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[2008] Why did Barcelona miss out on Garay?

this post was published exactly one year ago:

Racing Santander central defender Ezequiel Garay (21), who signed for Real Madrid this week, admitted in an interview with Madrid sports tabloid Marca that he was close to joining Barcelona a few months ago: "With Barcelona everything was agreed upon. But then the deal collapsed for reasons I'm not aware of."

A few days before this blog started in the beginning of February, Racing Santander president Francisco Pernía said that negotiations were being held and that it would highly surprise him if Garay wouldn't end up playing for Barcelona next season.

So what went wrong? A lot of possible reasons have been put forward over the last months. They can mainly be divided in two groups. An overview.

1. Economic reasons
Things seemed yo go wrong when the clubs had found on agreement and Garay's agents Fabián Basualdo and Ricardo Schlieper came in. The agents would have offered the player to other clubs, amongst which Manchester United and Real Madrid, apparently hoping to organize a bid race.

Barcelona, who was already hesitating about the transfer price of presumably 14 million euro° (plus 4 million euro° in incentives), did not want to enter the game and put everything on hold in the beginning of March.

Barcelona and Santander had agreed that the transfer fee would be paid in three slices over the year, but Barcelona didn't pay the first slice in April. Barcelona that way lost its option on Garay, the deal was definitely off and Santander offered the player to Real Madrid.

It was suggested that Barcelona didn't pay because of a cash problem. Madrid sports tabloid Marca claims that Barcelona sports director Txiki Begiristain had closed the deal but that Barcelona president Joan Laporta then refused to pay the 18 million euro°.

Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claims that Santander agreed to sell Garay to Real Madrid for only 10 million euro° because Madrid agreed pay the total amount immediately and Santander needs cash to make a few transfers in view of their participation in the Uefa Cup next season.

2. Technical reasons
Catalan sports paper Sport claimed in March that Rijkaard had vetoed the exit of Rafael Márquez(29), the player Garay should have been replacing. El Mundo Deportivo pundit Òscar Garcia had already labelled Garay "the new Marquez" because of the ressemblances in their playing style.

Catalan sports paper Sport claimed this week that the Barcelona tecnical department preferred Gerard Piqué (21) and gave up on Garay a few weeks ago when the negotiation on the transfer of the Catalan went in the right way. And because Márquez now seems to be staying, another central defender is not a priority anymore.

Piqué was chosen over Garay because the first is more polyvalent (also being able to play as right back defender and defensive midfielder), because he has a better pass and can contribute more in the built-up, because he is cheaper and because he knows the club. Catalan sports paper El Mundo Deportivo claimed that the last scouting reports on Garay were not convincing.

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one year ago, readers said...

pep said...

° 14 million euro =
22 million us dollar
11 million british pound

4 million euro =
6 million us dollar
3 million british pound

Anonymous said...

This whole "saga" has a lot of holes in it. Why on earth would Barcelona, (after some reluctance) agree to a deal and then embarrass themselves by skipping out on the initial payment? I can't believe for one second that Txiki and Laporta weren't on the same page as the deal was being finalized. IF that's the case you would think one of them would have been fired by now...The whole Marquez "issue" shouldn't have entered into the equation anyways! Regardless of wether Marquez stayed or left in the summer Garay should have been signed! At worst he would have been Marquez's understudy for at least one more year before settling into the position...If Barcelona had "cold feet" they should have just pulled out and tried to resume negotiations once the season was over...It sounds to me like Barcelona panicked, thinking Madrid was going to swoop in and snatch him up before the season was over when in fact it was just "paranoia" on Barcelona's part. Pure and simply, they should never have agreed to the offer if they weren't going to see it through. In the end, they have egg on their faces because Madrid got him for almost less than half the original asking price! Now Barcelona finds themselves "scrambling" to add another centre back with Coloccini being rumored. I don't know about you but I'd much rather have Garay than Coloccini on my team anyday of the week!

Anonymous said...

This whole "saga" is a shame. How the hell can they miss out on a player like this. Pathetic and embarassing.

Resign Txiki, NOW. You are not capable to negotiating for any player.

Even if we sign Piqué we really need Garay as well after Gaby's long time injury.

Marquez? Why is he allowed to stay? What has he been doing for the whole season apart from travel to Madrid every now and then to see his girlfriend. When he was supposed to recover from injuries. Missing trainings, coming late to traning sessions and the list goes on. He has behaved very unproffessional the whole season if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

On Friday, May 21, 2008, Spanish and Catalan giants, FC Barcelona paid Sevilla €14 Million for Keita, signing a 4 year deal, after having dinner with the club's directors.

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