Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Keita: "We have to make one more step"

Barcelona player Seydou Keita gave an interview to Spanish newspaper El Mundo.

Is this final your biggest sporting challenge so far?
For every player, a Champions league final is one of the most important games. We've won the Copa and the Liga but we're still very focused on winning this trophy. It has been a good season, but we still have to make one more step. We have to win. Spain, Catalonia, Barcelona, the whole world, everybody will be very happy if we win it.

Are you willing to play as left back in Rome?
If there would be a problem at some point and I have to help out, like happened against Chelsea after Abidal was sent off, I will do that. But it's not a good moment to start experimenting, and even less in the most important game of the year. The coach knows who can contribute more on that position. I've never played there.

You seem to be convinced.
I'm a midfielder, not a full-back.

Guardiola believes in you.
Everybody likes the way of playing of Messi, of Iniesta. But not everyone can play like them. It's easier to praise them, their game is more attractive. But the coach knows that I can also add important things to the team.

Do you think that your game has developed since you arrived at Barcelona?
Sure. I've learnt a lot of things I didn't know about. In our profession, it's fundamental to keep on learning every day.

At the World cup U-20 in Nigeria in 1999, you were elected as Golden Ball of the tournament, ahead of players like Ronaldinho, Forlán or Xavi.
Pffff, ten years have already passed since then, that's a long time. I played as attacking midfielder then, but since I arrived in the French league I have dropped back. Now I cannot shine a lot, I won't cause big headlines, but I'm also needed to give more balance to my team, so that for example Xavi can give his passes in a more comfortable way.

You feel privileged?
Yes, of course. But I'm not the only one.

A lot of African immigrants who try to come to Europe by boat are from Mali. You came to Europe by plane.
Football was the reason I came to Europe. If it wasn't for the sport, I wouldn't have done anything to leave my continent. You can also be happy in Africa and I was happy. I had a good life in Mali, together with my brothers. One is a doctor, another one is a pharmacist… I didn't have many difficulties. If I wouldn't have become a football player, I would have continued to live there.

Your family gives you advices?
They're always supporting me. They told me that you have to suffer to earn a living. We're all muslims and for us everything is decided by Allah.

The result of the final is also decided?
Sure, it's already written but we have to do everything to win because nobody can know beforehand who will be the champions.

The first thing you will do after the final will be thanking Allah?
You always have to thank Allah, always. We live thanks to him.

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koko=barca said...

OK what is wrong with Keita. Constantly repeating the same staff. Why don't you sacrifice for your team and shut up. What a punk.

groga said...

It's a trap to mislead Ferguson...

Granche said...

Koko idiot. U should learn to respect others belief no matter if it is muslim or catholic or whatever.

fcbee said...

He's not talking about religion, just about the fact that he keeps repeating that he won't play left back.

RUMS said...

Blame the others for constantly asking the same question.

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