Saturday, 30 May 2009

Players and coaches pose with the treble

Yesterday, the squad posed with the three trophies that were won duirng the current season.


Anonymous said...

the last one is incredible!

Nerre barcaaa !! said...

have u guys noticed something the last picture its only players from barcas acadamy..

Marc4barca said...

that was the whole point nerre. to show the world how many cantera products were representing barcelona in this year's campaign. I am very proud to be a barca fan.

ElDuroDeFCB said...

That could be a start line upp next year with only La Masia players:


Puyol, Muniesa, Pique, Victor Sanchez

Sergio B

Xavi, Iniesta

Messi, Bojan, Pedro...

Hahah that would be great, but not that possible.

rory said...

i like how even when the pose, they show their particular style. Sylvinho looks a little old but calm, alves looks ready to strike like crazy, valdes looking kinda mean, etc.

ElovesBarca said...

Last one pic= La Masia Kids Rock !!!!!!

Visca El Barcaaaaaaaa

Anonymous said...

Where's Giovanni dos Santos!! Oh sorry, i had too I love BARCA! BARCA BARCA BARCA!

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