Thursday, 5 February 2009

Barcelona wanted Belhadj to replace Sylvinho

Asked about the rumours linking him with a move to Barcelona (read more here), Portsmouth left back defender and Algerian international Nadir Belhadj (26) has unconfirmedly said in an interview with French sports paper Aujourd'hui Sport that Barcelona has shown interest for him before he signed a permanent deal with the English club:

"My agent was contacted by Barcelona during the winter transfer window. They wanted to prepare for the departure of Sylvinho, and Abidal was injured.
It was very attractive, but I want to play. I don't want to experience a substitute situation again. I suffered at Lyon. It made me mad when Fabio Grosso was not good, but remained in the starting eleven. I could do my best, but that didn't change anything."

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Anonymous said...

good player IMO. But I respect his ambition-doesnt wana be a backup.

Anonymous said...

The hell with him, he isn't that good of a player anyway. He has the skills to go forward and he has some milito-like tackles but his positional-play is bad, he likes to go to often forward and forget to defend.

Our class said...

We are just looking at blogs in class. Sorry to bother you. Good example of a blog, though. Barcelona is the best, says one of my students.

Anonymous said...

by looking at the video convinced me that he's good. In fact he's the best option that suits barca style. need someone to convince him to come. my personal view that he's kinda abidal (strength of recovery) plus sylvinho (agility).
not sure about his crosses eventho he has this long ball speciality but he's really good in recovery. that is good to prevent counter attacks.

pep said...

You're not bothering, Diana. And I think that student deserves a good grade, for sure!

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