Friday, 21 March 2008

Everybody loves Michael

Catalan sports paper Sport claims that a large part of the Barcelona board has a positive opinion on Getafe manager Michael Laudrup (43), one of the names that is being put forward as a possible successor of current Barcelona manager Frank Rijkaard (45) (read more here). The former Barcelona midfielder doesn't seem to have anyone against him.

People are not only impressed by the results of the Dane with Getafe, but most of all by his way of working and his football philosophy that is corresponding with the principles that have always been defended by Johan Cruijff, who was Laudrup's coach for five years in Barcelona: playing nice football, with the emphasis on fast ball circulation and looking for and quickly occupying the free space.

Besides that, people like the way of being of Laudrup, who already has offers from Italy, England and Spain and who is represented by the Turkish agent Bayram Tutumlu: he is moderate, relaxed, non provocative and he understands how to deal with a club's surroundings.

(read more on the manager debate here)


Anonymous said...

I have the feeling that people give such a credit to managers like Laudrup or Blanc too fast, and too early.

Okay - they could be making nice seasons with their teams - good for them, but is it to see someone make good season with Getafe or Bordeaux, and to say that he's ready to manage a team like Barca ?

Barca is nothing to do with Getafe, everything is different - the ambitions, the pressure, the responsibility. EVERYTHING.

Laudrup will have the time to develop and maybe one day - to manage Barca. But now - BRING MOURINHO!

pep said...

You never know how someone will adapt to coaching a club like Barcelona. Experience can help, but then again: Rijkaard also came from Sparta Rotterdam, who was relegated to the Dutch second division under his command...

I think last night's performance has made clear to everyone the team now needs a manager who can put a defense in place. Which would be Mourinho. The only problem with Mourinho is that he wants full control and that would mean that some people will lose influence.

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