Thursday 9 July 2009

Video of the day: Iniesta (and Guardiola)

Andres Iniesta, age 16, at the Nike Premier Cup.


rObReV7 said...

Second video didnt work for me, but that was awesome! =] Little iniesta! This shows why he made it!

skanjos said...

iniesta is irreplacebale and my no1 player.

2nd xavi and 3rd messi.

hieifcb said...

the one and onlyy! =D

rasagna said...

1st one is, so so awesome .. I wonder what pep would have told the little master ?? .. btw pep any updates regarding villa ?? I mean any chatter in the spanish press ??

Anonymous said...

"In a few years' time, I'll be watching you do the same from the stands."

This is what Pep said to Andrés. Full article here:

barca4life said...

The clock was running down. Time slipped away from Barcelona as they launched yet another attack. Into the penalty area once more. A tiny, pale midfielder hovered, waiting on the edge. The ball was pulled back. No room to control it. No touch to steady himself. An instant shot, beyond the goalkeeper into the net. Goal! Arms in the air, a screaming sprint to the touchline and Andrés Iniesta was buried under a pile of bodies.

No, not Stamford Bridge on 6 May 2009, but Camp Nou a decade earlier – 21 July 1999, the Nike Premier Cup final: the under-15 club world cup. Iniesta was 14. Captain and player of the tournament, he had just scored an extra-time winner against Rosario Central. The man who presented a shy boy with his trophies shook his hand and whispered: "In a few years' time, I'll be watching you do the same from the stands."

He was wrong. When Iniesta repeated the feat in London, Josep "Pep" Guardiola was watching from the bench.

The above was from the sid lowe article in the guardian

IB19 said...

its awesome.littlr andreeeeees ineeeestaaaa !!! holly shit, man i am from bosnia, i never go to classes of spanish but i understand all that andres sayed.

Jnice said...

Was that Victor Valdes in the second video?

rasagna said...

Its 430 in the morning and I still didn't sleep. After reading the news that villa deal is accepted, I am waiting for other news site to confirm whether it is a rumor or a real deal .. guys help me out!!

Anonymous said...

lol iniesta simply the best.
he is different from messi.

creativity, iniesta > messi
speed, iniesta < messi
shot accuracy, iniesta > messi
positioning, iniesta = messi
body toughness, iniesta < messi
composure, iniesta < messi
just talking nonsense, messi and iniesta is the best in barca, xavi too. cannot being replace.

kjs said...

@0:33. Practise for the Chelsea goal :)

el fuego said...

Jnice. i am pretty much sure that is really VV.

Xaviniesta said...

he's just amazing. i dont think i'll ever stop thanking andres for that goal.

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