Monday, 25 May 2009

Medical: Iniesta and Henry training with the group

Barcelona players Andrés Iniesta (25) and Thierry Henry (31) have been training with the group earlier today.

Both players participated in the whole training session, although both trained at a lower level of intensity than their team-mates.

Henry strained the posterior cruciate ligament of his right knee during the league game against Real Madrid on 2 May and was expected to be out for at least three weeks, while Iniesta torn a quadriceps muscle on the front of his right thigh during the league game against Villarreal on Sunday 10 May.

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Anonymous said...

with our first eleven in shape i wouldn't think about losing but with 3 defenders missing and 2 injured and recovered without any game in order to get a feeling for the ball before the final I'm becoming more and more nervous.

what about you guys?

Erik said...
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hamad_ali said...

off topic guys , can any one find a video of the full liga celebrations , all i find is a couple of bits and pieces but not the whole thing .

BarcaFan(BiH) said...

Anonymous, I agree with you. I had a feeling that they wouldn't be 100% fit in time for the final. We have 48 hrs until the final and they are not back to their normal fitness. I highly doubt that they'll be able to contribute entirely. I don't think that we can we win with both of them not being at 100%. They are just too important. Looks like Manchester are going to get a free lunch this time around. How unjust as we are clearly the better team. This is not fait.

Anonymous said...

Stop talking rubbish. We will win!

hieifcb said...

You guys gotta be kidding me, dnt think so negative.
We have 2 cups now right? And even if Henry + Iniesta is injured, we will win.
I mean after all they have done for us, cant u guys just have faith in them? We r Barca, mes que un club. Whoever plays on the pitch, is part of Barca. So I think they'll do a great job.

Anonymous said...

I am confidant, i think Guardiola will start Henry. our last and only oppertunity to win the treble. Henry deserves this more than any other player, all those years of good footballing at Arsenal but he has never won the champions league. His starting to get old now and this maybe his last year playing for a team capable of winning UEFA. I think he'll play a good game and score.

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