Sunday, 24 May 2009

Muniesa happy with first team debut

Barcelona Juvenil A central defender and Spanish youth international Marc Muniesa (17), who made his first team debut against Osasuna yesterday when he replaced Sylvinho five minutes into the second half before being sent off ten minutes before the end, has said to journalists after the game that he was happy with his debut:

"Making my debut has been a great experience. I was only informed the day before that I could get a call-up. During the first half I was already hoping I could play. I got goosebumps when they said I should start the warming-up. I want to thank the team-mates, who have supported me in a great way today, also after I was sent off. The referee thought I was the last man, I don't know if the opponent still would have caught that ball though. It was anyhow a spectacular day. I'm also very thankful towards the fans, they were great and I hope to be able to play here again."

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Anonymous said...

He seems very decent. Reminds me of Paolo Maldini. Hopefully this is his only Red Card in his career!

Anonymous said...

i hope his skills will be better ang soon he will be better than almighty Puyol... time will show


Anonymous said...

i feel for this kid....making your dream debut with the biggest team in the world and ten mins from the end he gets sent off...but to be fair it was a really late tackle and he was the last man..anyhow he'll get other chances for sure

Bogman said...

I think it's almost like a sign for great things to come. I spontaneously think of players like Zola and Messi beeing sent off for thier respective national teams, because they want to show the world of their abilities and are too eager to do so. What happened to Muniesas in this game is of course a pitty (and perhaps even a bad desition by the ref.), but on the other hand it was in a game without importance so it did'nt really matter. Muniesa will for shure recover and be a great asset for Barca in the future.

Anonymous said...

I don't think there is much doubt that we have a new Beckenbauer coming up. It is important that Barcelona protest against the red card so that he can play the full match against Deportivo. This is important.

skanjos said...

the most important thing is for muniesa to play in the next game too,thats why he was so sad,red card means that he wont play another game this year(a la liga game) .
i wish we protest at least so they can transfer the ban to next year,if the board dont do that for a young kid i dont know what they will be thinking.

its still early to judge but i think he should be promoted next year and fully train with the big team,

1st muniesa and gai for the first team fan

OLALEKAN said...

marc muniesa,a very good guy for the future,and why has this guy not been training with the athletic since? he is increadible coming from the juvenil A team to play in the great nou camp for the greatest team.he made the rihgt decision to make that tackle,he was very great.coming guy,we got someone of puyol's calibar for our rihgt back position.

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