Monday, 25 May 2009

Espanyol interested in Sylvinho

Catalan television channel TV3 claims that Espanyol Barcelona is interested in Barcelona left back defender Sylvinho (35), whose contract expires at the end of this season.

Espanyol would already have sounded out Sylvinho. The fact that the Brazilian defender would like to continue to live in Barcelona could make a deal more likely.

Asked about his future, Sylvinho said to Catalan sports paper Sport that he's calm about what will come: "You cannot know if these are my last days at Barcelona. I want to live in the present and I don't think too much about the future.

Now I'm only thinking about Rome. Then I will take vacations and I sincerely don't know what will happen after that. The truth is that I'm little worried about it. First I want to enjoy my holidays and then we'll see about next season."

During the title celebrations on Saturday, Sylvinho told journalists that Barcelona should now first decide on renewing his contract or not: "I've never denied that I feel at home here, that I'm very happy and that it feels like family. I don't know if this was a goodbye from the fans. I leave the choice in the hands of the club. I' 35 years old and very motivated. They should take the decision and whatever they will decide, I will understand it."

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Anonymous said...

I will be really disapointed, if he goes to Apano. :( They don't deserve him. If he doesn't continue in Barca (I'm 99,9% sure, he won't), hopefully he goes to Celtic (they were interested last winter) for year or two to finish his career and then returns to live in Barcelona. Maybe we could also offer him some job (youth coach), if he decides to stay in game after retiring. He's a true profesional and a perfect role-model for young players.

OLALEKAN said...

certainlly he will not leave to go to a place he will play derby with us.i know he will leave for celtic or other clubs and after may be four years he should come back and be engaged back in the staff.he is a real role model.farewll sylvinho.

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