Villa if they can keep rest of their key players. If Barca wants a winger then they should seek elsewhere, unless if they are ready pay over 60 million plus those loans for Villa & Mata. It would be better to keep Keirrison, loan Bojan and get Villa in full cash deal. How many times I have to tell you that Bojan is not good enough to be Barca´s second best striker if Henry keeps playing as a winger? Barca´s success is more important than Bojan´s progress! Ok, if Barca acquires a new top class LW then Henry could play more often as a CF. Mata is a way better than Silva because he is a former CF who plays nowadays as a left winger(just like Henry), thats why he has an eye for goals. Its easier to turn CF into useful winger than vice versa, thats why I cant get it how someone thinks that Tevez could be better center forward for Barca than Villa

Anonymous said...

Then we should pay less than what we are paying, because unlike 24 year olds, we won't get money back from sales when we buy all these older players. Why pay the same for a 28 year old or 29 year old as a 24 year old?

I think the point of having a good youth system is that we don't need to buy so many players, but since we prefer to buy older players, we constantly have to buy new players as they only last about 2-3 seasons before they are too old and we don't get money for them either.

barca4life said...

We cant keep keirrison because we would have to sell hleb which we apparently are not doing to make a space for a non-eu player. Yaya Hleb and Caceres are our 3 non-eu players right now, if Caceres goes and we bring in Henrique to replace him we still would not have a non-eu spot.

barca4life said...

The point of us not getting much money for our players is that we arent a selling club. We dont sell players in their prime usually. But we got money for players, we got big money for ronaldo big money for figo, decent money for ronaldinho. So its not as if we never get decent transfer fees. 8 million for deco looks like a pretty good deal for us considering what he has done at chelsea this season. And gio's sale looks pretty good now too considering he was loaned out to ipswich last season.

The main point is that we dont usually sell players in their primes 26-31 so we wont get money for them. We buy them in their primes and they give their best years of football to us.

umessi10 said...

Very Good answers barca4life.

Kevin O said...

This Deal doesnt really nake sense 4 me. 55 million is what Villa might cost alone :-p.

BlueNClaret said...

That's right, B4L. We're not a selling club. Yeah, I know, we sold Luis Suárez, Maradona, Ronaldo for then record fee..and as B4L explained, Ronaldinho, Deco etc..

But most of the times we stick to our core players up to 5-6 seasons before let them go (as free transfer or at low prices). Also, we let players retire at club.

We also bought number of players that 25++ year old before. Players like Cruijff, Lineker, Koeman, Romario, Enrique, Popescu...

Good discussion, guys. Keep it coming. Keep it together.

Special thanks to Pep for letting me post this.

Anonymous said...

We should still pay less for players close to 30 which won't last many years, and we don't get money back from sales which is a big loss. It is more stupid to pay huge money for a player that is close to 30 than a player that is 24. If the player don't deliver based on expectations, we will sell, and then we don't get money back. Being a selling club doesn't mean that you don't sell players, only that you don't sell your top stars that perform brilliantly, but that is not what we talk about here though.

Since we have such good youth system, we should have huge amounts of money to spend on the few positions that the youth system don't produce good enough players, but when we buy so many old ones we lose alot of money compared to other teams.

Abidal was bought at 28, is now 30 and will probably leave for a very low fee next year. I prefer that we buy players like the age of Filipe which we can have for many years and can gel well into the team. It is good for the club's economy. No more Hleb, Milito and Keita please.

Anonymous said...

Mata is also a much better option than older ones like Malouda and similar players who we don't get money back from if they don't perform good enough. But it seems like Laporta don't care about this stuff. The way we buy players are very random. I don't understand the transfers of Henrique, Caceres and Keirrison.

fcbee said...

We just cannot predict it, Anony. Look at Caceres: he fits your definition of young and promising but how much would we get for him if we would want to sell him now.

The problem is that we sell players when they're over their top or when they failed. Basically: because we want them out. And it's harder to get money for people you want to get rid of because the buying club also knows that.

Anonymous said...

mata is usually rotated with silva so he is not a key valencia player in that sense, not sure though if they have a backup if they let him go. having said that, not sure what we are offering is enough but we'll see. way i see it valencia is simply looking to to put together a decent squad. with their economic woes it would take at least a season before they could get back in shape and be in serious contention again.


Anonymous said...

I don't want young and promising players, I would prefer players that are very good but still young with many years left. Not just talents or players close to 30 years old. And it is much easier to sell if they don't perform good enough. I never understood why we bought Caceres, Henrique or Keirrison.

jordy said...

mata was a key player. silva played center midfield! he hasn't got scoring ability like mata. think this is a good deal. Villa valued 50m? The man is 28 in octobre, once again..Man u is right for not paying much for guys over 26. I see it's usefull to buy villa but the prices I hear are crazy. Kaka has won a cl on his own and cost RM 65. So if that is crazy 40 for villa is to.
I believe in caceres. I don't see many defenders that fast strong and tackling that hard.
losing those guys would be 16,5 + 8 + 15 = a lot of money. surely because they have future. loaning them out is fine.but hernique must be given a chance.

ELdimoni said...

I love Barca, but im really disappointed with how the Board go about their business. its not just this season either. They seem really unprofessional when it comes to renegotiating contracts and making offers for new players. Theyre far too public and lacking in respect for their current players it seems. I really hope they get kicked up the ar$e and sort it out.

Anonymous said...

kaka being a mid fielder SHOULD always be valued less than Villa, who is a proven STRIKER not only at club level but also on international stage...Having said that, 45 mill + 2 prodigies on loan for Villa is way too much considering his age.
And BTW Mata is NOT greater than Bojan and 20 mill pay for him is useless when you have an alternate option in Michel Bastos. C'mon guys...can't you see what he has to offer us in his free-kicks and pace!?! Buying Bastos, Villa, Filipe Luis & Hernanes would be the best thing to do this summer. We DO NOT have an alternative for the GREAT Xavi. What if he gets injured???

Anonymous said...

According to (thanks, engineer), VIlla and Eto'o (and Xabi Alonso)'s agent is the same person. Is it true?

If so this person is now working for three of these at the same time?
Is it possible?

Anonymous said...

Since when did 55 million become 'too little'? Diego cost 25 million, Zhirkov is about to join Chelsea for 20 million, Albiol cost 15 million. 55 million is a lot of money, the only transfers it doesn't match up to are the Ronaldo and Kaka transfers, we shouldn't even be trying to compare to those transfers.

"but im really disappointed with how the Board go about their business. its not just this season either. They seem really unprofessional when it comes to renegotiating contracts and making offers for new players."

What does that even mean? What is it about what they're doing that's different than other clubs? Can you be more specific as to what they should be doing? I'm sure they'll take the advice! It's because you're following a transfer blog and reading websites that report every detail without firm confirmation. If all you ever heard was when they actually signed the renewals or signed a player you'd never have any complaints. Every contract needs to be negotiated, nobody ever just gives the players exactly what they want right from the start or clubs would go bankrupt. There's a budget that the salaries have to fit into. Winning the treble has increased everyone's valuations of themselves and demands.

Engineer said...

Might be some sort of agency that has multiple agents employed, or something like that, Anonymous.

David Villa's agent is called José Luis Tamargo.

fcbee said...

And the agent of Eto'o is Mesalles, and they don't have any link whatsoever as I know.

Kxevin said...

Yes, it would be easy for us to run out, hit up La Caixa for a few hundred million Euros and go on a buying spree. That other Spanish side did that.

Laporta and his board also value the fiscal solvency of the club. At present, it is very healthy and they are looking to keep it that way.

That means having an approach that places a correct valuation on players. This is complex in a market in which everyone is seeing dazzling Euro signs, and waiting for Valdano to call with an open checkbook. But that just isn't how we operate, nor should it be.

The offer won't be enough, particularly as Valencia have said they aren't interested in selling ANY of their players.

How they are going to get out of debt is another question, but I assume that they have an answer for it. Selling Villa and Mata would gut their attack, so I just can't see them doing that.

We might well be standing pat when training camp begins on July 20.

Harshawardhan said...

we buy players aged above 26 as they are proven players in their own positions
for eg,
henry - CF arsenal legend
hleb - mid was great at arsenal. when he was bought by us he was heralded by many as a great buy
abidal - good LB at lyon
alves - amazing RB at sevilla

and i believe they have justified their cost (except hleb who i hope will come true this season)

the point is, we depend a LOT on our youth academy. so we believe in promoting youth players more than buying them. and ofcourse many of them are given a chance in the first team. if we promote youth players AND buy young players, there is no balance in the team.. in the sense, there is no experience. i think the board is trying to maintain that balance.
Lets for instance consider our defense:
puyol,marquez,abidal we have 3 'oldies' that give experience
all the others - pique,caceres,henrique, muniesa,botia,alves(hehehe) are young.
hence the board is trying to buy bruno alves who is 27 and either chygrinsky or felipe both around 23so that a balace of experience is maintained.
i think the joint offer for villa+mata is pure BS and i dont think its happening especially with the soriano dude coming back at valencia.
i hope keirrison deal and felipe deal will be completed the coming week and we all fans can relax a bit..

B. Beltrocco said...

@ Dolce

What are you talking about?, Tevez is way better than Vila for Barca. Are you watching the wrong team or what makes me think your watching Real beacause Tevez 2yrs longer and is a CF not LW. What are you talking about?????

B. Beltrocco said...

We need Tevez right now he doesnt have a club he is unnatached you dont need to talk to anyone but his agent and him he is 25 yrs old and is worth from 35-35m euros he isway better than villa for Barca

barca4life said...

Tevez will not give us the volume of goals we require. He scored just 5 league goals this season and 2 CL goals. Last season in his "best" season in england he scored 14 goals in the league and 4 in the CL. We would have to pay 20 million pounds to get him.

Compare that to etoo who had 30 league goals this year and 6 CL goals and 16 goals in 18 appearances last season and 1 CL goal. Or David villa 28 goals this season in la liga 18 last season to go along with 3 CL goals. So to sum up

Last 2 seasons League and CL goals

Tevez - 18 and 7
Etoo - 17 and 36 (despite major injury in 17 goal season)
Villa - 21 and 28

B. Beltrocco said...

No but remember when his first season with Manutd he came in january and scoree those goals so now what are you saying he is very good

Xaviniesta said...

@jordy: Silva is AMF, not CMF. he usually plays LW in Valencia and Mata only got first starter status cos Silva was injured for a spell.

Xaviniesta said...

* starter, not "first starter"

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