Wednesday, 27 May 2009

[2008] Official: Gerard Piqué

this post was published exactly one year ago:

Barcelona and Manchester United have reached an agreement on the transfer of central defender Gerard Piqué. The Catalan player will sign a four-year deal including a buyout clause of 50 million euro°. Piqué returns to the club where he played between 1997 and 2004.

In a first reaction the the club's official media, Piqué said that he's delighted about the transfer: "It's a dream to return to Barça. When I left, I thought it would be really hard to come back but today the dream has become reality. Barcelona was my first and only option. I have grown a lot since I left, both as a person and as a player. Wining the Champions League with Manchester was something unforgettable and I hope to repeat that with the Barça shirt."

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one year ago, readers said...

pep said...

° 50 million euro =
80 million us dollar
40 million british pound

djoef said...

Welcome home, Gerard!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Pique, i hope that he'll have a very successful season!

Anonymous said...

he looks a bit like oleguer in this pic.. but hope he is 100 times better than oleguer!!!

moratallas said...

I hear good things about him from manchester fans, who all would have loved him to stay. Let's hope he can confirm all that soon.

Anonymous said...

Do we know the details of the final offical contract? I thought I read in a previous blog on here that it was a 5mil Euro transfer with 2.5mil Euro added depending on the player's incentives (how many matches he plays for Barcelona). Is this correct? In any event I'm sure the fans are pleased to welcome back one of their 'favored son's' back into the fold.

pep said...

No fee has for now been made public. The latest says that it would be around 5-plus-2 million euro (see post "Summer transfers: Overview").

fcb-holland said...

Guess most of us can't say much about him since we barely saw him play. But I have a good feeling about it, he'll add something and didn't cost a lot. Welcome back!!!

fcbee said...

My god, that last phrase... :0

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