Sunday, 5 July 2009

Barcelona still has better team than Real Madrid

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo comes today to the conclusion that Barcelona still has the better team, when the starting eleven is one by one compared to the new team of Real Madrid:

Casillas > Valdés

Alves > Sergio Ramos
Puyol > Pepe
Piqué > Albiol
Abidal = Marcelo

Xavi > Gago
Touré > Lass
Iniesta > Kaká

Messi > Ronaldo
Eto'o > Benzema
Higuaín > Henry


Anonymous said...


puyol > pepe

pique > puyol

pique > pepe

pep said...

changed that... ;)

skanjos said...

i agree with most ,for me the mistakes are :

abidal < marcelo i think marcelo is way better than abidal but cant play well at madrid cause you know its madrid....

higuain < henry sorry but henry is worldclass sth that cant be said about higuain.

Jnice said...

How are Marcelo and Abidal equal? Marcelo had to be moved from left back to left mid. Abidal is fine for us, he gives us balance when Alves goes forward and covers a lot of ground. Disappointing from EMD.

Anonymous said...

Jebem ti mater, neralnu, cuj alves bolji od ramosa, nista to nije tacno!

Anonymous said...

at least madrid add new players to there squad and they are thinking of addin more with the likes of ribery. barca need to spend because who think its goin to be the same like last season got a next thing coming.this coming from a die hard barca fan.

Unknown said...

barca are the best team in the world let me just say that no one conpares to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and we know it:)

Marc4barca said...

lol marcelo can't even defend and higuain is over henry but why is gago being compared to xavi, i thought it would of been sniejder. oh and one more thing.....

ramos pwns alves.

Iason said...

Ramos is a great RB but doesn't preform that well against teams of the highest calibre. This season, he let Puyol beat him to a header which led to Eto'o scoring the first goal in the Camp Nou classico. Then in Madrid, he got beat by Henry the same way he was beaten by Ronaldinho in the 3-0 game a few years back. He was nowhere to be seen defensively or attacking in the Liverpool games either.

Sergio Ramos vs Daniel Alves

Speed: Alves
Slide tackling; Alves
stand tackles: Ramos
Crossing: Alves
Shooting: Alves
Passing: Alves

Ramos is only considered better than Alves defensively because he doesn't go forward nearly as much as Alves.

Iason said...

Sorry, I don't want to turn this into another Zlatan type argument.

Unknown said...

read this

Jnice said...

Marc4barca, how does Sergio Ramos pwn Alves? You call yourself a Barca fan? Have you seen Ramos' performances this season? He doesn't even deserve to be compared with Alves. Alves has been nothing short of spectacular and without him we wouldn't have won all three trophies. Sergio Ramos is living off what he did 2 or 3 seasons ago and the fact that he's young. Let's get real.

Oh and if you put Higuain on the left like Henry, I don't think he can be as productive as Henry. Higuain may be more skillful and all that, but he played a different position than Henry. If you put Higuain on the left, would he score 22 goals again and get as many assists as Henry? I'm not too sure about that.

Marc4barca said...

whatttttttttttt, alves is great but c'mon ramos is a beast going forward he scores in the classico 2 goals in 4 matches, he may not be good defending but neither is alves and alves too has shown he can be a burden in big games. alves just came on the scene and doesn't even start for brazil, it's only because barca has so much possession during matches that alves can do more going forward and not really worry bout defending. put alves in real and he'll suffer the same as ramos. alves has more speed and energy and better crossing but ramos wins on everything else.

higuain played right midfielder in a couple of matches and still managed to score alot of goals not to mention he was also a bench player for part of the season and he still got 22goals i can't say he will produce as much as henry with a straight face but i would bet on it. if he isn't better now he will be. i don't even see the reason why henry was matched up with higuain anyways, he's not even a starter and wont be when the season starts real will obviously play 4-2-3-1 as the 4-4-2 and 4-3-3 will be to vulnerable at the back cause kaka robben and ronaldo aren't known for defending.

Anonymous said...

Ramos was tortured all night by Henry in the bernabeu .....

Jnice said...

Whatever you say sir, but there is no way Ramos is better than Alves. Period. If you call Ramos a beast going forward than Alves deserves to be called a deity.

Alves just came on the scene? No offense, but that shows a lack of football knowledge on your part. Alves was a beast for Sevilla, was basically the source of most of their creativity. He was the only reason I was scared of Sevilla. I'm not scared of Real because of Ramos, but when we used to play Sevilla, it was Alves I would fear. Anyone watching Sevilla knows Alves was more than a right back for them, he was their creative midfielder. But you say he just came on the scene? Wow.

ramos šupak said...

Anonymous said...

Jebem ti mater, neralnu, cuj alves bolji od ramosa, nista to nije tacno!

alves je puno bolji od ovog kurčina ramosa, tako da šupčina, beži na real forum i tamo sanjaj...

koko=barca said...

Man I am so sick of this marc4barca dude. He is always downgrading our players and our team. Are you really fan of barca? First it was Ibrahimovic, than De rossi, now Ramos? Alves beats Ramos ass anytime, anywhere. Just because Ramos is scoring headers doesn't make him better offensive player. Alves is sick, he is machine just like Cafu(do you know him?). I am sure the next you'll say is that Ronaldo is better than Messi. There are 2 things I disagree with the article. Higuan > Henry. Henry, for many, the best player in the history of EPL can not be put in the same sentence with Higuan. 2. Iniesta>Kaka...Not yet. Kaka had a very bad season full of injuries but when he is healthy he is the best player in the world right behind Messi. I love Iniesta but at this point Kaka is better. But I would love to see direct duel between the two of them. And please tell me of you disagree on the kaka.iniesta issue

Leo10 said...

Marc4barca is now officially the hate figure of this blog,

Vj said...

Ramos? the one who 'assisted' Dempsey.. pwns Alves?? hah!!

What a joke!!

Dunga is an @$$hole, Maicon was clearly shit during the Confed Cup.. Alves saved the blushes in the semifinal and even played well in the final..

Alves combined with Messi so devastatingly last season.. even scored many goals..Even when at Sevilla he was a monster.. besides he defended pretty well in the clasico..

And Ramos not only sometimes goes missing in big games also gives away howlers like the one against the US..

Anonymous said...

Maicon been shit during Confed. Cup!?! plzzz say you are kidding dude...Even I hated him for not starting our Alves but then realized how right Dunga is starting maicon ahead of Alves. Mere physical presence of Maicon is enough for him to be better DEFENDER compared to Alves and his offensive runs are no less than those of Alves. I hate to admit but Maicon is still better than Alves. No hard feelings :)

Don Luis said...

I'll take Sergio Ramos over Dani Alves any day of the week. IDK about what you guys gotta say.

Shame we didnt sign Ramos.


sorry but it is true. Kaka can do way more then Iniesta. Kaka carried Milan on his shoulders and WON.Won 2007 CL and FIFA WPOTY plus Ballon D'oro.


Messi=C Ronaldo.

Rest i agree

SimonP said...

I agree with almost all of EMD's ratings.

But, Abidal is way better then Abidal. What have Marcelo proven? He had a decent olympics and since then he's hyped because he did some good crosses. In defence he is a catastrophy just like Ramos.

When Ramos play you can expect one of three things to happen:

He scores an own goal, semi-final against USA (it basically was).

He receives a red card.

Or, he scores an goal.

Kaká at his best is slightly better then Iniesta, nuff said.

Iason said...

Iniesta and Kaka are opposites. Kaka is fast as hell and has a great shot. Iniesta is a beast in keeping possession and dribbling and is a lot better than Kaka at doing the killer pass. If Iniesta can be a little less selfish and practice his shooting over the summer, he can be just as good or maybe even better than Kaka by the time the new season starts. Iniesta is also a lot more versatile and can work in crowded areas unlike Kaka.

Iason said...

Even when facing the weak teams when Real Madrid have a lot of possession, Ramos still doesn't go forward much and when he does, he usually ends up making mistakes. And Ramos doesn't read the game that well. Players can always make runs down Ramos' flank and he doesn't even keep an eye on them and only focus's on the player with ball. The only thing Ramos beats Alves in is in the air and that has nothing to do with Ramos' skills, he just taller than Alves.

Don Luis said...

Ramos is a way better defender then Alves. Alves pushes up better and is the secret weapon.

But in defending? All ramos.

Did any of you even saw the Euro?

Kaka can do everything that Iniesta can but better. When he was in Milan, just wow. If only Milan had better strikers and mids...

Anonymous said...

i'll take alves over ramos cos he suits our game better. i dont see how ramos can do what he does with messi. as for iniesta, he is in more in form than kaka atm + he's our catalyst in the middle, he provides the spark same way as messi while creating like xavi. also, while kaka can disappear in games, iniesta is always an impact player. how many times have we seen kaka underperform this season? hes not his old self. maybe with madrid he will regain his form but for now iniesta is better imo, only thing missing from his game are more goals but like guardiola said iniesta may bitch and moan about his lack of goals but clearly his talents are needed in other aspects.


Scano814 said...

For me it is undoubtedly ALVES.

Yes ramos is excellent but ALVES excels more in all the area that Ramos does.

Offensively, Alves not only makes surging runs but he is a play makers, excellent cross and also able to contribute to our passing game.

Ramos ( like Maicon...which is why alves impact was evident when he came on as a sub) contribution to offense are surging runs forward which confuse the defense, but in reality it is rning on the flank with the ultimate goal of crossing trick ponies. It reminds me of have diego capel charges to the corner flag with his head down. Thus, alves wins based on the versatility of his offensive contribution.

I think Ramos may be a better defender overall but he has a tendency for making high profile mistakes, even more so than alves. To be fair, I keep getting flashback of Alves making a crappy half ass tackle on Drenthe in the first classico or his stupid fould in CL semis...but if you look at Ramos he make A LOOOOT of mistakes when under pressure...jsut watch el classico or some of the spain games. Alves also loses in terms of physical presence but honestly I would prefer Alves to Ramos defensively as well b/c he is less erratic and reads the game better than Ramos.

On his day Ramos is definitely better defensively, but when Ramos is ON he is on but when he is off her has a stinker. Alves is more consistent in that respect...think about how many games alves played and how often he gets forward without getting caught out defensively...the same cannot be said of Ramos.

Xaviniesta said...

*this past season

Marc4barca said...

yea everyone can hate as much as they want cause the only people on the barca squad i rate as the best at what they do is messi iniesta and xavi. they make it seem like i hate the rest of the sqaud. they all just dumb outside the world of barcelona. i am a fan of barca that's why i'm here and if i like others that doesn't mean i'm not. henry always said don't compare him to the henry of epl then why do you keep bringing up he is legend in england this is spain and from what i've seen higuain has performed to high exceptions when real were playing bad.

for zlatan topic, you people started to bash him so i defended him, you claim eto is all so nice and yet he is hurting the team, de rossi is better than yaya end of story. i back the team not the players, if you got a problem with that you can continue to hate me and bitch about it the rest of your life.

also spain is my national team and i know ramos is much capable of more than you think. 1 mistake and you try to base his career on it what sense is that, when alves was playing against chelsea most of you were bashing him for his crosses and wild tackling and getting so heated at the beginning of the match, you people are so fickle its not funny. the only thing i am accepting i made a mistake on is saying alves now came on the scene which jnice said i forgot about their back to back uefa cup, thanks for reminding me but jnice ramos was a rb for sevilla also and he was feared too and barca wanted him but lagged in the market as usual and lost him to real, if alves was at real and ramos at barca would you all be saying the things you say now? and the fact still remains that alves plays substitute for brazil, while ramos is the undisputed rb of spain which is better than brazil.

as for the anwser of who is better between kaka and iniesta, i'm going to go with iniesta because he too was injured like kaka and each and every time he came back he played like he never missed a match not to mention the impact he has at barcelona i don't think kaka can do the same. kaka is good no doubt but iniesta has been inform way to long to be rated below anyone, his great performances span back to barca 2 season ago when he continued to shine when the team was failing, continued it in euro and for barca this year being man of the match in cl final behind xavi playing with one foot. they say kaka is the new zidane i say not a chance.

Iason said...

You cannot say that De Rossi is better than Yaya end of story because that is just arrogant. Every is entitled to their own opinion but no one can say that one player is better than the other end of story. No one was even talking about those two players anyways. And even if De Rossi is better, what difference does it make? There comes a point when it doesn't matter if one is better than the other, it is impossible for one to do a better job because they are of the highest quality. What can De Rossi offer Barcelona that Yaya can't? Speed? Shooting? provides aerial cover? Secure passer? Decent going forward? Yaya has it all.

And regarding your comment about how Alves doesn't start for Brazil and Ramos starts for Spain which is better than Brazil, Brazil is number 1 on the FIFA list again and Ramos has no competition at all for his place in the starting 11 and Alves has to compete with the other best RB in the world, Maicon. I'm sure that Ramos wouldn't be starting games for Spain if he had to compete with Maicon.

Jnice said...

What Drogba had to say about Yaya:

"Yaya's [Toure] status has completely changed from one season to another. If he had not played in the semifinals we would have won the game and I would have scored. He reads the game very quickly. He knew my movements and everything. Actually, for me this season he is the best defender I played against."

And that's just Yaya the central defender he's talking about.

Marc4barca said...

oh sorry iason and jnice i mislead u by not informing u enough the whole de rossi yaya thing was something between me and koko which was discussed already that's why i said end of story without giving reason why i think de rossi is better i have called for yaya to stay and i have always said we don't need the best in every position i don't question yaya's skill or i wouldn't have rated him in top 3. i don't change my mind quickly so of course i wouldn't call yaya above de rossi just yet as i have been a big follower of him everysince it's just that when people jump and get angry because you like someone else who ISN'T a barcelona player it ticks you off, i'm sure you don't want anyone jumping in telling you shit like your not a true barca fan because of this and that every time you post something i hate nothing more than people questioning someone else questioning your loyalty and that's what koko does each and every time i post something he's an annoying pest that won't go away, get it through your head koko if i piss you off so much then stop talking to me.

Marc4barca said...

you made a good point iason but i think maicon is overrated but still it is true sergio has no real competition even though arbeloa can be considered a great player and sergio performances for his national team are far better than his club team did you see him in euros and world cup qualifiers, spain went on winning streak and currently hold most wins in a row and hardly got goals scored on them and he gets forward so well giving space to whoever plays on that wing, usuaully it's iniesta or cazorla or fab coincidentally spain plays exactly like barcelona if not close.

B. Beltrocco said...

I would love the formation like this:
Fabregas=40mil. Euros
Mascherano=35mil. Euros
Villa=50mil. Euros
Tevez=40mil. Euros
Arshavin-25mil. Euros
-------Puyol Pique--------



I would prefer to have Tevez and Fabregas total about 80mil Euros for two great players people write your favorite formation

Don Luis said...

Fab is not a holding mid...


Pep could also use Messi as the Centre Fwd and shred defense's apart though.

I Seen Barcelona during games switch from a 4-3-3 to a 3-4-3, 4-3-1-3 and 4-3-2-1.

Random Juve Fan said...

Yaya better than De Rossi? No way! De Rossi has to put up with playing in a mediocre team (Roma). Put him in a world class squad and he will be the key midfielder (Italy 2006, albeit not key but still brilliant). Even when Man U destroyed Roma De Rossi still scored a beautiful goal. I put De Rossi ahead of Lampard, Gerrard, Marchisio and Yaya. Alves is better than Ramos due to the rashness and ill discipline of Sergio. Iniesta v Kaka? I still think Kaka is better than Iniesta. Kaka in the Champion's League a few years ago was magical, he tore apart Man U, Liverpool, he was the best. Even though he has been injured I still think he is in another class of player than Iniesta, Kaka is so graceful, like Zizou.
Random Juve Fan FORZA JUVE!!!
ps. This was on

Anonymous said...

henry 51 games, 29 goals, 10 assists

higuain 44 games, 24 goals, 11 assists

higuain isn't playing on the left wing. he is a box striker. so decide yourself who was better last season

Don Luis said...

Compare their supporting cast lmao...Higuain had to get his own shots and stuff...Plus Real Madrid usually played with no playmakers and like 2 d mid...

BTW Higuain played on the wings....

Anonymous said...

Hmm, barcas 1st eleven sure is better then Reals. BUT Reals substitutes are way better then barcas now that all the Dutchmen are in the cold (Robben, Sneijder, Huntelaar, VD. Vaart, Nistelrooy) + Raul is not even in the starting team. Barcas bench is quite weak, the only good ones are Busquets, Marquez, Keita and maybe Bojan.

Veruss said...

Some really irritating people post on this site.....


Unknown said...

what higuain > henry ???
no way !!!!

henry is 30 you know, if henry is the same age like higuain, higuain is nothing to compare with herny

barca4life said...

How do the benches stack up though?

Tolq said...

I mostly agree with that list, except Higuain > Henry. I suppose Higuain was Madrid's only saving grace a few times this season, but Henry has been far better. Just look at his goals against Madrid in the 6-2 victory. Also - Eto'o may be better than Benzema, but he could be gone soon...

And Marc4Barca - this is how Ramos pwns Alves (at 1:20) =

TengkuAmir10 said...

first of all,henry is better than higuain.second,ramos is better than alves defensively,but alves is better at attacking,end of story.casillas is no doubt better than alves although last year he sucked.i can't rate marcelo because i haven't seen what he is good at.

@beltrocco and the other people who wants some transfers.I AM SORRY BUT YOU GUYS ARE JUST DREAMING!.with the board that we have right now,this will TOTALLY screw us no doubt.we are not even going to be as good as madrid because of our lack of players.i mean,we don't even have 30 freakin players dude!don't expect us to play 70 games without an injury.


TengkuAmir10 said...

i mean better than valdes."casillas is better than valdes"

SJP said...

its too hard to compare, alves suits us perfectly, and his defending is of a higher quality than alot think its just his attacking is so good. to be fair i love alves but i'd prob say maicon was best RB as he has best bits of ramos (defence) plus is talented at attacking so a combination, still glad we got alves.

yaya is a beast, unrivaled. kaka WAS a better player, but what has he done for the past two seasons? he couldn't even get the better of portsmouth whereas iniesta is incredibly close to being the best player of the best team in spanish football, iniesta = kaka for now, next season i think iniesta will destroy everyone.

henry is a legend, not just in EPL but last season aswell, higuain is a good player.

whatever happens madrid have had to pay a quater of billion euros just to try and compete with us, tht tells the story.

Anonymous said...

I pretty much agree with the list except the Higuain > Henry part.
Henry is much better.

Barca's ultimate starting XI:


* If we don't get Villa, we'll probably keep Eto'o and he can play in that position.
We already have the best team we can have, we only need a better bench. And that is the problem. Everybody wants to join Barca, especially after the treble, but everybody also knows that they're not good enough for the starting XI and will sit on the bench. No player wants to sit on the bench.

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