Monday, 6 July 2009

Valdes to sign renewal tomorrow

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Barcelona goalkeeper Víctor Valdés (27) will sign his contract renewal tomorrow.

Valdés will come to the Camp Nou offices on Tuesday, accompanied by his father José Valdés and his agent Ginés Carvajal, to sign a new deal that will link him to Barcelona until 2014.

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skanjos said...

how about teh money???? i really want to know how much the board are willing to give to valdes and be so stingy to eto......

AJ said...

Great news. Hopefully he remains motivated to be the best. At least prove he is worth Iker's wage..

Anurag said...

second signing of the summer after toure :P guess we will have to rely on renewals only, the way the board is going.

but this is good news, really good. valdes has improved dramatically over the past season. please dont kid yourselves by saying he has a good defense protecting him - our defense is ok. but he has shone through in crucial moments, and for that reason itself he deserves the renewal.

would we have won the treble without valdes' one on one saves against drogba and ronaldive? i dont think so.

sashi said...

150% true Anurag. VV is the best we can get! lets just be happy with his performances and give him the support when he makes the odd mistake in the air.

skanjos said...

i am happy with valdes,i have been defending him for 2-3 years now.but two reasons i defended him were because he is homegrown and took little money ,now i want to know how much will he earn in order to judge his apearances different,

man its not only the defence,we have the best midfield ,the best ball possetion,put valdes in another team with 50% ball possetion and lets see how well he handles the shots raining at him.its a FACT that our defence and midfield help alot valdes,but that doesnt offcourse exclude the wonderful saves he has done this year and the awful mistakes(espanyol)that he has done through the years.

if he has accepted a wage 5-6 mil then i am happy,if i see him at 7,5 above xavi and iniesta and puyol i will get truly mad.

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