Saturday 16 August 2008

Barça B - Friendly 5: Las Palmas-Barcelona 3-1


Verdés (59 Fontàs)

Rueda (64 Polaco)
Xavi Torres
Thiago (64 Abraham)

Nolito (64 José Luis)
Rochina (64 Maric)
Rayo (64 Gai)

71 Saúl 1-0
84 Rondón 2-0
88 Abraham 2-1
93 Saúl 3-1

Las Palmas plays in the Spanish second division, Barcelona Atlétic will play in the third division.

Friendly 1: Tona-Barcelona 1-3
Friendly 2: Barcelona-Swansea 3-3
Friendly 3: Barcelona-Hospitalet 3-1
Friendly 4: Eivissa-Barcelona 0-1

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Friendly 6 (Gamper): Barcelona-Boca Juniors 2-1


Córcoles (46 Pedro)
Márquez (46 Puyol)
Sylvinho (46 Abidal)

Busquets (63 Xavi)
Touré (76 Keita)
Gudjohnsen (63 Iniesta)

Hleb (63 Víctor Vázquez)
Bojan (63 Eto'o)
Henry (46 Jeffren)

73 Viatri 0-1
92 Puyol 1-1
95 Eto'o 2-1

Friendly 1: Hibernian-Barcelona 0-6
Friendly 2: Dundee United-Barcelona 1-5
Friendly 3: Fiorentina-Barcelona 1-3
Friendly 4: Chivas-Barcelona 2-5
Friendly 5: New York Red Bull-Barcelona 2-6

Pre-season goal scorers
6 Eto'o
4 Messi
2 Bojan
2 Gudjohnsen
2 Jeffren
2 Pedro
2 Puyo
2 Xavi
1 Cáceres
1 Henry
1 Hleb
1 Márquez
1 Touré


Barça B - Friendly 4: Eivissa-Barcelona 0-1


Córcoles (62 Montoya)
Verdés (46 Solano)
Fontàs (46 Joni)
Espasandín (75 Toribio)

Xavi Torres (69 Romeu)
Abraham (46 Rueda)

Rochina (62 Nolito)

90 Romeu 0-1

Like Barcelona Atlètic, Eivissa will play in the Spanish third division this season.

Friendly 1: Tona-Barcelona 1-3
Friendly 2: Barcelona-Swansea 3-3
Friendly 3: Barcelona-Hospitalet 3-1

o s e #

Olympics 2008: Argentina-Netherlands 2-1 (aet)

Argentina qualified today for the semi-finals of the Olympic football tournament after beating the Netherlands. 1-1 after 90 minutes, Argentina won the game with 2-1 after extra time.

Barcelona player Lionel Messi, who got a yellow card, scored the 1-0 and gave the assist for the 2-1.

Argenina will now play Brazil in the semi-final, while Nigeria and Belgium will compete for the other ticket for the final.

Poll result: Left wing attacker

This is the final result of this blog's Who should Barcelona sign for the left wing attacker position? poll:

46% Thiago Neves (23 - Fluminense)
25% Andrei Arshavin (27 - Zenit)
13% Diego Capel (20 - Sevilla)
7% No one
5% Rodrigo Palacio (26 - Boca Juniors)
4% Another player

News of the day - Saturday

(This post will be updated throughout the day. Probably due to the Gamper tournament, there's very little transfer news today.)

With Pedro and Gai coming through, Barcelona isn't ready to pay an exaggerated fee for Arshavin, who is the first option to strengthen the left wing (Sport)
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Txiki will hold talk with Boca officials today on the transfer of Palacio, although with the transfer window already closed in Argentina a deal seems difficult (Marca)
read more

Boca Juniors vice president José Beraldi says his club is willing to talk if Barcelona would make a formal offer for Palacio, the initial asking price would be 20 million euro (RAC 1)
read more

Milan manager Ancelotti has said that his club is interested in Barcelona defender Rafael Márquez, altough he thinks it's unlikely Barcelona will let the player go (press conference)

Pedro is on the verge of joining Primera División team Malaga on a one-year loan deal (Diario Sur)
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Friday 15 August 2008

The Points: Wisła Kraków

valdés 6

alves 6
márquez 7
puyol 6
abidal 5

xavi 8
keita 7
iniesta 8

pedro 7
eto'o 9
henry 8

touré 6
piqué 6
hleb *

These are the points given by Sport. Below you find the points given by some fan sites. If you have seen the match, you can give your own points. If you know other papers or sites that give points, you can let me know.

valdés * - 6 - 6

alves 8 - 7 - 6
márquez 6 - 6,5 - 6,5
puyol 5 - 6 - 6
abidal 7 - 6,5 - 6

xavi 8 - 8,5 - 6,5
keita 6 - 6,5 - 7
iniesta 8 - 7,5 - 6,5

pedro 3 - 6 - 6
eto'o 9 - 7,5 - 7
henry 8 - 7 - 6,5

touré 7 - * - 6,5
piqué * - 6,5 - 6,5
hleb * - * - *

(offside - oleole - barcamania)


News of the day - Friday

(This post will be updated throughout the day.)

Txiki and Guardiola will meet today to decide if Barcelona will go after a left wing attacker with Arshavin, Palacio and Capel being the options that could be activated (Sport)
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Txiki and Guardiola keep looking at the market trying to bring in a left wing attacker with Arshavin now being the priority (El Mundo Deportivo)
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Capel is the number two on the list and Neves -who has been scouted in China this week- and Palacio are the other options (El Mundo Deportivo)
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Arshavin and Palacio are the two options, although Barcelona isn't desperate to sign another player and won't pay excessive fees (Marca)
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Guardiola says that, although he has faith in the guys, the squad could be a little short at this moment and that they're following a lot of interesting players, one of them being Arshavin (press conference)

A Zenit Saint-Petersburg official confirms that the club has lowered its asking price for Arshavin in the transfer negotiations with Tottenham (Sovietski Sport)
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Through a Brazilian agent Barcelona has shown interest in Cruzeiro left winger Wagner Ferreira dos Santos (23), who should cost 10 million euro (Sport - unconfirmed)
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Silva says Valencia has always been his first option but he thanks Barcelona for the interest they've shown in him (Canal 9)

Barcelona has told Tottenham that they are ready to make a move for Berbatov and Tottenham would rather sell the striker to Barcelona for a reduced fee than letting him join Manchester United (The Sun)
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Guardiola says that the players from the B team will in principle return to Barcelona Atlètic although the staff will look at it case-by-case, loan deals are almost excluded (press conference)

Effren Suárez, father and agent of Jeffren, says that Barcelona still hasn't decided if the player will stay with the first team but that the decision will be taken in the coming days, if he doesn't continue a loan deal is an option, although Barcelona prefers not to loan him out to a Primera Division or a foreign team (Equipo)
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Pedro says he considers himself a Barcelona Atlètic player until he's been told the opposite, if he had to leave the first team he would join the B team with the will to work hard to get another chance (El Mundo Deportivo - Sport)
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Henrique: Oberhausen-Leverkusen 2-3

Bayer Leverkusen played last weekend the first round of the German cup against second divison team Rot-Weiß Oberhausen.

With 1-1 on the scoreboard after 90 minutes, Leverkusen won the game in the end with 2-3 and qualified for the second round, that will be played next month.

Central defender and Barcelona loan out Henrique started the game and played the whole 120 minutes.

The German Bundesliga also starts this weekend. Leverkusen will play against Borussia Dortmund on Saturday.

In the 4-4-2 of new Leverkusen manager Bruno Labbadia, there seem to be three candidates for the two centre back positions: Henrique (Brazil - 21 - first season with Leverkusen), Karim Haggui (Tunisia - 24 - third season with Leverkusen) and Manuel Friedrich (Germany - 28 - second season with Leverkusen).

Read more on the performances of Henrique in Leverkusen here

August 10 - Cup round 1: Oberhausen-Leverkusen 2-3
Starter. Henrique starts the game and plays for 120 minutes.

Thursday 14 August 2008

Poll: Left wing attacker

Barça B - Official: Maric

Barcelona has yesterday officially announced the transfer of Celta Vigo B forward Goran Maric (24), who will play with Barcelona Atlètic in the third division next season.

Maric, who played for Celta Vigo B in the Spanish third division last season, has signed a one-year contract.

The Serbian striker is (after Rayo, Solano, Nolito, Verdes, Joni and Longás) the seventh signing of Barcelona Atlètic this summer (read more here).

Maric, who played two years at the Barcelona youth academy between 1999 and 2001, says in a first reaction to the club's official media, that he's happy to return to Barcelona: "Here and in Vigo I was formed as a football player and now I return so many years later trying to help Barcelona Atlètic obtain the highest. Besides, I will have the chance to work with Luis Enrique, who had been very imortant for the club."

Although last season he was the top goal scorer of the Spanish third division, Maric, who also received offers from second division teams Alavés and Girona, promises hard work, modesty and sacrifice: "Although this seems logic, you don't get goals or results witthout those three values, so that's what I want to contribute to the team, as well as several years of experience in the third division. But of course I'm aware that the club has signed me to score goals."

Spanish second division club Celta Vigo has
officially confirmed the transfer. The club has an option to buy Maric back before 30 May 2009.

Read the official announcements of the other transfers of Barcelona Atlètic:
Rayo - Solano - Nolito - Verdes - Joni - Longás

Read more:
Barça B: Goran Maric (Celta Vigo B)

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News of the day - Thursday

(This post will be updated throughout the day.)

Txiki Begiristain has said he doesn't exclude another signing now that Silva has renewed with Valencia

Barcelona is still wanting to bring in a left winger but will only sign a player if there's an interesting player available on the market (Sport)
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Arsenal manager Wenger doesn't believe Henry could join Manchester United and says if the player would return to England, something Wenger doubts, he would only join Arsenal (Arsenal official website)
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Fiorentina midfielder Felipe Melo (24), who played for Almería last season, says that Barcelona showed interest in him earlier this year but that he had already signed for Fiorentina in January (Lance)
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Contract renewal for Eto'o

French sports paper L'Equipe claims that Barcelona forward and Cameroonian international Samuel Eto'o (27) is on the verge of signing a contract renewal after a meeting yesterday morning between the player and Barcelona officials.

The contract of Eto'o, that now expires in 2010, would be extended until 2012 and the year salary of the player would rise from 7,5 to 9 million euro.

Asked about the rumour, sources close to the player confirmed the meeting to Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo but denied the deal and said a renewal was not the subject of the meeting.

Read the complete Samuel Eto'o exit story

Case closed: Silva

Valencia left winger and Spanish international David Silva (22) will not play for Barcelona as of next season, like had been strongly rumoured over the last months (read more here).

Valencia has officially announced a deal on a contract renewal yesterday. The duration of Silva's contract hasn't been changed (2013) but it is believed that the player will receive an important pay rise.

pep's opinion:
i don't really consider this a big loss, certainly not if it was planned to play him as a left wing attacker. in my opinion silva is more a versatile midfielder, he doesn't have the explosivity and the scoring ability to really make the difference as left forward in our 4-3-3 system. he would probably be better suited to pick up a role in our midfield, but we don't need any more players there.

let's see if they trust henry/hleb/iniesta (pedro/jeffren) for that spot or still try to get a player for whom this position is more natural. i think it's a necessity to bring in someone who really can keep the pitch wide on that side. if you have messi cutting in from the right and you have someone doing the same from the left, you're making it too easy for well organized teams. in the champions league games against manchester united last season the main problem was that, with messi and iniesta on the wings, everything went through the middle which made it very easy to defend. with alves we now have someone who can come over messi at the right, abidal cannot bring that on the other side, so a good left winger would be very welcome although they are extremely hard to find and even more so when the guy should also be able to score 10-15 (league) goals a year.

Read more:

Read everything on the Silva linked with Barcelona story

Wednesday 13 August 2008

CL qualifying round: Barcelona-Wisła Kraków 4-0


Alves (77 Piqué)


Pedro (64 Touré)
Henry (84 Hleb)

17 Eto'o 1-0
25 Xavi 2-0
51 Henry 3-0
83 Eto'o 4-0




out of match squad
(Víctor Vázquez)

injured/coming back from injury/ill
(Víctor Sánchez)

national team obligations


Olympics 2008: Argentina-Serbia 2-0

Messi was rested in the Argentina versus Serbia game that ended 2-0.

Argentina qualified as group winners for the quarter-finals, where they will play against the Netherlands.

In the semi-finals there could be a clash between Argentina and Brazil.

This is the quarter-final schedule:

Nigeria-Ivory Coast

News of the day - Wednesday

This post will be updated throughout the day.

Guardiola has confirmed that Eto'o will stay next season (press conference)

It's D-Day for Silva, whose agents will have a new meeting with Valencia about the player's pay rise this afternoon

Valencia and Barcelona will start negotiating the transfer of Silva today (Sport)
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Silva's agent Julio Llorente says that it looks like the player will stay and that Silva has no offer from another club, Barcelona has only showed interest through intermediaries before the European championships (Las Provincias)
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Celta Vigo B forward Goran Maric will sign a one-year loan deal with Barcelona Atlètic (several local newspapers)

pep's opinion: eto'o and the new larsson

my point of view before the transfer summer was: keep and renew eto'o, sell henry for 20 million and bring in some decent second goal scorer (like guiza or milito or crespo or fill in your favourite) so you don't put too much pressure on bojan.

for me eto'o is the best centre forward in the world. if you look at goals and work-rate, i can't even see another player come anywhere near. his scoring record is not from this world. eto'o scores and he works hard on the pitch. although like every goal-scorer he's an individualist, he's also very much a team player and isn't that the main thing guardiola is asking from his players?

i also cannot understand how on the one hand guardiola would have wanted a strong guy up front like adebayor or drogba because he wanted to play another system and on the other hand he kept repeating how important the non-strong henry would be as a central striker next season. were there two systems? henry would be hugely important coming off the bench? it doesn't make sense.

his team-mates all came out clearly stating they wanted eto'o with the team. they shouldn't have done that. at least not in the clear way they did. but they all did. cause they know eto'o, they've played with him and they know it works. and they know it doesn't work (that good) with henry up front. and they know it was a risk to bring another guy.

these guys don't want to have fun, they want to win trophies and, even knowing the risks it could bring to hold on to eto'o, they are convinced that eto'o is the best guarantee for the team to win trophies. if for guardiola the team is the most important thing, he should listen to the team. which he did. but probably he should have done it earlier.

eto'o playing for another team would not only have meant him not scoring for us but also him scoring for another team. cause wherever he would have played, he would have scored. eto'o can play every system, every team, every league, he'll always score, every week, or close.

that wouldn't only have meant frustration amongst everyone involved with barcelona about letting eto'o slip away so easily, but it would also have put an immense pressure on whoever would have replaced him. henry already felt that pressure during the pre-season and he apparently couldn't handle it. and this was henry. and this was the pre-season. and this was a press who was giving the new team some time.

you can now only hope the whole matter has been spoken through with eto'o in long and open-hearted face-to-face meetings between all parties concerned, including txiki and laporta, and that they will keep on talking with eto'o all along the season. eto'o('s ego) is hurt and he has every right to be. but if you speak openly and you can find the right words, i'm convinced you can totally win him back for the team. if this hasn't been done (and barcelona officials have recently proved several times that people management isn't their strong point), eto'o is a ticking time bomb.

i would have preferred a press conference involving eto'o, guardiola, laporta, txiki and puyol as captain. eto'o should have apologized for some of his acts during the past years (keeping the statement as vague as possible, so everyone could have given his own interpretation), guardiola and txiki should have admitted eto'o has proved them wrong.
in the ideal world, laporta would have announced that eto'o and barcelona have agreed a two-year renewal. and then there would be a bright picture.

that was the way to act, also to give all kinds of speculation in the press no chance. it was really disappointing to see how part of the media, especially el mundo deportivo, has acted over the last weeks. the catalan press is a real problem for fc barcelona.

apart from his performances on the pitch, another reason why it could have been wrong to buy henry last summer is that it prevented eto'o to pick up the mentor role regarding bojan. henry took that role which left eto'o on the side where he didn't have to be the example for the youngster, something he would have loved, i'm sure. i admit i only recently figured that out, so maybe you can't blame the club too much for that.

since few clubs in the world can pay his salary plus a transfer fee and most (all?) of these clubs are english so no option due to the player's arsenal past, henry will most probably be here for three more years so we'll have to make the best of it. how?

first of all, we should be aware that henry has never played 4-3-3, so it is wrong to say that he should be played as a centre forward "cause he has always played there and he did great and he will be great again". he has never played there. i actually think the barcelona left wing position could maybe come closer to the position henry played at arsenal than the barcelona centre forward position.

the arsenal henry i remember is playing up front, falling to the left wing, getting a ball that has been recovered at the back and then henry has time. time to think, time to act. what will i do? do i shoot? do i make a dribble? a run? do i pass the ball to my co-striker (if there is one)? do i wait for one of the running midfielders like pires or ljungberg? or what? he decides and he acts.

barcelona isn't that kind of recover-and-then-quickly-go-forward team, barcelona plays dominantly, they have possession, they play on the half on the opponent who holds nine men behind the ball and certainly as centre forward that means: no time. no time to think, no time to act. no five ball touches. two defenders in your neck. one second. one touch. one chance. every game.

henry already played several matches as centre forward last season in the barcelona 4-3-3 when eto'o got injured at the start of the season and it didn't work. he came back from injury, he had to adapt to a new league, a new system, new team-mates, that's all true. but it's also true it didn't work. which doesn't mean it couldn't work this season but you should be aware of the past and learn from it.

henry should be clearly told he will be mainly a bench player and he should make that switch in his head, otherwise he'll fail. he's not a star anymore, not the key player, he's not the one who can scream at his team-mates when he doesn't get every ball, he's just one of the guys and he should fully realize that, accept that and act to that. he's number two as centre forward and at times he'll even be number three.

on the pitch he should lay off that mixture of french arrogance and fake london cool and just do his job without this drama queen behaviour of stop running every time a defender blows in his neck, lifting his arms up to the sky, putting his arms in his sides and shaking his head when the referees don't act like he think they should have acted.

henry should basically become a humble, scoring team servant. to achieve that i would advice sending henry on a one-week holiday to sweden after the wisla game so he can learn from the master. the transfer fee and the salary make a comparison difficult, but let's hope at least on the pitch henry will become the new larsson.

Tuesday 12 August 2008

News of the day - Tuesday

This post will be updated throughout the day.

Guardiola had a meeting with Eto'o yesterday, Eto' will stay and play against Wisla (Sport)
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Guardiola and Eto'o had a positive meeting yesterday (Catalunya Ràdio)

Guardiola has decided that Eto will stay but the decision will be taken after a meeting between the manager and the player will have taken place, Eto'o will ask Guardiola and Txiki to be clear in their public statements about why they changed their view (Marca)
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Everything seems to indicate that Eto'o will stay although the entourage of the player is still not sure because Barcelona hasn't clearly confirmed it (As)

If Tottenham continues to keep Manchester United waiting on the Berbatov deal, manager Ferguson will turn his attention to Thiery Henry (Manchester Evening News)
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Henry has had no indication, either from his club Barcelona or from United, that Ferguson has an interest in him, Barcelona don't want to let him leave and sources close to the player indicate that he has no intention of joining United (The Independent)
read more

Barcelona will block Henry's move to Manchester by giving him playing time in the Champions League qualifier tomorrow (Daily Star)
read more

Barcelona will wait for the outcome of the meeting between Silva's agents and Valencia before moving for the player, Barcelona doesn't yet have an agreement with the player although Silva would accept an offer (As)

Valencia won't offer Silva what his agents have been asking although they will rise their initial offer (Marca)
read more

Valencia thinks Silva is willing to stay if he gets a decent pay rise and in any case the club won't negotiate an exit for less than 30 million euro (Las Provincias)
read more

Barcelona will make a first bid of 20 million euro (Super Deporte)
read more

Silva says he only wants to leave Valencia for Barcelona despite interest from the Premier League (Daily Star)
read more

Valencia president Soriano reaffirmed today that Silva will stay at the club and that Barcelona didn't yet make a formal offer

Silva's agent Julio Llorente says that the player will start the season with Valencia and would only consider to move to a Spanish club (Sky Sports)
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Barcelona contacted Jorge Mendes, the agent of Cristiano Ronaldo, to say they were interested in the player and Manchester United manager Ferguson told the player during a meeting a few weeks ago that he could leave for half the fee the club was asking from Real Madrid, but Ronaldo only wants to join Madrid (Marca)
read more

Crosas sees Barcelona as part of his past and is only thinking about Celtic despite the buy back clause (press conference)
read more
read more
read more

Guardiola has decided that Barcelona Atlètic players Jeffren, Pedro, Sergi Busquets, Víctor Vázquez and Víctor Sánchez will stay with the first team for now (official website)
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Getafe is also interested in Jeffren (Sport)
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Celta Vigo B forward and former Barcelona youth player Goran Maric (24) will join Barcelona Atlètic today, Celta had asked for Valiente or Pedrito in return but that doesn't go through (Sport)
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Monday 11 August 2008

Olympics 2008: Argentina-Australia 1-0

In the second match of the group stage, Argentina yesterday defeated Australia with 1-0. Barcelona player Lionel Messi started the game and was replaced by Lautaro Acosta in the 93rd minute.

Argentina plays in Group A with Ivory Coast, Australia and Serbia. The match between Ivory Coast and Serbia ended 4-2, which means that Argentina is already qualified for the quarter finals:

1. Argentina 6
2. Ivory Coast 3
3. Australia 1
4. Serbia 1

The winner of group A will play the quarter finals against the second of group B, which could be Netherlands, Nigeria or United States.

Ex-Barça: Overmars to Go Ahead Eagles

Former Barcelona left wing attacker Marc Overmars (35), who retired four years ago, announced this weekend his return to professional football by joining Dutch second division club Go Ahead Eagles, the club where he became a member of the board in 2005.

In an interview with Dutch local newspaper De Stentor, Overmars explains his return: "I'm doing this to help the club. But of course I also enjoy playing again. After the tribute match for Jaap Stam three weeks ago, people asked me why I'm not playing anymore.

And I have to admit I was also surprised that everything went that easy and that I still had the speed. I stopped playing four years ago and I'm now only training once a week. But if you want something, you can achieve a lot. I hope the team will pick that up."

Arriving form Arsenal in the summer of 2000, Overmars played four seasons for Barcelona before retiring due to injury problems in 2004.

Read more:

News of the day - Monday

This post will be updated throughout the day.

Guardiola could announce the continuation of Eto'o tomorrow during the press conference ahead of the Champions League qualifying game on Wednesday (As - Mundo Deportivo)
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Guardiola and Eto'o will have a final meeting today, after which it will be announced that the player will stay (Sport)
read more

Manchester United manager Ferguson doesn't rule out a bid for Thierry Henry and says a striker could be signed this week (The Sun)
read more

A renewal deal between Silva and Valencia is close (As)

Silva's agents and Valencia will meet on Wednesday and decide whether to renew the contract or to look for an exit (Mundo Deportivo)
read more

Valencia vice president Gómez has assured Silva and his father Fernando, who works at the club, that the issue will be solved in a satisfying way for the player (Super Deporte)
read more

Barcelona could make a first bid of 20-22 million euro which could rise up to 25 million euro, Txiki and Guardiola already talked to Silva, Silva is the last possible transfer, if he doesn't come the squad is finalized (Sport)
read more

Barcelona could have left the Diego Capel option because he's not the kind of player Guardiola likes or because Barcelona didn't want to transfer three Sevilla players in one summer (Mundo Deportivo)
read more

A Barcelona spokesman as well as Guardiola say that Yaya Touré is a key player and will not leave (Sky Sports)
read more

Second division team Levante is interested in getting Jeffren on loan although the good pre-season of the player will make a deal difficult since there are many interested clubs (Super Deporte)
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Sunday 10 August 2008

News of the day - Sunday

This post will be updated throughout the day.

Guardiola has spoken with Eto'o and the positive outcome will be officially announced soon (Mundo Deportivo)
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After positive talks over the last days between Barcelona officials and Eto'o and his entourage it's almost certain the player will stay, a face to face meeting between Guardiola and Eto'o should be the last stage before the final decision, Eto'o could give a press conference on Monday (Sport)
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Txiki spoke yesterday with Eto'o but the final decision on the player staying will be made by Guardiola after meeting with Eto'o (Marca)
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Barcelona could launch this week an Eto'o-plus-cash bid for Berbatov who has told friends he prefers to move to Spain (The People)
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With the Berbatov deal almost certainly off, Manchester United will launch a 25 million euro bid for Thierry Henry next week (Mail on Sunday)
read more

If Silva and Valencia don't find an agreement on a renewal next week the player wants to leave only for Barcelona, rumours about foreign clubs are seen as attempts by Valencia to get a higer fee (Sport)
read more

Arsenal is again interested in Yaya Touré (News of the World)
read more

Pedro wants to stay with Barcelona, even if that would mean that he has to return to Barcelona Atlètic (Sport)
read more

Jeffren wants to leave on a one-year loan for a first division team or for an ambitious second division team like Zaragoza or Levante (Sport)
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Effren Suárez, Jeffren's father and agent, says that Barcelona will decide on Tuesday or Wednesday if his son will stay with the first team, he says that there's 75 per cent chance he will stay with the first team, he confirms that Zaragoza is interested in the player but that he only spoke with Levante so far, Barcelona would only accept a loan deal without an option to buy, the player has a buyout clause of 10 million euro (Equipo)
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