Saturday, 30 May 2009

Champions League Final - Copenhagen, Denmark

Mancs on the stairs

Eto's goal

Me (Stigsby) celebrating

After-game celebrations


0marX said...

That's my boy!

pep said...

This pictures were sent to us by Stigsby from Denmark. If you have your own pictures of the Champions League Final night, you can mail me at

fcbtransfers [at] hotmail [dot] com

and I'll explain you how we can get them up here.

pep said...

I had to add:

Stigsby, aka the guy with the coolest name on earth. Until the opposite is proven.

hieifcb said...

Nice Stigsby!!! Im glad u didnt turn green like ur video xD

Anonymous said...


Aussie Barca Fan said...


Legend! I wish it was that hour in Melbourne lol. It was pitch black here and about 4c lol

Great to see Barca fans from around the world.

Ramzi said...

Great Pics Stigsby!

Stigsby said...

Haha cheers everyone, hope to see pictures from as many places as possible! After all we have readers on the blog from all over the world by now, from Canada to India, from Africa to Australia.

Hope you all took a few ;)

kamikaze kontiki said...

Stigsby, you are lucky. You had a screen set up in the middle of a street for the public to watch. I was watching on a potty little tv at home. Even the pubs were closed at that time.

Stigsby said...

Hehe yeah okay, u're excused for not taking pictures of that Kami :P

fcbee said...

Isn't Scandinavia very much EPL territory?

And yeah, I think that must be quite unique to have screens like that on public places in countries/cities that are not directly involved.

Stigsby said...

It is very much EPL dominated up here yes, however we have a big Barcelona and Real Madrid fraction. Manchester United and Barcelona used to have the same bar (with seperate rooms though), but now Barcelona got their own.

The screen is a tradition made by the former shared bar, now arranged by both of them, and used to be on a small street. The application to shut it off again this year was denied along with a later appeal however. Luckily they got allowed to have it on this Placa/Piazza/Plads (Not sure what it's called in English, so here's the Spanish, Italian and Danish words). It turned out to be a great success and people started showing up already 6 hours before the game.

I already promised to take Ramzi to the Barca-pub for a pint when he comes to Sweden, but it of course counts for everyone else if you find your way up here!

per said...

I don't know about the rest of the scandinavian countries, but Sweden is filled with anglophiles. It's truly horrible.

Spanish and Italian football are starting to catch up though.

Harshawardhan said...

great pics stig!
remember your promise.. i sal land up in denmark one day and then u shall have to take me to the Barca pub for more than a few pints!

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