Thursday 9 July 2009

Deal with Valencia on transfer Villa

Football site Goal claims that Valencia and Barcelona have found a deal on the transfer of Valencia forward and Spanish international David Villa (27)

A source close to Barcelona reportedly told the website that an agreement has been reached, although no details of the fee or any of the Barcelona players going in the other direction were revealed. The clubs are expected to make an announcement soon.

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pep said...

I was just working on a post explaining the situation of Villa and saying that we shouldn't expect news in the coming days. Well, maybe I can pick it up tomorrow when this has been denied...

Anurag said...

i hope this is true, and it could be, it comes hot on the heels of laportas magic offer.

but its, and sadly, we cant trust it. i hope this time tomorrow, we are celebrating our first signing.

mariop said...

the deal will be villa=41millions+gudy on loan
a very nice that mean keirrison will wear num k9 and eto'o will leave

bojan11 k9 DV7 TT14 What a front line very talented lets see madrid what can your new trio do infront of our players

pep said...

The offer Laporta mentioned was two weeks ago. Since then there hasn't been any contact between the clubs as told by Valencia's president yesterday.

And thanks to the people who reported this!

hawk_barca_4_life said...

looking at the time remaning for pre sesaon and other deals to be look forward, and the changes taking place at valencia i think this is apropriate time for trixi to make a move... since we know we cant wait ne longer.. this could act be true... hope it is!!!!

Anurag said...

"Negotiations have been ongoing between Barça and Valencia and the Catalan club's president Joan Laporta even revealed that a bid had been made during a television interview on Wednesday evening."

this is what says pep. why dont you update the news item, heres the link

pep said... is WRONG in this aspect, Anurag, and I don't put up stuff that is clearly wrong, I have a reputation to defend!!! ;)

The offer Laporta talked about yesterday was already rejected two weeks ago. There might have been a new offer in the meantime, but with what is going on in Valencia it's very unlikely they would accept it now.

groga said...

You honestly can't see how would know something the Spanish press doesn't know, certainly because it's a deal between two Spanish clubs.

Anonymous said...

Hope it's true. I just want a transfer! Whoever! Except Maxi Lopez...

Skyrum said...

I also hope that it's true, bu I'll belive it when one of the clubs officaly announces it.

Anonymous said...

@pep: you're welcome. thank you for reacting so fast.

Anurag said...

pep, i hope youre wrong, but i have to acknowledge the logic of your statements. i just wish it was not a "exclusive", then i could have gone to sleep happy.

pep said...

I'm not saying that the report is wrong, for sure. Just not putting up the things I know are wrong in the report ;)

The fact that there would be an new offer and that Laporta talked about it yesterday is factually wrong. Another "mistake" in their reasoning is that they already talk about Soriano but he's not yet in charge, so he cannot have found a deal in name of Valencia already.

Have nice dreams nonetheless!

Unknown said...

thanks pep for reading my link and putting it up so fast

Ondra said...

I think Soriano's promise is still important whether he is formally a leader or not.

groga said...

Supposed promise... I don't really believe the Barcelona papers on this one ;;;)))

skanjos said...

damn pep dreamcrasher .hehehe. lets wait and see if this is correct tomorrows papers will have it .if this is real then it will be barcelonas hightest transfer ever surpassing the overmars transfer :)

the good thing about getting villa is putting pressure to eto to leave.laporta can say to him leave or stay to bench the whole year and leave for free next year,i dont think eto will accept not playing a single game a whole year,also with african cup of nations and world cup in the summer(dunno if cameroon have progressed or have any chance to progress).

i also hope that keirrison stays and becomes our sub striker.pep said we need a striker even if eto stays,now if he leaves that means we need 2,and i dont think we are gonna spend more for another keirrison is the best deal.i just hope for different numbers than mar i hope bojan gets n9 and keirrison 11or19.

lets see time will tell

Iniesta Goooooaaaaal !!!!! said...


Not Villa !!!

Unknown said...

villa is the best cf in the world
i hope this is true

Anonymous said...

is this reliable source ?
i hope someone to contact

IBES said...

Part of me is happy if it's true, since that means Villa is finally part of the blaugrana. Also, part of me will be happy if it's false so that gets more egg on its face and hopefully disappear.

Nothing in Sport or El Mundo Deportivo so far.

AG7 said...

i don't think its true
although its known that last year Valencia chairman promised Vila of this summer exit and he wants to a new challenge he needs it in fact

anyways i guess we could wait no harm about that
but i remember was the first to announce Diego move to Juve =)
so we'll see :)

Anonymous said...

why not Villa? I can't believe there is one person on this earth that doesn't wish such a player playing in his team week in week out!
I hope he will gel easily with the rest, then we can see him scoring 30 per season for the next 3 4 years.
and as far as Eto'o is not sold to Madrid then it is fine by me.
better though to keep them both... haha what a dream.

Manolo said...

At last!

One thing Barça should do in the market and in this case is

Let them judge the price for him with youthplayers from us included in the deal.. insted of that we are bidding some usless bids wich Valencia will reject.

Ex: Valencia says: We want 40 m € + Cáceres and Keirrison!

And then we can see what we can do about it. if it doesn't sound good we try to change the players or something

Hope Villa signs a deal with Barça in the comming 5 days :)

Anonymous said...

what's with keirrison is he official at barca?
and when will he be presented?


Mihai Martin said...

Doesn't anyone else find it impossible for Keirrison and Buss to stay? :P

As far as i know Hleb and Yaya are non-EU which brings the tally up to 4 :(

TengkuAmir10 said...

if this is true.then i'm a happy man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

umessi10 said...

God !! Awesome !!
THis transfer is legendary :P

[ Hoping to get a confirmation soon ]

Knives Out said...

Hope this is true.
If so,
Welcome home, David Villa :D

Don Luis said...

I'll believe it until it's official.

Kxevin said...

Expect the denials tomorrow.

sashi said...

hope is true!

Aussie Barca Fan said...

Goal does write allot of sh#6 and often mis-reports the real facts. According to them Ribery has already signed for Madrid to play for them next season! Whatever.

For all my opinion is worth and reading what Laporta has said, it seems only a matter of time before we buy Villa.

With the hopefull signing of Villa and K9, Eto'o will almost certainly be sold and Cesc will have to wait another season.

Given recent events this could be a good time for Eto'o to leave anyway.

Keep up the good work Pep.

Ba-Beka said...

Pep is right , i would celebrate only when i see the info at , then it is 100% sure that Villa is Barca player.
So i hope there is something true from this rumor.

Xaviniesta said...

i wish that were true. so hard to trust but its still a good thing knowing whats out there. i even read laporta made the offer straight to bancaja, not sure if its true though.

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