Sunday, 24 May 2009

Arsenal not excluding Henry return

Asked if there was a chance that Barcelona forward and French international Thierry Henry (31) could return to Arsenal, Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger left the door open in an interview with British tabloid News of the World:

"Of course there's a chance of him returning. I hope for the club to have people of his quality. It would be difficult as a player because in 2010 he will be 33. I still talk to him. He was on the phone not long ago.

Thierry does not miss one Arsenal game on TV. He even watches the reserves. He has a very strong link with this club. He had a massive influence here which also had a massive influence on his career. I believe somewhere in everybody's career one club has a stronger pull than any other. For him it would be Arsenal.

It was his decision to leave in 2007. I tried to convince him to stay. He said, 'The way you are going you will have a great team in two or three years. But I can't wait that long. I am 30 years old'. He knew from training. When he left Cesc Fabregas was 19, for instance. Thierry is very intelligent.

Last year we had 83 points and with him we might have got the extra points that would have won us the championship. But after eight years it was difficult to stand in his way. When he had given us so much and had the opportunity in Barcelona we had to make a decision."

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raidall said...

it won't be a problem if he leave us this summer. and i thanks him for all that he has done for us this season. to win 3 trophies in 1 year is very great.

and this summer we need a young fresh LW like silva or ribery.
but i think that ribery is onrealistic so we can go for silva.

i think barca is not good at all at signing world class players like benzema,ribery. that's why we miss ribery and we will never get benzema.

barca must do something about the way they are signing players. espcially to sign a world class one.
it seemed like they are not capable in such work or else we will always miss to sign a world class player.


Marc4barca said...

raidall the reason why we hardly sign world class players is because our club is a respectable one, when someone says no then we leave it at that, nor do we pay a heavy price unless we really need the player, we are not real Madrid, manu or manc. There is no guarantee that we can't sign benzema, it is up to him. barca will sign world class players when they find it necessary. one more thing, u shouldn't believe everything the papers say, ribery has not signed for real manu or barca, only time will tell.

Anonymous said...

raidall, do you even know who are playing in our team? There is a difference between signing world class players (Real Madrid) and signing players that can actually give the squad something extra (Barça since Laporta). Henry was a world class signing but Barça didnt sign him because of his name. And Barça have their youth ranks, so we dont have to buy that many players as Chelsea does for example.
As for Silva and Ribery, i think Ribery is easier to get as he is unsettled at Bayern and Silva is really hard to get due to the rivalry between the clubs (but maybe the economic circumstances Valencia find themselves in could prove a major advantage in signing Silva).

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