Friday, 29 May 2009

Muniesa and Guardiola appeals dismissed

The Appeals Committee of the Spanish football federation has yesterday dismissed Barcelona's appeals for the withdrawal of the red card handed to Barcelona player Marc Muniesa and the yellow card handed to Barcelona player Gerard Piqué in and after the league game against Osasuna on Sunday.

The RFEF confirmed the one-game suspension handed out to Muniesa, which means the player won't be available for tomorrow's league against Deportivo la Coruña. Barcelona manager Josep Guardiola is also suspended for this game after having been expelled in the Osasuna game.


skanjos said...

idiots ,they should know better and let youngsters have some chance to play a liga game.would it hurt that much if the ban was moved a game?i cant understand the officials some times

Jonathan said...

Please pep, can you translate to us the speech made by all the players and coach (Especcially this one by Guadiola) when they were celebrating for treble?

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