Saturday, 30 May 2009

Pichichi and Zamora (day 37)

With Barcelona players competing for the trophies of best goalscorer and best goalkeeper of the Spanish league, this blog will follow the events during the second round.

31 Forlán (Atlético Madrid)
29 Eto'o (Barcelona)
26 Villa (Valencia)
23 Messi (Barcelona)
21 Higuaín (Real Madrid)

0,89 Víctor Valdés (Barcelona)
1,00 Palop (Sevilla)
1,22 Aranzubía (Deportivo)
1,25 Toño (Racing Santander)
1,31 Kameni (Espanyol)


Anonymous said...

What's up with Diego Forlan? He takes penalties with his right foot but I think like 20 of goals have come from his left foot! I think thats why he surpassed Eto'o for goals, he will score even if it's from far away with his left foot.

Jacob said...

one of the most under-rated striker ...Forlán

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