Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Vilanova: "Details will decide the final"

Barcelona assistant coach Tito Vilanova gave an interview to Catalan sports paper Sport.

Which team is the favourite to win the final?
They are the champions.

You've watched a lot of videos?
We're watching the videos, but in the end the players will be the ones out there. We can think about what could happen, but at this level they are the ones who are playing and who can decide this type of games.

What can decide a Champions league final?
The details. Last season it was decided by a slip of Terry. And because of that, everyone said that Manchester United were the good ones and Chelsea the bad ones. That's the unfairness of football.

Will there be a lot of goals?
They score a lot of goals and we are doing the same. So it's possible it will be a final with some goals.

Messi didn't appear in the celebration picture in 2006, Henry lost that final, Iniesta only came on as a sub… That's positive for Barça because these players are more motivated?
Yes, sure. Besides, Manchester United won it last season. So of course they want to win this trophy, that's logical, but they will always be a little less hungry than the team that didn't win it. In this case, we have to win that trophy from them. They did it before, they are defednding their title and it's up to us to try and get it from them.

With the Liga and the Copa won, the pressure is a little less for Barça?
No, pressure is something you put on yourself. I've never felt pressure from outside. Not now and not at the start of the season. It's nonetheless true that it's different to get to a final when you didn't yet win anything and this is your last chance to win something than when you've already won two trophies before. But after the effort we've made, coming through the preliminary rounds and with the great teams we have faced, now we have to be moved by hope and dreams rather than by pressure. The one who has more hope and willingness to win is the one who will win. Pressure isn't a good ting when you have to play a final.

When it comes down to trophies, you will be the best team in history if you win the Champions League?
If you only look at the trophies, we sure will be, because nobody has won the treble before. But that's not an extra motivation for me.

What moves you then? The desire to rest?
The desire to win.

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