Sunday, 5 July 2009

Eto'o willing to join Manchester United

British tabloid News of the World claims that Barcelona forward and Cameroon international Samuel Eto'o (28) wants to join Manchester United and is willing to lower his wage demands for that.

Despite the signing of Michael Owen, the English champions could still be interested in Eto'o, who would only want to join a European top club and would be willing to accept a year salary of around 9 million euro. A source close to the player is quoted by the tabloid as saying: "Samuel has not been convinced by a move to a mid-table side in the Premier League and neither will he sign a new deal at Barca."

Greater Manchester regional newspaper
Manchester Evening News meanwhile claims that a transfer to Manchester City has become more likely after Barcelona president Joan Laporta has indicated to sources in Spain that he may be ready to agree a pay-off to Eto'o or to renegotiate the transfer fee so that part of City's offer goes to the striker like stipulated in his contract.

The English Premier League club would already have agreed a 30 million euro° transfer fee with Barcelona but the sticking point would until now have been a bonus clause in Eto'o's contract with Barcelona which entitles him to compensation if he's sold before his contract expires next summer.

Catalan sports paper
El Mundo Deportivo claims that Barcelona is willing to accept a 25,5 million euro° bid by Manchester City. This would be the only formal offer Barcelona has received until now. The English club would be ready to offer Eto'o a year salary of 10 million euro net and not a salary that would make him the best paid player in the world as Barcelona president Laporta had previously stated.

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barca nike said...

let him join them so we can have more money and start buying

pep said...

30 million euro =

42 million us dollar
25,5 million british pound

25,5 million euro =

35 million us dollar
22 million british pound

jordy said...

won't happen they've just bought owen. Similar style to eto'o

i think it will be eventually milan (transfer free or not)
I hate that team, they underpayed for ronnie and will do it again for samuel
But if you want to buy a player from them they start crying.
we'd better get cisshoko from under there noses

barca4life said...

This will be bad for us, etoo on one of the best teams in europe with a point to prove against us. Never a good thing.

Anonymous said...

barca4life as Ronaldo was last year trying to prove he is the best..
nothing is too bad for us. maybe too bad for you though.

barca4life said...

funny how fans dont seem to have short term memories. How many goals has etoo scored against real madrid? From a hat-trick during the 5-1 embarassment by mallorca to the first goal against madrid in the 3-0 route in madrid to the first goal this year in the 2-0 win the camp nou. Etoo has scored too many goals against madrid to remember.

Now we would be the new "madrid", his former team that he wants to show up with victor valdes in goal. I dont see this ending well.

Anonymous said...

or maybe we become the team he would pretend to be injured to avoid playing against. by the way Eto'o has been playing for us for about 5 years only.. that is so short term for me to not remember.

barca4life said...

there seems to be an arrogance creeping into barcaelona. i hope it is not the pride that commeth before a fall. And just for your information etoo never pretended to be injured to not play against madrid. Go back and check your history and you will see that you are wrong

Flippy said...

you can rule this transfer out, because of United's new transfer policy of not overspending on players 26+

Caribbean Hotspot said...

what the hell is going on with barca this summer.....come on

rahul said...

i dont understand y sell etoo sell henry. he is old n theres no way we gona get any money for him next term. i dont think he will be very motivated as he won teh cl this yr. plss sell henry to man city for 24m and up im suer we will get that amount for him.

yuti said...

I agree with you, rahul, but the problem is that Henry probably don't want to go to Man City and would only want to return to Arsenal, which would mean cutting his salary in half...

Unknown said... are spot on brother!!!I thought I was the only one who noticed that unlikable madrid like arrogance creeping into Barca...hope it is just with the fans of this blog

Anonymous said...

i dont see any arrogance here do you. pls enlighten us. i see some fans supporting the board, some apparently supporting etoo, both have good points, where is the arrogance there? if its the belief barca has what it takes to stand up to a team of galacticos i dont see that as arrogance, its belief in your team. this transfer season isnt over, ppl are hard at work making things happen, laporta is handling the media side the way he knows, we can all say we can do a better job but i highly doubt it. its ok to be impatient with mgt but saying anyone is being arrogant be it board club or fan is a bit extreme.


barca4life said...

The arrogance in assuming that because etoo leaves us he wont be any good anymore despite the number of goals that he scored last season, or the arrogance in walking around saying that because we won last year madrid wont be good next year despite them building their team. It is a sort of feel that I get.

Even from some of the players like Sergi saying that we will be the team to beat as opposed to the more humble attitude taken last season of we respect all our opponents and madrid are a strong team that will push us to the limit.

The last time the team won the CL everybody got a "big head" and was walking around over-confident. I pray that this is not the case this time around. We must respect that madrid will come hard at us this year, sitting back and saying madrid were bad last year (when the same bad madrid won 17 of 18 games and drew the other and have now strengthened) and as a result will not win this year is asking for trouble.

Anonymous said...

no thats not what you said. you said its bad for barca when etoo ups and leaves cos then he will have an ax to grind and would make it a point to score against us. taht was the debate so dont change your tune.

madrid is playing with serious money and getting all these stars, of crs thats cause for concern but we have to realize we cant play ball on their terms. barca has to juggle getting what we need and keeping afloat financially in these hard times. we dont have the kind of backing they have. if we do, we might as well change the team's name to Real Barcelona.

what do you expect the players to say, that we're about to keel over and die just cos madrid managed to land the ronaldos and kakas? its pride that motivates them to speak. some of us can use abit of that attitute, tbh

no one is being overconfident. what i see are folks looking over the other side of the fence and liking what they see more and more. i say to them no problem, make a line and climb over one by one.

we have a great team, we only need a few good ppl (not overrated stars) to freshen it up keep the hunger alive but we work within our targets. i for one wont favor getting the club into debt just so we can outdo madrid bid for bid. thats madness.


Anonymous said...

xaviniesta totally agree.
this is the right attitude, especially when you see the spanish prime minister saying in press that Barca has no reason to be afraid of Madrid. the whole media tune this summer was how much Madrid is going to score against each team this term after they got the "best" stars of the world. so yeah we need players in this time coming out and saying that we are still the team to beat. saying anything else might not be wise, it may send a message that we are impressed by what they are doing. any good observer knows that (having to speak about Madrid's signings again, showing that some people are really wowed by the big money splashing more than anything else..) Madrid might be stronger next season in attack, but until now their midfield is the same, and we dominated them through midfield last year, so is their defence, adding one more defender to the mix isn't going to change their efficiency in defending that much, because it is a whole system of pressing and closing gaps behind the attackers, and once again wait till you see who and how many they are going to sell, and then judge both boards and both squads depths.

ngoundere said...

Anonymous, you Vomit too much sarcasm. What in the world has Etoo done to deserve such hate. This guy has given Barca his Peak. Scored all the goals fans should appreciate yet dont have a positive word to utter about him. Shame on you... Shame on you...

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