Saturday, 30 May 2009

Inter Milan dreaming of Toure

Italian sports site Sportmediaset claims that Inter Milan is interested in Barcelona defensive midfielder and Ivorian international Yaya Touré (26).

Inter Milan manager José Mourinho, who also liked Touré's performance during the Champions League final on Wednesday, would like to link Touré with former Barcelona player Thiago Motta in midfield.

Although he realizes that a transfer will be very difficult this summer, the Portuguese manager would nevertheless have ordered his club to sound out the parties involved to hear if a transfer could be possible.

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Iason said...

Toure is too good for Inter! He is better than Essien Mascherano put together!

Vj said...

Keep dreaming..

i_love_boobs_and_barca said...

Toure will renew with Barca, 100%.

sashi said...

in ur dreams!!!

Anonymous said...

no a transfer is not possible. go away.

hamad_ali said...

inter have muntari , cambiasso , viera and they just signed thiago motta , i know toure is better than all of them combined , BUT WHY IN THE NAME OF GUARDIOLA AND THE HOLY TREBLE WOULD THEY NEED ANOTHER DMF ????
i think serie a is damaging whatever brain mourinho has left .

Meursault said...

No way! And let's make sure of this by giving him the pay rise he so richly deserves.

(I'm hoping to restart this exchange from March in the wake of his stunning recent performances:

Surely no one believes we shouldn't pay him a top 10 salary now?

jester[HUN] said...

Keep dreamin' "muri" serie a is boring and Toure will not leave barca the best team he is a part of a history with barca he will renew his contract the best dm in the world barca need's him and guardiola know that.
No way!!!+!
He is a part of barca's best team ever!!!+!

jazzy said...

lol this is funny..
why would we buy motta, someone we already sold a few years back cuz he's not good enough for us, and trade toure.
rumors... dont take it seriously. :p

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