Monday, 25 May 2009

Pique: "I will score in Rome"

Barcelona player Gerard Piqué gave an interview to Catalan sports paper Sport.

Does Ferguson talk with the players individually?
Sometimes he does. Ahead of the final in Rome, he’ll surely talk with those who will play and explain them the main characteristics of the Barça players.

His talks are motivating?
It's not really an extravert guy, he counts on his charisma. His word is law. Motivating the players is more a task of the experienced guys in the dressing room.

Rio Ferdinand or Ryan Giggs. Rio doesn't stop shouting and he's the main motivator. He gets you fully motivated with his shouts. Giggs on the other hand is a veteran who talks with you in a calm way, he takes you aside and he talks to you while looking in your eyes. He can convince you of anything. We're talking about a myth here.

Cristiano Ronaldo says that you don’t know all his tricks…
I hope to know them. I think I know them all but that doesn't guarantee you anything. It's the same as for Messi. Although you might know all their actions, they can still surprise you. If he scores I might look like a fool, but at this moment I know what he can do. I've trained a lot with them and my goal is to mark the line and don't let them pass it.

Touré could play alongside you.
It's a phenomenon who could play in whatever position. We shouldn't be afraid of Manchester United. I even think that they might have more respect for us than the other way around.

What about you scoring a goal?
I will score in Rome. I say it because if I announce it, it seems to bring us luck this season.

This game is somehow about revenge for you?
Not at all. I became a player in Manchester and I learnt a lot there. But you cannot compare what it means to play a final with Barça with playing it with Manchester. It's clear that this time I'm playing with my people, for my people and for my club.

this was the second and last part of this interview. you can read the first part here:
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hieifcb said...

Yeah! "Playing with my people, for my people and for my club".
I like tht!
Go Pique you can do it =D Win us the cup.

per said...

Piqué - a true hero.

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