Monday, 25 May 2009

Hleb will leave if asked by Barcelona

Asked about the rumours linking him with a move to Bayern Munich or Stuttgart (read more here), Barcelona attacker and Belarusian international Alexander Hleb (28) has said in an interview with British sports site Setanta Sports that he will leave if he does not feel wanted anymore:

"To be honest I am now not thinking about the fact that this could be my last game with Barcelona, at the moment I am focused on winning this final. This does not happen every day, being involved in the Champions League final, as a consequence I will try to make the most of it.

I am aware of the fact that moving back to the Bundesliga is an option for me, but we will only sit down with the boss and with the president once the season is over. Sincerely, right now I do not care at all about that. If Barcelona do not want me to stay here, then what can I do? I will go. If they want me to stay, then I will stay. Obviously Barcelona are a very big club, and what I want to do is show myself more regularly, and most of all give more, but it is part of the game."

Catalan sports paper Sport meanwhile claims that Hleb will be part of the transfer deal on Bayern Munich attacker and French intenational Franck Ribéry (26) (read more
here). Barcelona would already have reached a personl agreement with the player while Bayern Munich would be willing to let the Frenchman go in a cash-plus-players deal. The supposed interest of Real Madrid would only be an attempt by the German club to drive up the price.

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raidall said...

i'm not gonna be rude but he is not a player who can play the barca football. thanks for joining us this season hleb and i hope you fit in bayern.thanks.

and this is for barca:
please don't let ribery slip away to real madrid cuz zidane is a big treat for us. it looks like he's is on his way to madrid because of zidane.

sell henry for manchester city or arsenal(better choice) and give ribery a good offer but don't pay him more then messi. let him improve first.

sell eto'o and go for zlatan or villa.
i hope barca take this transfer season serious cuz what real madrid is gonna do is to crush barca so we will have to buy fresh players who has not achieved anything yet like ribery silva,zlatan to compete with real.


MBB said...

I'm a recent fan, have been watching soccer a lot over last several years but recently been exposed to Barca TV here in the US. Wow, I cant believe what I have been missing watching all of those EPL and SiereA games. I tape every Barca game and watch ALL and now rarely watch EPL and never Serie A. Now for a new comer who has been reading this blog almost daily all year long. What about these changes;
Hleb 9m
Toure 18m
Eto 30m
Henry 20m
Guddy 2m
Milito 3m
Ribery 35m
Ibrah. 50m

We dont need a LB let caceres play it next year. Also we dont need another keeper Valdes is OK and still young.

All said the cost will be 33m but salary savings of about 5m/year!

thebackseatstrangler said...

sell toure? are you fucking high?

go play some fantasy baseball or something nerd.

sashi said...

MMB : are u a big famn of fantasy footballl and EA Sports FIFA? u want 11 players to attack?

per said...

Touré has to stay. I will jump off a cliff if we sell him.

MBB said...

First, I have heard Fabergas had indicated he preferred playing a deeper midfield and that could be Toure's spot. I dont deny Toure is a beast in the middle of the field but I also notice he has displayed no consistent signs of being a deep offensive threat. Yea he can pass, but Fab can also shoot from there. Also it would be nice to get some kind of free kick specialist. I hear a lot about Xavi and Alves but truely they have shown me nothing this year! I dont deny that just waiting a couple years until Fabergas contract gets to last year or so would be the best option. Anyway....the real input I was seeking was, are the transfer fees even close to being reasonable? I'm assuming from what I have read about previous summers and the transfer strategy Barca utilizes that there would be a 1 in 10 chance of these transfers occuring.

Anonymous said...

OMG last week in the UEFA CUP final I witnessed THE PERFECT centraldefender companion for Piqué. Dmytro Chyhrynskyi (1986), Shakhtar Donetsk, tall (1,90), fast,strong and above all a central defender with remarkable play intelligence and wonderful short- and long- passing skills.

cissokho or something from porto, very good left back, or phillip lahm, ideal for our left back position now that abidal has stagnated in his development.

Gourcuff/ribery and Zlatan should be the main targets for our offense. zlatan will become the best player in the world with xavi, iniesta and messi around him. His passing skills are extraordinary, a powerful shot, and is the lost header-option barca has lacked for years.

Barca! Barca! Baarcaa!

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