Tuesday, 7 July 2009

No final decision on Henrique

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that no final decision has yet been taken on Barcelona central defender Henrique (22), who played on loan with German club Bayer Leverkusen last year.

The Brazilian centre-back would certainly start the pre-season at Barcelona, but it will then be up to Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola to decide what will happen. It would not be excluded that Henrique leaves another season on loan if Guardiola doesn't count on him for next season.

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trez said...

If ànd Caceres ànd Henrique leave on loan and we need to buy another (more experienced, so more expensive) centre-back to make up for that, they kind of messed it up last summer...

Let's hope at least Henrique stays, he sure seems more "Barça-style" than Caceres.

sashi said...

ya loan out ppl we have and buy ppl for the same position although both are gonna take up the bench! too bad.

skanjos said...

i bet henrique will stay with the squad,i think he will earn a starting position too in some years with pique.

andresrivera said...

I'd keep Henrique over Cáceres. Cáceres’ policy of ball-hoofing is not the Barça way. Also from what I've seen, Henrique is technically superior.

Moen said...

Valdes have signed a new contract and his new contract is to 2014.
Officially comfirmed from:

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