Monday, 6 July 2009

Transfer history: Harry Kewell (Leeds)

Galatasaray attacker Harry Kewell (30) has said in an interview with his club's official television channel that he rejected the chance to move to Barcelona in the summer of 2003, when he was playing for Leeds and Frank Rijkaard was appointed as new Barcelona coach:

"While he was at Barcelona, Rijkaard asked me to transfer there. It would have been a great event to play for Barcelona and to be part of that team. But I preferred Liverpool. I've rejected many bids to stay at Liverpool. It was my decision."

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Watch a video of Kewell here:


The_Cules said...

Harry kewell my fellow Australian. Should have joined Barca.

R10FCB said...

i am also australian but i dont know about kewell. he is injury prone and i dont think he would of done that well in barca. we were better off with ronaldinho.

groga said...

lol, I don't really think the choice was "Kewell or Ronaldinho"...

I think it was Kewell or Luis Garcia (who later joined him at Arsenal, btw).

R10FCB said...

oh really? i thought it was something along the lines of beckham or ronaldinho or kewell?

groga said...

Think the Australian press gave their own interpretation of this... ;)

Ronaldinho or Beckham > Ronaldinho
Luis Garcia or Kewell > Luis Garcia

groga said...

At "Liverpool" I of course meant in my first comment.

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