Tuesday, 26 May 2009

[2008] OFFICIAL: Seydou Keita

this post was published exactly one year ago:

Barcelona has announced the signing of Sevilla midfielder and Mali international Seydou Keita (28). The player will play for Barcelona until 2012 and has a buyout fee of 90 million euro°.

Keita sent today a fax to Sevilla president José María del Nido saying that he unilaterally cancelled the contract from 30 June on. This means there has not been an agreement between the two clubs and that Barcelona will have to pay the 2,2 million euro° VAT (read more here). The buyout fee of Keita was 14 million euro°.

In a first reaction to the club's official media, Keita said that he received offers from a lot of clubs but that he prefered the Barcelona option for a while now. He hopes to contribute a lot to the team: "But I don't really like to talk because I think in football one doesn't have to talk too much off the pitch."

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Anonymous said...

So, did Barcelona have to wind up paying the extra (VAT) taxes in the end? I haven't read details of the finalized deal. I hope he'll be a nice addition to the club although honestly speaking I don't feel Barcelona realy needed him....and I'd love to have a Barca 'logo' that size for my rec room so I can stand next to it and be all "cool" like Keita is in that pic. lol!

djoef said...

That logo is so cool...

pep said...

° 14 million euro =
22 million us dollar
11 million us dollar

90 million euro =
144 million us dollar
72 million us dollar

Anonymous said...

Why am I not surprised that we would have to flip the bill for the (VAT) when it's all said and done. Del Nido would probably sell his own mother before accepting a penny less for one of his players. I'm curious to see how Barcelona is going to "attempt" to pry Alves from Del Nido's grasp. Should be interesting to say the least.

Farhad said...


Anonymous said...

now we buy dani(alves),pique and ceceres or colocini and we repair our defence ;)

Abdullah said...

good player definitely, but what does he bring to the team that we don't alreafy have???This will probably screw up the alves talks too.Seydou, please make me eat my own words but right now i think that you are useless for this club.

Anonymous said...

now i want to see alves,pique and ceceres, silva in the barca shirt!! i hope etoo stays for one more year, and next summer its time for cesc and benzema to come!! i hope coloccini is not on the list! i dont like players older then 25!! :)

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