Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Case closed: Garay

Racing Santander central defender Ezequiel Garay will not play for Barcelona as of next season, like had been rumoured over the last months (read more here).

Real Madrid has signed Garay for six seasons and will pay Santander 10 million euro°. The Argentinian defender will nevertheless keep on playing with Santander next season as he'll be loaned back to his current club for one year.

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Read the whole Garay-Barcelona story here


pep said...

° 10 million euro =

16 million us dollar
8 million british pound

Anonymous said...

Well done Txiki! You screw everything up as usual. He was willing to come to Barça and we really would have needed him, specially after Milito got his injury.

Now, FUERA Txiki!

Anonymous said...

barça had to pay 18m and real just 10. horrible. good player though

Anonymous said...

stupid Barca!!! what the hell is happening to the players we need? NOTHING !!! so slow to move, i say we remove all the directors also!!! I am so fustrated!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see Barcelona got Pique, but they should have gotten Garay as well to realy fortify that centre back position. As talented as Pique "may be" he's clearly not ready to step in and plug that spot. Plus Garay gives you the added bonus as a free kick specialist. And to find out that he was essentially sold for almost half the original asking price, (and to Madrid of all teams), realy feels like a double kick to the cojones.

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