Monday, 6 July 2009

Jorquera wants to stay next season

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that Barcelona goalkeeper Albert Jorquera (30) wants to stay at the club next season.

The player's agent Arturo Canales had a meeting at the Camp Nou offices earlier today and would have informed the club that Jorquera doesn't want to leave and wants to compete to be the back-up of Valdés.

Canaletes would have said that Jorquera wants to start the pre-season at Barcelona, despite the fact that several clubs have shown interest in the Catalan goalkeeper. The agent nevertheless wouldn't have excluded that he's willing to look, together with the club, at any interesting offer he receives.

Madrid sports tabloid
Marca repeated last weekend that newly promoted first division club Tenerife is interested in the goalkeeper (read more here) and that Jorquera, whose contract expires in the summer of 2010, could decide to leave after having lost the position of second goalkeeper to José Manuel Pinto.

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Anonymous said...

somebody know what the name of this kid ??
he is wearing barca shirt and i think he is barca Y player

el fuego said...

this is messi at 2004.

Engineer said...

Is Soriano's press conference covered somewhere? Do you know pep? I can't seem to find it anywhere.

pep said...

Didn't start yet, Engineer. I'm keeping an eye on it. If he says something interesting on Villa you'll have it soon.

Engineer said...

Lovely, thanks :)

bombastico said...

i'm totally against that renewal the time is right to say goodbeye albert(-_-)

it's the right time for a change and miño and oier deserve's a chance!!
they are ready and hungry to show their abilities.

trez said...

It's not really a renewal, he just wants to do out his last contract year.

peter said...

Yeah, sorry Jorquera, but you should pick up that offer from Tenerife if you want to play even one game next season.

bombastico said...

oh my bad! in germany they say that his contract did have ended 2009...

wrong information i guess.

Anonymous said...

to annoy
that kid is named cristian ceballos,not messi.

Anonymous said...


christian ceballos

Mike M said...

It's time for Jorquera to say good bye and let the younger keepers come through.

He has offers to play football and not sit on the bench, he should take the opportunities resented to him

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