Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Mata lays future in the hands of Valencia

Asked about the rumours linking him with several European top clubs among which Barcelona (read more here), Valencia left wing attacker and Spanish international Juan Mata (21) has said in an interview with the readers of Madrid sports tabloid Marca that his future will depend on the decision of his club:

"I'm a Valencia player and I'm feeling comfortable here. A transfer to another club will only depend on what Valencia wants.

If the club thinks that the best thing is to look for another club, I'm willing to leave but I repeat that I'm feeling very good at the club at this moment. For now, I sure don't want to change to another league and I prefer to stay in the Liga."

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Don Luis said...

I prefer Jeffren and Pedro over Mata. BTW we should go after david silva for LW.......

MiDO said...

they wouldnt let go of villa easiliy
how about mata ?? of course they're gonna hold on to him
our Left wing options should be :
1- Ribery
2- Arshavin
3- Ashley young


MiDO said...

and BTW jeffren and pedro are both RW not LW
a LW from the youth academy would be GAI assulin wich i prefer over mata and he should be Promoted :)

skanjos said...

its like saying i will move only to barca hehehe.get him already he is the next iniesta .awesome player ,to the people that say that he will block the development of bojan/pedro/gai .

bojan shouldnt play lf at all ,he should be getting expirience as a striker cause thats his true position and the position that he has bagged 700+ goals in youth lvls.

for pedro heck i dont care if he blocks pedro i care that the team will do well and i know that mata is twice the player of pedro and can be world class in the future sth that pedro cant.

for gai thats a tough one ,i really like gai and want him to break to the first squad but he is not similar to mata at all,gai is a messi forward style while mata is a silva/iniesta style player more orthodox and i think mata can play in midfield too ,also we always rotate so i dont think that getting mata means not promoting gai.

but i agree that it will a little as getting villa will block bojans future a striker a little,so what?we need squad depth people we cant play like this year with 18 players and hope to be extremly lucky again on injuries.

if we can seal mata/villa/filipe in the next 2 weeks i will be very happy and dont care about the rest of the transfers,if any .... hehehe

skanjos said...

great the boards waiting is a success.


Valencia owner Vicente Soriano says the club has secured a buyer for the Mestalla stadium.

Dalport, a company based in Montevideo, has agreed to pay over £400 million for the land of the Mestalla stadium.

Soriano says with their debts cleared, Valencia will now no longer need to sell their best players, including David Villa (28), David Silva (23) and Juan Manuel Mata (21).

sorry for the double post i am furius now

jordy said...

I don't think valencia will let him go. would be good option.
Arshavin? don't want him.
ribery, robinho, robben and mata are the only options for me. mayve van persie too but he renewed his contract I think.
pedro should be the back up of messi. He can play on the left too.he kicks corners with his left but his best foot is right. quiet remarkeable

woo sah said...

keirrison is more of a 9 then bojan will ever be.
i'm sorry...bojan just doesn't have the frame for a CF.

we dont need mata...bojan and gai are our LW of the future. i also like jefferen alot...i believe he can sub in for messi once in a while.

umessi10 said...

When will we get news abt the Villa bid ?

skanjos said...

woo sah ,bojan is a striker if you have followed his career you whould know,i have been watching him play since he was 15 and the kid is amazing infront,he is not a tall striker like ibrahimovic but a fast and presicion one like villa/raul he completetly fits our striker position and if he gets more playing time upfront people will see that we dont need villa .now that the pressure is off bojan can play at his current best and he showed in the last 3 games he played that he is becoming a great player(if eto wasnt after the pichichi trust me pep would use him upfront in order to get more exp in his natural position,this year its different and i hope the kid plays his position more so people that doesnt know him see what he is capable of,he is a deadly striker man with great finishing and you will see that in the future)

andresrivera said...

I prefer David Silva to Mata, although I'm sure Valencia would like to keep Silva if the supposed Villa deal goes through.

woo sah said...

i guess were just gonna have to agree to disagree on this topic. bojan may have set the record in the youth team for goals...but he's failed to impress with the big boys.
and the last couple games wen he did shine a bit of his brilliance...he was playing on the wings.
all i'm saying here is i'd much rather have keirrison as CF then bojan. i believe keirrison is just much more efficient and effective.

Xaviniesta said...

i'm not so clear on our final villa bid. is it 55 mil + keirrison + caceres or is that for both mata and him?

@skanjos, soriano is facing a lot of questions on the dalport deal. its not a go yet last i heard + he's a joke. last time valencia ousted him cos he couldnt deliver on his promises and now hes doing it again. i could care less usually, but then his antics are holding up our deal with villa. i hope its true laporta made the offer straight to bancaja which seems to be the talk in spain, that way we dont have to deal with this annoying soriano guy.

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