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[2008] Next season's eleven

this post was published exactly one year ago:

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place and that it looks like this could be the Barcelona XI next season:


Alves - Puyol - Cáceres - Abidal

Hleb (or Xavi) - Touré - Keita

Messi - Adebayor -
Iniesta (or Silva)

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one year ago, readers said...

Anonymous said...

I want Pique to partner Puyol - catalan power in the defence.

I'm not sure that Iniesta will be more useful for us as a wing than as a midfielder.

I'd would like to see Berbatov instead of Adebayor, but maybe I'm too biased in that case. (I'm a bulgarian)

And maybe we should just keep Eto'o - 16 goals in 18 league games is a freaking good record.

Or even if we sell Eto'o, we should think about trying Henry as a striker, something which he wanted to do for the whole season.

groga said...

Piqué is seen as back-up for Puyol, apparently.

If you have Touré and keita in your midgfield, the third guy should be Xavi, cause Hleb-Touré-Keita, that's not enough.

Reysha said...

I didn't heard any news about dani alves. Is the club really gonna buy that player ?

pep said...

Well, buying Alves is the plan... But Sevilla is apparently still asking too much.

The latest is that Barcelona president Joan Laporta has personally taking charge of the negotiations. I'll make a "round-up" post about the Alves transfer in the coming days.

Anonymous said...

Relax guys, the season is just over .. we can't make all of our transfers immediately.

I hope Dani Alves is just a matter of time, we must be patient and wait until Laporta and Del Nido agree on a fee which satisfies both sides.

Ed said...
lol catalan power even though Puyol was the reason for many of the loses and goal's scored against us last season some ppl are blind to see that he suck's!!dumb dumb dumb

Anonymous said...

ed are you a retard puyol is ne of the best centre backs in the world if you dont like him fuck off and support some other team

Anonymous said...
Ed, even if he sucks, do you think that he could be actually sold ?

The answer is 'no', right ?

So it'll be a waste of time to comment it.

Anonymous said...

that'll be a perfect team, barca will be too hot for other team to handle come next season, although i dont know how good the martin cacere is.

Anonymous said...

Caceres, Hleb, Adebayor? No fucking way! I don't want them in this club. I don't even know whose fucking idea was to buy Keita for 14 mio euros while Alves's still waiting for morons from Barca. BTW, Barca has the same player in this position - Toure. Well, my friends, where's Eto'o in this scheme for the next season? I just hope Barca wouldn't do something stupid.

Anonymous said...

Next season's eleven


Alves - Puyol - Cáceres - Abidal

Xavi (or Iniesta) - Touré - Keita

Messi - Eto'o - Ronaldinho (or Henry)

one year ago, readers said...

Anonymous said...

I dont understand why some people still want Ronaldinho in the club. Why you cant accept he is a wanker and football is nor his priority anymore? He does not deserve another chance.

And Neuer? Omg I bet you are one of these guys which blame Valdes for mistakes and now you want a keeper instead him which does hundred times more mistakes? Funny.

fcbarcelona-ks said...


And Barça will win Champions League, La Liga and Copa del Rey :D

Anonymous said...

I just said no fucking way to Caceres, Hleb and Adebayor. I'd play something different. And don't forget, Van der Vaart and Diego are still there waiting and Barca didn't do anything to chase them. what a shame! I'd play like this:

Valdes (or someone better)
Messi Ronnie

Barca should get rid of Gudjohnsen, Henry,Zambrotta,Ezquerro,Deco,Oleguer and should give the chance to young players like Giovani,Assulin,Bojan (just like Wenger and Ferguson do). Ronnie should stay, 'cause he's a brand such as Eto'o. And don't forget the most important thing:to play for Barca is an HONOUR because Barca is mes que un club!

Anonymous said...






In my opinion this is the best team
we could form from all this transfer speculations. Ofcourse I would like to have xavi and the rest in the team.
by: Soha

Anonymous said...

-------- Puyol-----Pique/Marquez---
------------------------------------------------Xavi/hleb--------------------------------------------------Messi----------- Iniesta(silva)--------------------------------------------------Henry/Ibra------------

Anonymous said...

This looks really dissapopinting we have went from having the most creative midfield to the least in one season, barca has always be a very technicaly efficient team now we are packing our first 11 with abidal, toure, keita and adebayor!!! PLease no, i understand the need for one DM but not two, everying i love about barca is falling apart. My 11 for next season would be:





Anonymous said...

Barca team without Xavi is not a Barca team.

Anonymous said...

toure (keita should be the backup)
messi-henry/etoo (next season benzema)-ronaldinho/silva

ed said...

Im not retarded you dumb fuck I just know when player isnt good I call it like I see it you blinded fool,I know they wont sell Puyol cause he's catalan and the best centre back's?!hahhahah funnist post ive read in a while thank you for that laugh douche!!He's still and one of the main reason's Barcelona got scored on so much!!

pep said...

I like the discussion, but let's not start insulting each other.

Everybody has his or her own opinion, in most of these matters there's no right or wrong, so try to accept that not everybody has the same judgment as you. And start discussing from that based upon arguments without having to use personal insults.

Thanks guys!

Back on topic:
Whoever the other ten men are, I think it's clear to almost everybody that we really need Alves. It would be a big blow for the team if we cannot get him. It's strenge to say that about a right back defender , but he's just crucial for Barcelona now. And I think Del Nido knows that...

one year ago, readers said...

groga said...

I agree, you just can't see us not getting alves, that would be so disappointing. What can you do then? Keep Zambrotta, who is desperated to go back to Italy? Don't think so.

Of course there's always Oleguer who can help us out... ;)

Anonymous said...

Ed, you need a reality check. For a team to function, the attackers need to put pressure, then the midfield need to close spaces and also put pressure, then the defenders come in and if they dont get the necesseary help from the other team, they are doomed.
This is what happened this season.
The whole team did everything wrong, Iniesta and Xavi were closing the same space. They can not function together on a midfield, that made it easier for the opponents to get through.
Same goes for Milito and Puyol, they are like 2 leaders that just do impulsive things, they have ran in to each other plenty of times this season.
So to base Puyol as a defender on the last season is just shameful, and i have to say that you cant have watched Barcelona for long.

Anonymous said...

And for you that are talking so much negative about Valdes, we won 2 League titles and Champions League with him as the goalie.
When the whole team plays bad it gets more stressful for him too, more shots, more one on ones....
He is one of the best keepers we had in the goal for a long long time. And hes Catalan.
There is nothing greater than that.

Anonymous said...

no no no iniesta's talents will be wasted on the wing
Terrible.. I think it will be great to alternate between a 4 2 1 2 1 and a 4 1 2 21 playing keita and toure in a holding role when we are up against a world class midfield with xavi in the middle spraying passes ( or iniesta) and when we want to play that joga bonito... pass it 50 times then score thing.. we play keita or toure in a def mid with xavi and iniesta pulling the srtings in midfield... with silva eto;o/ henri and messi up front.

Now there is a championship winning team.

Anonymous said...


Most realistic formation I think..

Abdullah said...

very interesting topic, is hould sat.the starting lineup depends alot on whether pep will keep the same 4-3-3 formation. if he does then this is probably the best lineup:


if of course we play a dyanmite team, then keita gives us the option to give our midfield more steel.

@pep: could not agree with you more that if we dont sign alves now,then the disappointment is going to be well,there really aren't any other world class right backs on the market anyway.

As for the eto'o situation,txiki would have to be a real shithead to let him go.he has been a real livewire in front of the net for a while now, and i really dont see the likes of adebayor and berbatov being able to step in his shoes.those two are excellent strikers but is world class:D.and we cant forget that nobody plays as hard as he does,in the whole team.

Now, this is probably wishful thinking but if pep can magically remotivate ronaldinho,and we also have silva as his backup,then another golden era is on the cards for the club.

one year ago, readers said...

Anonymous said...

Very interessting line-up's by the comments above, but braca has failed when it comes to goals this season.

A midfield with keita and toure should not be an option, and as said above; a barca midfield without xavi is no barca midfield. Its okey that either of toure and keia plays,but not both. Barca needs to score goals, and if we sign world class players like Zlatan and Alves, our side will have a major lift. Hleb and Silva will with like a glove with our possesion like-style. And i think a signing of caceres would solve our defensive problems.

When it comes to the striker position, we can't have a man like Eto'o wich critisies the crowd, and say that hes going to leave if we don't win a tittle. More problems than result. Bring in the teqnickle wonderboy Zlatan, and with his height, and goal scoring abilities, he'll be an awesom signing

My dream line up is


With this side we will be right back on a new era in internasjonal fotball, but it is some expensive signings, so players like eto'o, ronnie, deco, and then some, will have to go. It's a risk selling a duo like ronnie and eto'o,but some risk are nessesery to bring the team back on track, to worget about to years with no trofes

Anonymous said...

i miss the best ever Barca trio.. Ronaldinho, Eto'o, Messi..

Anonymous said...

Since when were Zlatan a good goal scorer?
Count how man goals he did this season in Inter, and then count how many of them were penaltys and you will se that he is not a great goal scorer.

Though he makes many assists, so with Zlatan as a target player and Henry/Eto that can run deep would be a great matchup.

I dont want Zlatan anyways, because im from Sweden and i know that whenever he makes a goal the whole swedish press says "Zalatans dreamgoal that gave the win to Inter", in 3 - 0 games. Thats just makes me irritated.

Chris;) said...


This would be the best Barca team if we``r going to play with the same tactic.

Ribery is a perfect player who`s works hard and he gives a lot of assist and scores musch goal(34 assist and 15 goals in Bayern Munich)

Zlatan is a player who can do incredible things on his own and he also scores goals!!

And Alves would be the best alternativ since Zambrotta already have left us.

Puyol and Milito are much to like each other the it would be good with Pique or Canceres be Puyol`s side.

And Moutinho are very much like Deco and would be a perfect back up;)

Anonymous said...

we must buy Silva no matter what the cost serious he is the only man to replace ronnie....get a proper striker...get hleb cos he wud fit in perfectly...must buy!
Hopefully the alves offer is excepted....and get diego to replace deco...that would be so perfect...
How can the board not realise these or other essential buys!!!!!

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