Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Chygrynskiy confirms Barcelona offer

Asked about the rumours linking him with a move to Barcelona (read more here), Shakhtar Donetsk central defender and Ukrainian international Dmytro Chygrynskiy (22) is unconfirmedly quoted as saying in an interview with Ukrainian sports paper Sport-Arena that an offer has been made:

"I've talked with the president about Barcelona and you can see my decision. I'm still at Shakhtar. The president invited me to discuss the issue face to face, we've weighed the pros and the cons and we've come to a common decision.

There are a lot of things to take into account, starting with the offer by Barcelona and ending with the fact that Shakhtar is a great club. We've won the Uefa Cup and we're making quick progress and the ambitions of the clubs are growing. Of course I know that Barcelona isn't making an offer like that every day, which is understandable. Maybe this is my only chance. On the other hand, if I show that I'm worthy of their interest, Barcelona will come back."

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that, although Shakhtar is publicly stating they don't want to sell Chygrynskiy, the Ukrainian club would be willing to let the central defender leave if an offer of 20 million euro° comes in. Catalan sports paper
El Mundo Deportivo claims that Barcelona isn't willing to pay that asking price.

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pep said...

20 million euro =

28 million us dollar
17 million british pound

el fuego said...

he is good player. i hope that he will come at camp nou. he can be good backup for pique.

skanjos said...

offcourse we are not willing to pay 20mil for an unproven cb at top lvl(uefa cup is not top lvl ...)
he is a great player i think our offer was around 10mil if it was 15 i think shaktar would accept.

sashi said...

wat is wrong with ppl? when Barca comes calling, you blindly accept! u guys need to be reminded who the treble winners are and who are the current Champs????

el fuego said...

pep guardiola perfectly know what is he doing now. if he think that 20M is good offer than 20M is good offer.he is unproven cause he play at s. donetsk. was pique proven when he comes to barcelona one year ago? no he wasnt. now pique is maybe one of four best defenders in the world.

Anonymous said...

el fuego: Remember Caceres and Hleb?

JR said...

we paid a small price for Piqué. 20 million for a player that is more of a risk than Piqué was is just ridiculous.

andresrivera said...

So, we would essentially be paying €20 million for cover? Unwise. However, I'm a huge admirer of Chygrynskiy & if we could substantially lower the fee, this would be a huge coup, trust me.

BlueNClaret said...

Chygrynskiy is good. Tough and strong defender. I also prefer Miguel Veloso. He can play as Central Defender and Defensive Midfielder. Left footed player. Has good commercial value too. I read that Sporting ask for £12million. That's quite a bargain.

Problem with Veloso is his glamourous lifestyle (from what I heard). If it's true, I would not fit Pep Guardiola's "keep low-profile" type of player.

Anyway.. Just my thought..

el fuego said...

anony remember henry. henry at first season wasnt be good. last season he was brilliant. hleb will stay another year and i am sure that he will play much better than this season. caceres was backup this season and he doesnt get so much chanses to play.

Anonymous said...

It will be easy for Hleb to play better next season. It is not possible to play any worse than what 15m euros Hleb did this season. Caceres and Hleb were major waste of money, so we have to take more care with our money now. 20m euros for a kid from Ukraine or 30m euros for a 28 year old butcher in Bruno Alves? This is not good transfer policy. Why not just get Lucio who has one year left and is rumoured to cost 7-8m euros. Good enough as backup until Muniesa can take over. We don't need to splash big money on central defenders.

el fuego said...

lucio ???

why lucio? he is 31 year old- chygrynski is good player. he is young- 22 years old. he has future. lucio only have past. bruno alves for 30M- THATS APSURD. caceres will leave this summer on loan to zaragosa, or he will leave in trade with valencia. hleb sufered injury in very bad time last season. when he come back he hasnt got his place in first team. whole season hleb doesnt play at his natural position. maybe few games. he play at messi position when messi wasnt there. now we need:
CB - Chygrynsky 20M
LB - Filipe 9M
CF - Villa 45M + Keirrison and Caceres on loan

We dont need DM. we have Xavi and Busquets. Hleb can replace Xavi.

Anonymous said...

The Ukrainian for 20m euros is madness. That is even worse than Milito for 20m and Caceres for 16.5m. Filipe deal is good, but Villa is not worth all that money. And Xavi should never ever be forced to play DM. He should concentrate on the offensive playmaking giving assists, not destroying him with alot of defensive tasks.

TengkuAmir10 said...

I pick gareth bale.but that is unlikely.maybe EVRA??seriously fast and he is similar like alves.

Exach said...

Why did RM pay less than 20m to land Raul Abiol??? Barca really struggle at making quality transfers. We have a great youth system, but when it comes to buying and selling we r pathetic.

We get Hleb when we could have gotten Ashravin.
We may have gotten Raul Abiol, but instead we waaste time on Vidic, Bruno Alves etc!!

FCBarca said...

Yep, 20 ME is simply too much for the player...Still wondering if Barca can get a refund on that 16.5 ME for Caceres

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